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2002-12-04 Semiconductor's range of Data Access Arrangement (DAA) devices.
This article provides information on the operation and application of Zarlink
2002-06-10 CML V.22bis modem features DAA
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the release of the CMX878 V.22bis modem with Data Access Arrangement capability that enables it to be interfaced to the telephone line without the need for a transformer.
2003-08-15 Zarlink Data Access Arrangement Devices
This application note provides information on the operation and application of Zarlink's range of Data Access Arrangement (DAA) devices.
2002-12-04 Zarlink data access arrangement devices
This article provides information on the operation and application of Zarlink Semiconductor's range of data access arrangement (DAA) devices.
2003-04-10 Silicon Labs low-cost modem targets STBs
The latest version of Silicon Laboratories Inc.'s ISOmodem family, the Si2401 two-chip set may find a sweet spot in STBs.
2003-09-03 Silicon Laboratories expands ISOmodem family
Silicon Laboratories has expanded its ISOmodem family of embedded modem solutions to include the Si2457, Si2434, Si2415, and Si2404 devices.
2002-10-15 Reference telephone line interfaces for CMX868 v.22bis low-power modem CMX867 v.22 low-power modem
This application note describes line interfaces for the CMX868 v.22bis low-power modem and CMX867 v.22 low-power modem.
2003-08-18 Reference Telephone Line Interfaces for CMX868 V.22 Low Power Modem CMX867 V.22 Low Power Modem
This application note discusses the proper line interface required for a suitable Data Access Arrangement (DAA).
2000-05-03 MDC and MiniPCI modem/LAN combo design for notebooks
This paper describes the technical challenge of designing software modem and modem/LAN combo for notebook based on these two new platforms. Both modem hardware and software architecture will be discussed. The advantages of cost, development and homologation cycle, as well as variety of choice of vendors will be presented too.
2005-04-04 Integrated features cut component count in phone line IC
The newest member of Clare's phone interface IC family for DAA in telephony apps features simultaneous phone line ringing detect and caller-ID monitoring.
2002-10-08 Design firm becomes analog chip provider
Integration Associates Inc. is recasting itself as a fabless analog chip provider.
2007-03-12 Cognitive radio functionality supports spectrum avoidance requirements
Realtek has demonstrated a cognitive radio functionality for UWB that complies with the upcoming spectrum avoidance requirements aimed at ensuring satisfactory coexistence of UWB devices with other wireless services.
2003-08-18 CMX868 and CMX867 V.22bis/V.22 Modem Design Guide
This application note presents several guides for designing CMX868 and CMX867 modems, to assist users who are creating their own circuit designs.
2003-08-29 CMX850 Communication Controller Reference Telephone Line Interface
This application note discusses the features and applications of the CMX850 Communication Controller
2002-11-14 CMX850 communication controller reference telephone line interface
This application note describes the designs of the CMX850 line interfaces
2006-08-10 Chipset suit IP telephony, modem, line monitoring apps
The new chipset from Integration Associates is voice and V.92 capable and is suitable for telephone line interface requirements and standards.
2004-05-05 TDK embedded modem offers cost, footprint reduction
TDK's latest embedded modem solution offers a 25 percent cost and 35 percent footprint reduction compared to other transformer or silicon DAA solutions.
1999-06-29 Software modem and audio/modem riser (AMR) design
The highly integrated design on PCI single chip AFE and AC-Link '97 codec silicon DAA yields great benefits for on-board design. As a result, the power consumption is reduced to as low as 390mW on PCI solution and 160mW on AC-L solution.
2002-08-06 Silicon phone-line interface cuts component count
The Litelink III IC from Clare Inc. combines a silicon telephone-line interface with a data-access arrangement (DAA). It is intended as an alternative to traditional transformer-based phone-line interfaces and other silicon DAA solutions that require more components and PCB space.
2011-05-05 MicroDAA hybrid operation
Find out how Teridian's MicroDAA devices (73M1x22 and 73M1x66B) manages the DAA two-to-four-wire conversion.
2006-03-01 Wireless USB scheme attains 480Mbps
Wisair's Wireless USB dongle and hub reference design will let consumer equipment such as printers, scanners and cellular devices connect to a USB-enabled PC at rates of up to 480Mbps.
2004-06-17 TI DSP powers Xcelis mobile-landline device
Xcelis Communications LLC has integrated Texas Instruments Inc.'s TMS320C54CST DSP into its mobile-landline integration device, called Pantheon.
2002-12-09 TDK modem front-end supports V.22bis, V.92
TDK Semiconductor has unveiled the 73M1901 soft modem analog front-end that supports V.22bis and V.92.
2005-04-05 TDK AFE supports software selectable PSTN terminations
TDK's 73M1903C is targeted at the emerging MFP/Fax architectures and features worldwide PSTN compliance with programmable line terminations.
2004-05-14 STMicro decoder includes Hi-Speed USB
STMicro has rolled out its new secure MPEG-2 decoder intended for STBs in all low-cost cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV markets.
2009-09-15 STB SoCs deliver advanced broadcast decoding
NXP is offering a new family of highly integrated SoC products that enable a complete range of high-performance solutions for mainstream HD DVRs and STB platforms.
2008-09-03 Staccato drives UWB market with Ripcord2
Staccato Communications introduces the Ripcord2 family of single-chip, all-CMOS solutions targeted for WiMedia UWB and wireless USB applications.
2002-07-11 Silicon Labs modem chipsets enable single-sided MDC modem
Silicon Laboratory Inc. has announced the availability of the Si3052 and Si3054 modem chipsets that enable the implementation of a single-sided Mobile Daughter Card modem.
2004-12-02 Silicon Lab ISOmodem solution selected by Lipman
Silicon Laboratories Inc. announced that Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd has adopted Silicon Laboratories' Si2414 and Si2433 ISOmodem embedded modem products for its NURIT series of electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) terminals including the 8320, 8010 and 8100.
2008-04-29 PLMD chips aim at high-voltage telephony apps
Clare has introduced the CPC5712, a special-purpose PLMD chip aimed at high-voltage telephony applications such as VoIP gateways and IP-PBXs.
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