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2006-09-13 Artaflex, Cypress unveil pre-certified WirelessUSB LP modules
Cypress and Artaflex have announced new WirelessUSB LP modules that promise easy wireless connectivity to a wide range of applications while eliminating the need for time-consuming RF design and costly agency certification
2006-03-06 Arrow, QP Semiconductor ink supply assurance agreement
Arrow/Zeus Electronics has partnered with QP Semiconductor to support the Arrow/Zeus Supply Assurance Program, which guarantees a continued source for Cypress' FLASH370i CPLDs, MAX340 CPLDs and SPLDs product families.
2002-01-16 Alvesta, Cypress sign multi-source agreement
Alvesta, a provider of optical communications products, and Cypress Semiconductor have signed a QuadLink MSA, a multi-source agreement based on four-channel parallel optic transceivers.
2004-12-22 Agilent, Cypress partner on optical mice reference design kit
Agilent and Cypress introduced a combination USB-PS/2 reference design kit for high-performance corded optical mice
2005-06-17 Agilent, Cypress partner on optical mice reference design kit
Agilent Technologies introduced a reference design kit for high-resolution, LED-based optical mice aimed at the PC gaming market
2004-12-21 Agilent, Cypress offer LED-based optical mouse design kit
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Cypress Semiconductor Corp. have introduced a combination universal serial bus (USB) PS/2 reference design kit for corded optical mice.
2015-03-16 1,600 lose jobs in Cypress-Spansion merger
The merger of Cypress Semiconductor and Spansion will result in layoffs of 1,600 employees worldwide, or 20 per cent of their combined workforces, according to an internal memo.
2014-07-15 Cypress' 55nm SONOS embedded NVM process gets UMC nod
SONOS does not alter standard device characteristics or models when added to baseline CMOS process, preserving existing design IP.
2006-04-25 Video cable drivers eye professional video equipment designers
Cypress introduced two HD/SD multi-format video cable drivers for video distribution amplifiers, production routers and switchers, and other professional broadcast equipment
2001-03-30 VIC64 to Motorola 68040 interface
This application note shows how Cypress Semiconductor's VIC64 VMEbus controller can be interfaced to Motorola's 68040 microprocessor operating at 40MHz.
2001-03-23 Using the Ultra37000 ISR prototype board
This application note is intended to provide the designer with a set of instructions in using the Ultra37000 ISR prototype board, and highlights the board's features.
2001-03-28 Using the slave VIC (CY7C960/961)
This application note demonstrates how to easily design a fully VME64-compliant Slave VME board using Cypress Semiconductor's Slave VME Interface Controller (SVIC) family (CY7C960/961).
2001-03-23 Using the Delta39K ISR prototype board
This application note is intended to provide the designer with a set of instructions in using the Delta39K ISR prototype board, and highlights the board's features.
2001-03-20 Using the CY7C964 with VIC
This application note discusses how to use the CY7C964 as a suitable companion part to Cypress Semiconductor's VIC068A and VIC64 VMEbus interface controller devices.
2001-03-19 Using the CY7B923 as an ECL clock source
This application note details the use of an inexpensive data communications transmitter device as a high-precision, flexible and programmable ECL or PECL clock source.
2001-03-29 Using the CY27H010 with the Rockwell V.FAST chipset
This application note describes how to use Cypress Semiconductor's CY27H010 1Mb PROM with the Rockwell V.FAST chipset to create a high-speed fax/modem.
2001-04-06 Using HOTLink with long copper cables
This application note discusses the primary considerations, which include signal propagation, attenuation/dispersion and equalization, in using Cypress Semiconductor's HOTLink data communication devices with long copper cables.
2001-03-23 Using high-speed serial links to supplement parallel data buses
This application note discusses how to use high-performance serial links as a solution to some of the bottlenecks associated with the movement of data in a system.
2001-03-22 Using hierarchy in VHDL design
This application note describes VHDL's features, which are specifically designed to make hierarchical design both simple and powerful, and presents a simple example of how these features might be used.
2001-03-22 Using heat sinks with larger CPLDs
This application note illustrates the steps taken in choosing a heat sink and provides information on different types, costs and mounting methods of various heat sinks.
2001-03-22 Using FIFOs in Delta39K CPLDs
This application note provides instructions for all aspects of implementing synchronous FIFO buffers in Cypress Semiconductor's Delta39K CPLDs, such as description of FIFO operation, static timing analysis, etc.
2001-03-21 Using decoupling capacitors
This application note describes a number of revised recommendations regarding the use of decoupling capacitors. Network analysis is used to prove that using widely spaced values can cause less than ideal operation.
2001-03-27 Using CY7B991 (RoboClock), CY7B9911 (RoboClock+) and CY7B9910 (Robo Jr.) in 3.3V environments
This application note explains the deployment of Cypress Semiconductor's CY7B991 (RoboClock), CY7B9911 (RoboClock+) and CY7B9910 (Robo Jr.) low-skew clock buffers in 3.3V applications.
2015-08-20 USB Type-C: Amid the promises and confusion
The latest iteration of the USB truly affords a wealth of benefits, especially with its power delivery feature, but analysts may bring potential confusion to consumers.
2005-02-28 USB MCUs tailored for PC human input devices
Cypress released a new family of low-speed USB microcontrollers targeting PC human input devices, including keyboards, mice and wireless dongles
2006-05-02 USB host designed for automotive apps
Cypress Semiconductor introduced a version of its CY7C67300 EZ-Host embedded USB host/peripheral controller designed for automotive applications.
2006-03-13 USB 2.0 transceiver targets Intel processor
Cypress Semiconductor introduced a high-speed USB 2.0 transceiver that is designed for Intel's Monahans processor family based on the third generation Intel XScale architecture.
2001-03-29 Upgrade your TAXI-275 with HOTLink
This application note explains how to upgrade the TAXI-275 (Am79168/Am79169) devices with Cypress Semiconductor's HOTLink (CY7B923/CY7B933) devices.
2001-03-22 Understanding the FLEx36 dual-port SRAMs
This application note details the features of Cypress Semiconductor's FLEx36 family of dual-port SRAMs, and provides examples of interfacing these devices to the Power Quicc processor and a TI DSP processor.
2001-03-28 Understanding synchronous FIFOs
This application note discusses the general operation and features of Cypress Semiconductor's line of synchronous FIFOs.
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