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2011-12-23 Technion, Cornell picked for tech campus
New York City plans a $2 billion science and engineering campus that could serve 2,500 students and 280 faculty by 2043.
2005-06-16 Self-replicating robots demonstrated at Cornell
Scientists draw upon biological principles to enable robots to repair themselves without human intervention.
2012-10-03 Researchers from Cornell advance lithography with LSA tech
Laser-spike annealing has the potential to shorten processing time while also improving image quality of semiconductor lithography.
2011-10-18 Cornell researchers work on cloud errors
A group of Cornell University researchers, with the support of NSF and Microsoft, are developing methods on eliminating cloud computing errors.
2011-01-11 Cornell innovates on graphene metrology
Cornell University researchers have devised an imaging technique that simplifies the metrology of graphene sheets by coloring them to identify their properties.
2011-01-17 Agilent to supply test equipment to Singapore university
Singapore's Nanyang Technological University has commissioned Agilent Technologies Inc. to supply RF test equipment to its Virtus IC design center of excellence. The equipment will be used for research projects approaching the terahertz range
2011-01-31 Intel announces $100M investment in university research
Spending $100 million on university research in the next five years, Intel is pushing a new lab model that allows it to effectively engage more top university thinkers and gain useful outputs
2013-12-17 Smartphone device turns 'selfie' into health monitor
Cornell have created the Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics, or smartCARD, which uses a smartphone's camera to read the body's cholesterol level
2002-03-27 Self-assembly technique yields flexible ceramic
An atomic self-assembly technique devised at Cornell University uses carbon polymers to create a new type of hybrid material that has the flexibility of polymers and the strength of ceramics.
2002-11-06 Radioactive isotopes fuel microscopic battery
Using radioactive isotopes as fuel, a tiny battery developed at Cornell University, could turn out to be an ideal power source for remote sensors or other small-scale systems.
2004-02-19 Optical computer components unveiled
Photonic microchips were enabled by Cornell University's announcement at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
2003-02-05 Nanoscale waveguides provide view of single molecules
Researchers at Cornell University perforated the top layer of a chip with two million "holes" that serve as nanoscale waveguides for a 488nm laser, allowing them to film individual molecules during chemical reactions.
2011-08-05 Intel R&D sites to target embedded, cloud computing
Intel's two new research centers will be based at Carnie Mellon University and will focus on cloud computing research and embedded computing
2015-02-13 Nano-machines mimic self-repair capabilities of living cells
Columbia University professor Henry Hess said a new generation of nano-robots and nano-machines will be 1,000-times smaller than MEMS, working at the nanometre scale
2013-05-29 Thinnest semiconductor grown from MoS2 crystals
Columbia University researchers studied how MoS2 crystals stitch together, helping them understand the optical and electronic properties of the material
2008-04-04 Superconductors enable magnetic flux pinning for spacecraft
Cornell University researchers propose that superconductors paired with permanent magnets could enable spacecraft to hover unpowered above the ground in the same way Luke Skywalker's space racer hovered in the seminal Star Wars movie.
2002-05-22 Researchers seek 'green' chip-fabrication techniques
A research team at the University of Arizona is working to develop environmentally friendly chip-fabrication chemistries that consume fewer resources and produce fewer hazardous byproducts than conventional techniques
2007-06-06 R&D partnership tackles nanostructure fabrication
Genisys, JEOL and Cornell's Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility are partnering to develop direct write e-beam data preparation and electron process correction technology for nanometer-range structures
2010-08-05 Nanotech brings down cost of fuel cell mass production
A Cornell University research team has used nanotechnology to make hydrogen fuel cells, which have been ready for commercialization save for the high cost of mass production, commercially viable
2006-08-10 Intel teams with top universities for software-related research
Intel announced a global effort to prepare university students for a new paradigm of software development as it transitions its processors from single-processor engines to ones that will have multiple cores and threads
2013-04-22 Solution shearing: Thin transistors spread like butter on toast
Cornell scientists developed a novel process of spreading extremely thin organic transistors and used synchrotron X-rays to watch how the films crystallise
2012-10-29 Nanorods pave the way for better LED displays
Collaborative work between researchers from the University of Florida and CHESS has resulted in a novel way to make colloidal "superparticles" from oriented nanorods of semiconducting materials
2008-03-10 Magnetic device lets one 'feel' 3D computer objects
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a device that could allow people to feel textures and shapes of 3D designs created on computerswithout awkward mechanical gear
2013-07-16 Understanding electron pairing in magnetic semiconductors
Researchers measured the energy required for electrons to pair up and how that energy varies with direction, and identified the factors needed for magnetically mediated superconductivity.
2010-09-16 TSMC gives awards for outstanding research papers
TSMC awards cash prizes, commendations to students for research on electronics technologies
2013-09-06 Static vs dynamic analysis for code devt (Part 2)
This second instalment focuses on dynamic code analysis.
2013-09-04 Static vs dynamic analysis for code devt (Part 1)
Consider the strengths and weaknesses of static and dynamic code analysis in the development of secure C or C++ code.
2011-03-14 Spin torque used to write info on memory devices
Researchers are exploring new magnetic devices that can write information using a spin torque instead of magnetic fields. They hope the study would pave the way for better non-volatile memory devices.
2012-03-08 Solve hierarchical signal planning, routing issues
Learn about a methodology that relies on custom design tools to address hierarchical signal planning and routing concerns.
2013-12-11 Securing open source web apps with static analysis
Find out how static analysis can be used to find and eliminate coding errors.
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