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dac What is a bipolar digital-to-analogue converter (DAC)? Search results

What is a bipolar digital-to-analogue converter (DAC)?
A bipolar digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) is one that can give out both positive and negative voltages according to the sign of its input.
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2003-10-10 Xicor DAC family offers 16-bit performance
Xicor Inc. has introduced a series of DACs that integrate a 12-bit non-volatile DAC and a general purpose EEPROM into a single chip.
2003-08-18 Wolfson stereo DAC with headphone driver
Wolfson Microelectronics plc has released the WM8759, a low-power 24-bit stereo DAC with an integrated headphone driver that is suitable for use in next-gen portable home music players.
2002-07-26 Wolfson DAC operates down to 3V
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced the availability of the WM8726 stereo DAC that runs at supply voltages down to 3V and is targeted towards cost-sensitive applications.
2002-08-20 Wolfson audio DAC offers 112dB SNR
The WM8718 24-bit differential stereo DAC that offers a 112dB SNR and -100dB THD.
2003-04-29 Wolfson audio DAC features AC'97 interface
The WM9709 stereo audio DAC from Wolfson Microelectronics features an Intel-specified AC-Link architecture.
2005-02-01 Vout DAC features I?C interface in 3-by-3mm package
Linear Tech said its 16bit I?C serial interface DAC in a 3-by-3mm DFN package can significantly reduce the size of portable products.
2000-05-06 Voltage-output DAC offers low-power operation and shutdown
This application note describes the MAX7524 and the MAX666 IC to provide voltage output DAC functions and regulator input voltage.
2006-08-31 Video filters enhance anti-aliasing, DAC smoothing
Maxim Integrated Products said its four new video filters have solved the issue of fine-tuning filter cut-offs in anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters.
2010-06-23 Using the MCP4728 12bit DAC for LDMOS amplifier bias control applications
The DAC is favourably used in the bias control circuit for the base station power amplifier module. In practical applications, the bias control circuit maintains the IDQ within a 4 percent range. This application note shows an example of how the DAC converter is used for this purpose.
2003-06-19 Using the DAC as a function generator
This application note describes how to implement an interrupt-driven multifunction generator on C8051 devices using on-chip DACs.
2003-10-03 Using the AD9709, AD9763, AD9765, AD9767 Dual DAC Evaluation Board
This application note includes information on how to operate the AD9709, AD9763, AD9765, AD9767 Dual DAC Evaluation Board.
2005-02-15 Users laud C design in DAC 'trip report'
Engineers are warming to C language design tools, according to reviews in the Design Automation Conference (DAC) &quote;trip report&quote; released Friday (Feb. 11) by industry gadfly John Cooley.
2010-02-01 Ultralow-power audio DAC extends playback time
Wolfson offers the WM8912, an ultralow-power DAC designed to significantly extend playback time, reduce system cost and dramatically enhance audio performance in portable applications,
2007-05-01 Ultralow-glitch DAC suits closed-loop control apps
TI's ultralow-glitch DAC features outstanding reference performance that makes it a flexible, easy-to-use solution for closed-loop control applications.
2007-05-04 Topology and noise using multiplying DAC
This paper explores the noise issues that are inherent in the design of programmable gain amplifiers when multiplying DACs are used as the programmable gain element. In particular, the effects of circuit topology on these noise issues are highlighted. This document also develops several methods for generalized noise analysis, emphasizing an analytical, structured approach.
2007-12-11 Tiny 24bit audio DAC integrates high-output headphone amp
Asahi Kasei EMD has announced the AK4372 ultrasmall 24bit DAC with integrated high-output headphone amplifier.
2008-04-03 TI positions 16bit, dual-channel DAC
From TI comes a high-performance 16bit, dual-channel, 1GSps DAC family.
2004-04-22 TI DAC with -100dB total harmonic distortion
Texas Instruments has introduced a four-channel, 24-bit audio DAC from its Burr-Brown Pro Audio product line which features 118dB dynamic range.
2002-11-06 TI DAC targets industrial, portable process controls
The company's latest 16-bit quad DAC offering is targeted at portable and low-power systems such as industrial process control apps.
2003-05-07 TI DAC supports four WCDMA carriers at half the power
The DAC5686 programmable dual DAC of Texas Instruments supports up to four WCDMA carriers, while consuming half the power of comparable solutions.
2005-02-21 TI DAC reduces radio frequency design requirements
TI said it developed its new 500MSPS DAC to answer the growing demands of wireless carriers for low-noise floor and increased performance devices.
2003-09-17 TI DAC eyes wireless network cards, handheld radios
Texas Instruments has released what it claims is the industry's lowest power dual, 12-bit, 40MSPS DAC from the company's Burr-Brown product line.
2004-03-22 Teradyne examines AIC audio DAC
AIC Microsystems Co. Ltd has selected Teradyne Inc. to test its next-generation audio DAC (digital to analog converter).
2002-04-04 Technical program assembled for upcoming DAC
Hoping to convince designers that this year's Design Automation Conference is worth the trek to New Orleans, the show's committees have announced an innovative technical program.
2008-12-16 Stereo DAC targets high-end audio apps
AKM Semiconductor has launched the AK4390, a high performance 32bit stereo DAC for professional and high-end audio applications.
2005-06-16 Stereo audio CODEC offers independent sampling on ADC, DAC
Wolfson Microelectronics launched a stereo audio CODEC with the ability to operate the ADC and DAC at different sample rates simultaneously
2009-07-13 Sink/source current DAC eases testing
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS4432 low-cost, dual-channel, sink/source current DAC. This I?C-controlled, 7bit current DAC features two output channels designed for power-supply margin testing and adjustment.
2005-06-01 Sigma-delta techniques extend DAC resolution
For applications that need more resolution from small or affordable DACs, a sigma-delta modulator can be the solution
2002-06-03 RF ICs, embedded memories to get airing at DAC
RF IC design platforms will be among the tools clamoring for attention when the 39th annual Design Automation Conference opens June 10 in New Orleans.
2007-04-16 R8C/2D group: DAC
This application note shows a program for the DAC. The program can be used with other R8C/Tiny Series MCUs which have the same special function registers (SFRs) as the R8C/2D group.
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