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DC/DC converters What is a DC/DC converter? Search results

What is a DC/DC converter?
An electrical circuit that changes direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. It is frequently found in battery-operated systems.
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2003-05-15 Power-One dc/dc converter eyes point-of-load apps
Power-One Inc. has jumped into the multichip-module arena with its maXyz family of non-isolated dc/dc converters aimed specifically at POL systems.
2005-01-17 Power MOSFETs for smaller dc-dc converters
Developing power MOSFETs mounted in dc-dc converters minimizes power constraints as the speed of CPUs and memory installed in PCs and servers continue to integrate more sophisticated functions.
2013-02-21 POL DC/DC converters tweaked for harsh environments
TI's latest point-of-load DC/DC converters for harsh environments offer high integration and small form factor, reducing board space up to 50 per cent.
2010-01-27 PoL DC/DC converters enable design flexibility
Based on 600kHz synchronous buck topology, the new converters offer power conversion efficiencies of 93 and 92 percent respectively
2008-04-16 POL converters suit telecom, consumer apps
FDK Corp. introduces the DK series of non-isolated DC/DC converters with the release of three new products that deliver 3A of output current at power densities up to 640 Watts/cubic inch and efficiencies up to 93 percent.
2009-06-23 POL converters feature output voltage tracking
FDK Corp. has added three non-isolated, point-of-load (POL), DC/DC converters to its DK series.
2008-05-23 POL converters deliver high power efficiency
Power-One's new series of DC/DC converters uses topologies that help generate efficient power conversion in communications and server applications.
2009-04-17 POL converters available in SMD, SIP
FDK Corp. introduces five new products to its DK Series of small, low profile non-isolated point of load (POL) DC/DC converters.
2014-06-24 PMBus enhances programmability in converters
The 18V DC/DC converters from TI feature PMBus interface, which provides for converter configuration as well as monitoring of key parameters including output voltage and current.
2012-10-12 Peak's high power DC/DC converters integrate heatsink
The heatsink of Peak electronics' PO/HS series of high power DC/DC converters can be specified to remove the heat according to the needs of the application.
2008-12-17 PC board layout checklist: DC-DC converters
Here is a checklist of PCB design guidelines that should be followed to produce a working switching regulator design using Fairchild's RC50XX series of switch-mode controllers.
2007-08-03 Open-frame DC/DC converters handle up to 40W output
Bel Fuse Inc. has announced the addition of the SRSB-40U Series of isolated DC/DC converters to their growing portfolio of isolated and non-isolated power DC/DC converters for high-speed applications.
2002-10-10 ON Semi dc/dc converters feature low-battery detection
ON Semiconductor's two new high frequency dc/dc converters feature low-battery detectors for use in portable electronics.
2008-04-30 Off-the-shelf DC/DC converter modules fit for space use
VPT has introduced more than 50 DC/DC converter modules specifically designed for space applications
2007-06-13 O2Micro wins DC/DC patent
The U.S. government has granted O2Micro Intl Ltd rights to 19 patent claims for its DC/DC converter power management architecture
2003-02-03 NSC dc/dc chipset improves 48V to 1V conversion
National Semiconductor's LM5041/LM5101 controller/driver chipset is capable of achieving 48V to sub-1V dc/dc power conversion
2005-07-06 New DC/DC converters promise optimized cost, performance ratio
The new PKM4000D series of DC/DC converters from Ericsson Power Modules is designed to provide an optimized cost and performance ratio for today and tomorrow's applications.
2002-01-02 Neuron dc/dc converters feature 25kHz switching frequency
The SR-500 and SR-700 step-up dc/dc voltage converters are designed for employment in A/V equipment requiring voltage regulation.
2005-11-30 National's new DC/DC converters with true shutdown isolation
National Semiconductor introduced two new step-up DC/DC converters that provide a complete solution for driving dual-display or large, single white LED string backlighting apps.
2005-11-29 National step-up DC/DC converters with true shutdown isolation
National Semiconductor introduced two fixed-frequency step-up DC/DC converters with true shutdown isolation. These devices feature a low feedback voltage of 500mV and fully integrated synchronous switching that requires no external Schottky diode.
2005-09-08 National rolls two new converters
National Semiconductor introduced two new high-performance converters that promise to increase efficiency and extend battery life in high-current applications
2004-11-24 National DC/DC converters target RF power amplifiers
National launched a family of DC/DC converters that is designed for powering RF power amplifiers from a single Li-ion battery.
2002-09-16 National dc/dc converters deliver 95 percent efficiency
National Semiconductor Corp, has announced the availability of a series of CMOS power management ICs for low-voltage applications in handsets and other portable devices.
2013-08-05 Murata rolls 12W DC-DC converter with 4:1 wide input range
Murata NCS12 series of 12W DC-DC converters accommodate a 4:1 wide input voltage range and include protection and safety features such as an under voltage lockout feature and a thermal shutdown.
2009-02-20 Murata intros Okami DC/DC converter models
Murata Power Solutions Inc. has introduced the first three models in its new Okami range of miniature non-isolated single output point-of-load (PoL) DC/DC converters.
2005-09-27 Multichip module broadens its dc-dc horizons
Addressing the demand for higher current and higher frequency power solutions for dc-dc converters, Toshiba America's TB7001FL multichip module (MCM) combines a driver IC with a MOSFET and the company's MOSBD, a single-die combination of a power MOSFET and a Schottky barrier diode, in one package measuring just 8-by-8-by-0.85 mm.
2004-07-21 MSTronic dc-dc converters offer 30W output
MSTronic released its latest dc-dc converter modules that feature a power rating of 30W and come in dimensions of 76-by-12-by-9mm
2007-12-19 Monolithic two-switch forward DC/DC regulator rolls
National Semiconductor has introduced the industry's first high-voltage, monolithic two-switch forward DC/DC regulator for power supply designs
2002-04-15 Modeling board level dc/dc converters in SPICE
This application note is a macro model which is applicable to any fixed frequency dc/dc converters and provides a fast and accurate simulation of the circuit behavior at the device terminals.
2012-03-29 Mitigating conducted EMI from DC-DC converters
Here's a look at the theory and mitigation techniques of the conducted portion of EMI, specifically as generated by a step-down switcher.
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