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2006-07-18 Wide input step-down controller suits automotive apps
Linear Tech said its LTC3824 DC/DC controller suits automotive applications where the 4V minimum input voltage supports cold cranking and the 60V maximum input voltage survives inductive load dumps, without the need for external clamping circuits.
2007-07-23 Ultralow-current DC/DC controller suits automotives
Linear Technology's LTC3826/-1 two-phase dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws only 30?A when one output is active and only 50?A when both outputs are active.
2013-11-01 TI unveils 20V DC/DC synchronous buck controller
The LM27403 is touted by the firm as the industry's first analogue DC/DC controller with dynamic temperature-compensated inductor current sensing.
2002-06-21 TI dc/dc controllers achieve >95 percent efficiency
Designed with the company's Predictive Gate Drive technology, the TPS4000x family of PWM synchronous step-down dc/dc controllers from Texas Instruments Inc. achieves overall converter efficiencies >95 percent
2004-09-27 TI dc-dc controller includes adaptive gate drivers
Texas Instruments has developed a multi-phase synchronous dc-dc buck controller with integrated adaptive gate drivers.
2011-01-31 Synchronous stepdown DC/DC controller touts precise conversion
Linear Technology Corp.'s LTC3880/-1 allows for digital programming and read back for real-time control and monitoring of critical point-of-load converter functions.
2013-06-06 Step-down DC/DC controller operates up to 30V
The XC9252 series from Torex Semiconductor is a high breakdown voltage product with a supply current of 30A, input rating of 36V and a peak voltage of 46V for 400ms.
2006-07-20 Step-down controller draws 80A in sleep mode
Linear said its new controller draws 80A in sleep mode, making it suitable for preserving battery energy in applications where the system remains semi-active when the engine or the power is off
2007-06-28 Stackable DC/DC controller eyes high-density servers
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces a single-channel version of its TPS40KTM stackable controller family that transforms power supplies in data centers and telecommunications equipment into fully scalable, interleaved power systems with higher performance and design flexibility
2009-08-14 Regulator offers complete DC/DC solution
The LTM8025 includes controller, power switches, inductor, compensation, input and output bypass capacitors
2015-01-26 Powervation rolls VR12.5-compliant digital DC/DC controllers
The PV3103, PV3104 and PV3202 boast single and dual phase outputs, and claim to offer precision regulation and telemetry to support the latest high-efficiency computing system designs.
2010-04-07 Power reference design for the TMS320C6472, 12Vin DC/DC controllers and LDOs (1x C6472
This application note is intended for designers who wish to design a TMS320C6472 DSP into a system using a nominal input voltage of 12V, external FETs for design flexibility and low-dropout (LDO) regulators for the low-power rails.
2012-05-30 Polyphase synchronous boost controller cuts out heat sink
The H- and MP-grade versions of Linear Technology's LTC3787 high power two-phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller can produce 24V at 10A output from 12V input at up to 97 percent efficiency.
2007-10-15 PoE PWM controller delivers up to 30W
Akros Silicon has expanded its family of PoE Powered Device controllers with the introduction of the AS1130 that provides up to 30W power delivery on the network cable.
2007-11-13 PoE interface chip has DC/DC controller
Silicon Laboratories has announced what it claims is the industry's first dual-function, single-port PoE controller with an integrated DC/DC controller for power sourcing equipment.
2013-12-05 PFC controller halves power dissipation in shunt resistor
TI's UCC28180 8-pin PFC controller features an adjustable switching frequency that helps the designer optimize their design for size, cost and efficiency
2002-10-16 ON Semi dc/dc controller targets portable systems
The company's NCP1550 step-down dc/dc controller IC is capable of operating from a Li-ion or NiMH battery.
2006-04-26 O2Micro granted patent continuation for DC/DC controller
O2Micro International was issued 21 claims under U.S. patent number 7,002,817 for its DC/DC controller with improved transient response.
2005-01-19 O2Micro gets continuation dc/dc controller patent
O2Micro Int. Ltd has received 16 claims under United States patent number 6,813,173 for its direct current-to-direct current (dc/dc) controller with improved transient response; a continuation of the invention issued January 2004 under United States patent number 6,678,178.
2008-02-25 O2Micro bags DC/DC controller tech patent
O2Micro was granted 13 claims under U.S. patent number 7,202,650 for its DC/DC controller technology; a continuation of the invention issued November 2005 under U.S. patent number 6,965,221.
2006-05-17 New flyback controller needs no optoisolator
Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LT3837, a synchronous flyback DC/DC controller for 10W to 60W isolated power supplies.
2005-04-14 New dc-dc controller suits avionics, telecom power systems
Linear Tech introduced a 125C-rated wide input and output voltage range versatile dc-dc controller that designed for use in step-down, step-up, inverting or SEPIC circuits with up to 100W of output power
2005-06-28 New dc-dc controller eliminates gate charging, switching losses
Linear Technology has developed a PolyPhase step-down synchronous controller with guaranteed operation and precision for junction temperatures as high as 140C
2008-06-27 Multiphase step-up DC/DC controller renders high power
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3862, a two-phase step-up (boost) DC/DC controller that delivers high output power in a compact footprint.
2007-09-14 Multiphase DC/DC controller suits power audio amps
Linear Technology had unveiled the LTC3811 dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller with multiphase operation, differential output voltage sensing and integrated PLL synchronization.
2004-11-25 MOSFET gate driver increases dc-dc controller efficiency
Linear Tech released a 6A MOSFET gate driver designed to increase the output power and efficiency of a dc-dc controller.
2003-01-22 Microsemi dc/dc chip runs at up to 600kHz
Microsemi Corp.'s LX1672 high-frequency multiphase dc/dc controller chip is aimed at DDR termination and STB apps.
2003-06-26 Micrel dc/dc controllers have low pin-count packages
Micrel Semiconductor has released a family of high-efficiency dc/dc controllers that are housed in small, low pin-count packages
2002-08-02 Maxim PWM controller delivers 60A output
Targeted for integration into high-output current and compact power supplies, the MAX5037 dual-phase dc/dc controller dissipates 2W and delivers up to 60A of output current.
2002-04-03 Maxim dc/dc controllers deliver up to 15A output
The MAX1966 and MAX1967 voltage-mode, PWM step-down dc/dc controllers feature 5-ohm-gate drivers, allowing the ICs to deliver up to 15A of output current
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