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What is a DC/DC converter?
An electrical circuit that changes direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. It is frequently found in battery-operated systems.
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2007-02-05 Isolated and Non-Isolated High Power, High Voltage DC/DC Controllers
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2002-12-02 IR ships dc/dc converters for satellite apps
International Rectifier has released its M3G family of "off-the-shelf" radiation-hardened, high-reliability dc/dc converters.
2004-05-24 IR MOSFET eyes dc-dc converters in telecom systems
International Rectifier launched its IRF7842, a 40V N-channel HEXFET power MOSFET designed for isolated dc-dc converters for telecommunications systems.
2003-01-15 IR military-grade dc/dc converters exhibit 80 percent efficiency
International Rectifier's Advanced Analog Group has introduced two hermetically sealed, 120V input dc/dc converters that are able to handle up to 84W/in&sup3 power density.
2004-01-12 IR dc/dc converters eye space satellite apps
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the Z series family of 1.5-, 2.5- and 3.3V, single output dc/dc converters for geo-synchronous (GEO) and low earth orbit (LEO) satellite power systems.
2004-05-06 IR chipset eyes high-frequency dc-dc converters
The company has introduced a control and synchronous switching chipset for high-frequency dc-dc converters powering next-generation Intel and AMD processors.
2004-07-14 Intersil MOSFET driver IC suits dc-dc converters
Intersil's new two-channel synchronous-buck MOSFET driver IC is designed for high-current dc-dc converters used in datacom, telecom, point-of-load and computing apps.
2007-07-05 Intersil integrated FET DC/DC converters
The purpose of this application note is to show how the Intersil integrated FET DC/DC converters can make the task of designing an embedded step-down DC/DC converter much easier.
2008-12-17 Interfacing the trim output of Power Manager II devices to DC-DC converters
This application note provides an overview of the trim/margin capabilities of the ispPAC-POWR6AT6 and ispPACPOWR1220AT8 Power Manager II devices and detailed instructions on how to use the software tools of PACDesigner to incorporate almost any adjustable DC/DC converter into a trimmed or margined power supply system
2009-06-10 Interfacing the ispPAC-POWR1208 with modular DC/DC converters
This application note describes several problems associated with controlling modular DC/DC converters and presents several example circuits for interfacing the ispPAC-POWR1208's digital outputs to these devices.
2006-05-26 Industrial DC/DC converters deliver up to 1 kW
V-Infinity's rugged single-output DC/DC converters deliver up to 1kW for transportation, telecom and base station apps.
2006-01-18 I2C power supply controller for DC/DC converters
Linear Technology introduced a dual I2C power supply monitor and margining controller designed for digital management of power supplies in high-availability systems.
2008-11-03 How to prevent thermal issues with high output current DC to DC converters in portable applications
This document will focus high output current switching regulators to demonstrate that basic thermal skills are sufficient to avoid any thermal issue.
2008-10-13 How to apply high frequency DC/DC converters in portable designs
Portable designs powered from one Li-ion battery embed more and more regulators to supply digital ICs. To maintain high efficiency with low output voltages, designers must select buck converter architecture instead of linear regulators.
2002-08-12 HiTek dc/dc converters drive ultrasonic devices
HiTek Power's 5W and 10W dc/dc converters deliver up to 7kV for ultrasonic transducers, photomultiplier tubes, and electron beam deflection applications.
2009-09-17 High-reliability DC/DC converters fit military apps
The high-reliability 28V DC/DC converters are designed for military applications and offer extended input range.
2009-05-08 High voltage, low noise, DC/DC converters
This application note describes a variety of circuits featuring outputs from 200V to 1,000V with output noise below 100?V measured in a 100MHz bandwidth.
2004-03-04 Group-Tek voltage converters have 1mA leakage
Group-Tek Electronics' DC05U091S dc-dc converters feature 70 to 85 percent efficiency and 1 percent line regulation.
2014-12-05 Grasping isolated DC/DC converter voltage regulation
In terms of output voltage regulation accuracy, isolated DC/DC converters usually fall into three categories. This article discusses various regulating schemes and the corresponding topologies.
2003-10-27 FDK dc-dc converters have 95 percent efficiency
FDK Corp. has announced the availability of the W series of non-isolated point-of-load dc-dc converters.
2001-09-21 EMI considerations for dc/dc converters and integrated switching regulators
This application note presents an EMI performance results summary of Power Trends' products tested in accordance with agency specifications.
2007-03-23 Emerson unveils 300W, 642W bus converters
Emerson Network Power launched two intermediate bus converters (IBCs) that can deliver high levels of output power with a conversion efficiency of 97 percent
2007-10-25 Eighth-brick DC/DC converters eye industrial apps
As part of the ongoing expansion of its InQor product range, SynQor introduces a new range of isolated DC/DC converters tailored for the industrial market.
2007-09-06 Eighth-brick DC/DC converter delivers 24V output
SynQor has expanded its eighth-brick DC/DC converter family with a device that delivers a tightly regulated 24V output at up to 3A in the DOSA
2005-07-28 Dual-output miniDIPs simplify dc-dc portable power
The dual-output G100E family of miniaturized DC/DC converters from MicroPower Direct delivers 1W for a wide variety of board level apps in which space is limited.
2013-03-05 Dual N-ch MOSFET for mobile device DC-DC converters
The SSM6N58NU is designed for high speed switches in the high-current charging circuits of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
2006-10-11 Dual DC/DC converters offer wide input range
An input range of 3.6-25V makes Linear Tech's new DC/DC converters suitable for regulating power from a wide variety of sources, including four cell batteries, unregulated wall transformers and distributed power supplies.
2008-03-14 Dual DC/DC buck regulators with dual low-noise linear regulators
The LM26480 is a multi-function, programmable power management unit, optimized for low power digital applications.
2014-05-21 Divide by N to synchronise DC/DC converter clocks
Find out how to utilize a clock divider for producing differently-phased clocks for clocking the converters found in automotive power conversion solutions
2006-05-19 DIN-rail converters serve 24V railway applications
Power-One's EWR1601-6 and EWN2660-6 DIN-rail DC/DC converters deliver up to 125W and 250W, respectively, at 24Vdc.
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