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2006-09-28 Module replaces DCF in DWDM networks
Civcom is launching a free-path Manageable Dispersion Compensation Module (M-DCM) designed to be a replacement for Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF) in Metro-Regional DWDM networks.
2002-09-02 Mitsubishi DFB laser diode delivers 60mW output
Mitsubishi Electric's ML9XX37 single-mode, DFB laser diode delivers a minimum output of 60mW throughout the 00C to 500C temperature range.
2006-02-03 Minimize lightning damage on satellite antennae
A dedicated IC, an LNB voltage regulator can be damaged by a lightning strike on the coaxial cable or antenna that generates a high current, high voltage surge at the voltage regulator. Here's how to protect without restricting data transmission performance.
2002-03-25 MegaSense optical attenuator targets =U apps
The company's MEMS-based variable optical attenuator measures 7.6-by-15.5-by-6.5mm, making it suitable to perform amplification, pre-emphasis, and equalization on low-profile =U applications.
2004-02-26 JDS Uniphase tips integrated modulator
JDS Uniphase will show its first prototypes of a tunable-laser modulator at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition.
2004-03-03 Intel transceiver reduces development, hardware costs
A telecommunications-grade optical transceiver from Intel is capable of being tuned across the entire band of channels employed by carriers.
2002-05-23 Inplane launches amplified tunable dispersion compensator
Inplane Photonics Inc. has launched what it claims to be the industry's first amplified tunable dispersion compensator (Amplified TDC) for metro- and long-haul systems.
2008-12-08 Huawei to work on China Unicom's 40G optical transport net
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd has been selected to build China Unicom Ltd's first 40Gbit/s (40G) optical transport network across five major cities in Northern China.
2008-06-24 GaN HEMT devices available for Ku-band, X-band
Toshiba America Electronic Components has added two gallium nitride semiconductor high electron mobility transistors to its power amplifier product family.
2012-06-28 GaAs FETs target microwave radios
Toshiba's TIM5359-16EL and TIM5964-16EL gallium arsenide FETs support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint terrestrial communications, and BUCs support satellite communications.
2004-03-10 Fujitsu laser features up to 1,600ps/nm transmission capacity
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor's MI-DFB laser has an integrated Fabry-Perot etalon for wavelength locking.
2006-11-01 Firm takes optical burst switching to market
Matisse recently introduced a dual-node system that puts burst switching to practical use, based on a topology that's meant to compete with Internet Protocol (IP)-over-dense wave-division multiplexing (DWDM).
2005-09-15 FET surpasses GaAs FETs
Toshiba has announced development of a GaN power FET that is touted to surpass the operating performance of the GaAs FET widely used in base stations for terrestrial and satellite microwave communications
2002-10-01 ExceLight widens laser diode's operating temperature
ExceLight Communications' new version of Sumitomo Electric's SLT5416 laser diode widens the operating temperature range to -400C to 850C.
2002-09-20 Ericsson unveils "smallest" EDFA
Ericsson Optoelectronics' PGE 60841 EDFA is touted to be the industry's smallest EDFA.
2002-04-11 Ericsson 10Gbps EML module transmits up to 80km
The PGT 20406 10Gbps EML module from Ericsson Microelectronics combines a continuous wave DFB laser with an electro-absorption modulator, enabling it to transmit optical signals at distances of up to 80km.
2008-11-14 DoD extends GaN contract with RFMD
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced at its fourth annual Analyst Day that the company has signed a 12-month contract with the United States Department of Defense valued at $1.4 million for the development of GaN technology and high-power RF solutions.
2004-07-08 Dispersion compensator rides 10Gb transceivers
Big Bear Networks will offer its electronic dispersion compensation chips in a 10Gb optical transceiver Xenpak module designed for 80km links.
2007-09-03 Deal with WiMedia coexistence issues
Interference is inevitable as incumbent systems share the 3-5GHz band with WiMedia UWB, but there are a variety of techniques that allow performance to be optimized to high levels of coexistence.
2007-08-10 CIP develops reflective optical amp for WDM-PONs
CIP announced it is developing a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) designed to help implement advanced passive optical networks based on wavelength division multiplexing.
2005-02-28 Bookham readies SFP transceiver module for DWDM networks
Bookham is aiming to steal a lead over other transceiver module suppliers readying parts in the SFP format that target 100GHz spaced DWDM apps.
2005-02-28 Bookham readies SFP transceiver module for DWDM networks
Bookham is aiming to steal a lead over other transceiver module suppliers readying parts in the SFP format that target 100GHz spaced DWDM apps.
2012-08-08 Benefits of PLC for smart meter networks
PLC offers the communication reliability necessary to read hundreds of thousands of metering points at an acceptable cost every day.
2009-09-25 Amp-modulator delivers high-speed modulation
CIP Technologies has introduced a monolithically integrated reflective amplifier-modulator for wavelength division multiplexing and DWDM networking applications.
2008-06-24 Alcatel-Lucent-SpeedCast to collaborate on hosted DVB-H mobile TV
Alcatel-Lucent and SpeedCast Ltd have announced plans to jointly market, deploy and operate a shared, hosted DVB-H platform for mobile TV operators in Asia.
2002-11-28 Agility to launch 20mW, 25GHz tunable laser
Agility Communications will be launching a high-powered 20mW tunable laser called the Agility 3205 CW Widely Tunable Laser Assembly (TLA).
2002-10-29 Accelink light sources feature <5 percent output polarization
The ASE series of broadband network light source modules offers <5 percent polarization of output light and 0.03dB spectrum power density stability.
2006-12-11 4.25Gbps transceivers roll for storage area networks
LuminentOIC has extended its line of SFP transceivers to include 4.25Gbps Fibre Channel CWDM and DWDM interfaces.
2007-08-31 10Gbps transmitters cover up to 300km
Finisar's DM200 has an output power of 0-3dBm and transmits 10Gbps over distances of 300km without requiring costly optical dispersion compensation.
2007-12-17 'Smallest' power meter rolls for DWDM networks
JDSU has developed what it claims to be the smallest and lightest channel checker for DWDM networks that offers a low-cost alternative to optical spectrum analyzers.
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