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What is a connector?
A device that connects wires or fibres in cable to equipment or other wires or fibres.
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2005-04-12 Dual BNC connector comes with panel grounding
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. has added a dual BNC metal body connector to its line of X-2 connectors and accessories for RF, video and broadcast transmission.
2008-02-07 Differential connector system eyes high-speed designs
ERNI's new ERmet ZD+ high-speed differential Hard Metric connector system enables data rates of more than 20Gbit/s.
2013-07-19 Dev't kit eases design of Apple's Lightning connector
The CY8CKIT-033A PSoC 3 MFi digital audio development kit from Cypress includes licence-free reference hardware, firmware and iOS app software, aimed at Apple products.
2005-03-31 Deren, Tyco sign appliance connector pact
Shenzhen Deren Electronic Co. Ltd and Tyco Electronics Corp. signed a contract last week entailing the industrial development of manufacturing household appliances and communication connectors in mainland China.
2010-08-05 DDR3 DIMM connector prevents boot-up errors, failures
Fujitsu Components America Inc. has released the FCN-07, a DDR3 DIMM socket connector designed to reduce errors and intermittent faults associated with DDR3 memory modules.
2004-06-14 David Electronics connector lasts 100,000 cycles
David Electronics has released its SC-03 IC Smart Card connectors that last more than 100,000 operations.
2006-04-20 Crimp connector comes with safety guide
SMK Electronics offers a Pb-free crimp connector for use in power supplies in small equipment.
2001-05-29 Creating an edge connector as a through-hole part
This application note describes the process to create an edge connector as a through-hole component.
2002-08-30 Corex memory-card connector suits MP3 players
The 2505 series of SD memory-card connectors from Corex Intervest Inc. is rated at 125V and 100A, withstands up to 500V, and is designed for use in portable MP3 players.
2003-12-04 Corex memory card connector rated at 0.5A
Corex Intervest Inc. has announced the availability of its 2475 series of XD picture memory-card connector that comes with 22 pins.
2010-07-28 Connector, cable comply with SAE Electric Vehicle J1772 specs
The EVC Series of J1772 connectors and cable assemblies from ITT Interconnect Solutions is claimed to address the needs for a higher amperage solution reducing the level 2 charge time by 50 percent.
2005-09-16 Connector with
Teradyne recently launched its GbX E-series connector that is optimized for differential architectures, and features crosstalk as low as 2 percent.
2011-10-27 Connector touts 0.5N maximum contact force
ITT's surface-mount lead spring DSC Series connector provides a high Hertz force of 300Kpsi.
2007-01-05 Connector targets industrial, rolling stock apps
Tyco Electronics has developed the highly flexible HVS connector system for industrial and rolling stock applications.
2005-11-21 Connector system simplifies appliance/HVAC harness assemblies
Molex disclosed that its new VersaBlade connector system offers superior mating reliability, easy assembly and a cost savings compared to commonly used round-pin type terminal designs.
2005-05-10 Connector system from Molex offers high performance
A new Optical Industrial LC Duplex connector system from Molex combines the high performance of a fiber optic connection with a rugged industrial connector to allow for easy installations and terminations in harsh industrial environments.
2013-07-15 Connector system enables USCAR-25 compliant mating, unmating
The Molex MX150 unsealed connector system achieves significant space savings over traditional USCAR 1.50mm interfaces by using Molex MX150 terminal design.
2013-03-27 Connector supports 40Gb/s per differential pair
Molex's SpeedStack Mezzanine Connector System targets telecommunications, networking, military, medical electronics and consumer technology applications.
2005-07-18 Connector suits AdvancedTCA
Tyco's new power connector is said to combine very high conductivity materials with precision formed selectively-plated contacts to produce high-current carrying capability while keeping costs at a minimum.
2005-04-01 Connector suits 3.5-inch drives
Tyco released an improved version of its SCA2 disk drive interconnect that features a number of mechanical and electrical improvements to address increased data rates and regulatory requirements.
1999-09-09 Connector solutions for pagers
Today, the use of surface-mount connectors to increase the component density of PCBs is growing as a total percentage of connectors processed in various PCBs. Resources have been channeled to develop various requirements pertaining to the design and processing of surface-mount connectors. This paper summarizes some of the key developments in relation to the evolution of the pager design.
2008-12-25 Connector solution packs high, low voltage signals
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a mixed signal connector, providing a complete turnkey solution for carrying high and low voltage signals in the same interconnect package.
2006-11-21 Connector reduces space in servomotors
The new low-profile circular connectors from ITT, Electronic Components are 50 percent smaller and lighter than conventional circular connector designs with significantly lower installation costs.
2006-08-22 Connector reduces servomotor mating to four steps
ITT Electronic Components' Cm3 connector for small and medium servomotors offers simplified internal wiring and replaces two bulkier conventional circular connectors.
2009-02-18 Connector plugs offer molded locking system
SMK Corp. has released the VC series of sub-miniature type B (SMB) coaxial connectors that feature molded locking system for automotive applications.
2005-03-09 Connector performs up to 3Gbps
The new low profile, high speed, Micro Card socket interface from Samtec promises to provide a unique card-to-board interface for serial ATA and other high speed daughtercard apps.
2009-01-22 Connector packs Ethernet, MVB cable lines
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a connector that combines Ethernet and MVB cable lines in a single interconnect package.
2001-03-30 Connector options for the NI 6810 serial data analyzer
This application note discusses cable and connector options available to the NI 6810 serial data analyzer, and provides some recommendations to help the user build a reliable system.
2005-09-22 Connector offers space savings
The new dual-row 0.50mm pitch CradleCon connector system from Molex provides about a 50 percent space savings compared to single-row docking solutions, while offering a smaller form factor than most competitive dual-row systems.
2008-01-28 Connector moves data at 10Gbit/s+ rates
Amphenol TCS has launched its eHSD connector as an upgrade to the VHDM-HSD platform, with significantly less crosstalk and scalable data rates greater than 10Gbit/s.
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