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2004-03-23 Cypress PLL clock drivers operate to 230MHz
Cypress Semiconductor has announced sampling of its CY2SSTV857-32 phase-locked loop clock drivers for registered dual inline memory modules.
2003-08-04 Cypress phasing out PLD business
Cypress Semiconductor has confirmed that it is phasing out its programmable logic business.
2014-06-17 Cypress outs prototyping kit, offers PSoC 4 chips at $1
The prototyping kit serves as a low cost alternative to customers looking to sample PSoC 4 devices featuring the low-power Cortex-M0 core. In addition, select PSoC 4 devices are available for $1.
2014-04-30 Cypress outfits entry-level SoCs with scalable architecture
The PSoC 4000 devices facilitates effortless upgrades of legacy 8bit and 16bit MCUs with value added features including a capacitive sensing technology, programmable digital and analogue peripherals, and reduced footprint (QFN package).
2004-07-09 Cypress opens third-party R&D center
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has formally opened the Silicon Valley Technology Center, a "lab-to-fab" facility aimed at third-party engineering groups.
2005-09-15 Cypress opens chip design center in Shanghai
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has inaugurated its regional chip design center in Shanghai, China.
2007-12-14 Cypress opens Asian operations center in Shanghai
Cypress Semiconductor has set up a new China business operation in Shanghai that will serve as the centerpiece for its Asia design, manufacturing, sales and marketing operations.
2002-07-22 Cypress offers USB driver for Wind River RTOS
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has announced the release of its VxWorks USB host driver that support the SL811HS embedded host/peripheral controller.
2004-09-10 Cypress offers engineers design flexibility
Cypress announced they have developed the largest and most flexible portfolio of SMPTE standards-compliant PHYs on the market
2002-11-25 Cypress obtains SOI technology from Honeywell
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has acquired Honeywell's SOI know-how and will build its first chips using the high-performance transistor technology next year.
2004-03-12 Cypress obtains circuit design patent
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has received its 1,000th patent. Cypress's 1,000th patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,697,385, is a circuit design that enables a small, flexible, cost-effective repeater in LANs.
2003-12-19 Cypress NSEs with 266MSPS performance
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has announced the availability of cycle-accurate C models of its Ayama 20000 LA-1 attach Network Search Engines (NSEs).
2004-01-07 Cypress NSEs support Intel NPUs
Cypress Semiconductor has announced the availability of cycle-accurate C models of its Ayama 20000 LA-1 attach Network Search Engines.
2004-07-29 Cypress NSE IC gets a bead on IPv6 problems
Cypress' latest family of NSE chips address the larger lookup and classification requirements of emerging IPv6-enabled networking designs
2003-07-02 Cypress NSE achieves 266MSps for routing apps
Cypress Semiconductor is sampling the Ayama 10000 NSE family of network search engines that is suitable for apps that require large routing tables.
2003-05-15 Cypress network search engines to be based on Intel platform
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has decided to use the Intel Control Plane Platform Development Kit to develop a range of applications for network search engines and co-processors.
2006-06-12 Cypress names new Korea country manager
Cypress Semiconductor announced the appointment of Bruce Sohn as the company's country manager for Korea.
2004-12-15 Cypress moves unsettle PLD market
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. is downplaying reports of a retreat from programmable logic business.
2002-04-12 Cypress moves 9Mb dual-port RAM into production
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. said it has started volume production of a 9Mb dual-port RAM that the company calls the highest density memory of its kind.
2006-05-08 Cypress motherboard clock supports multiple processors, chipsets
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has developed a universal clock generator that supports processors and chipsets from multiple vendors.
2004-05-03 Cypress MicroSystems PSOCs come in MLF package
Cypress MicroSystems has introduced a number of its PSOC mixed-signal array devices in the MicroLeadFrame package
2006-06-22 Cypress MCUs drive Darfon's wireless mice
Cypress Semiconductor announced that Darfon Electronics' new-gen of wireless mice will use Cypress's WirelessUSB LP 2.4GHz radio SoC and enCoRe II flash microcontrollers.
2003-12-26 Cypress mass produces its 18Mb dual-port RAMs
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that it has reached volume production of high-density and high-bandwidth dual-port (DP) RAM.
2003-12-17 Cypress makes Munich office European headquarters
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has designated its Munich office as its new European headquarters.
2004-09-17 Cypress licenses Astro PCI Express PHY technology
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has licensed Astro Semiconductor's PCI Express Physical Layer (PHY) technology.
2004-04-05 Cypress launches design tools for Sahasra 50000 NSE
Cypress Semiconductor has launched its hardware and software design tools for its Sahasra 50000 network search engine.
2010-11-18 Cypress launches design contest using PSoC5, Cortex-M3
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announces a design contest for the most innovative and useful designs using the Cypress PSoC 5 architecture powered by the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.
2002-09-30 Cypress LAN PHY IC sends 10GbE data up to 40km
Cypress Semiconductor's POSIC10GLAN 10GbE LAN PHY IC enables inter-campus and intra-campus dispersed enterprise backbones.
2012-06-22 Cypress keen on buying Ramtron
Ramtron said that its board of directors reviewed and rejected the Cypress proposal, but that the company would review its strategic options, including discussions with Cypress
2007-01-15 Cypress joins Universal Powerline Association
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has joined the Universal Powerline Association, a nonprofit organization promoting global standards and regulations for the development of the powerline communications market.
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