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2007-03-20 What is digital power
The advantages of digital power control make it a suitable approach for power supply design and board mounted power supplies in particular
2007-02-08 Quarter-brick DC/DCs deliver 92% efficiency
Reducing energy consumption, the quarter-brick DC/DC modules from Ericsson feature an efficiency of 92 percent typical at 3.3Vout half load
2005-02-24 Power supply marginer optimizes next-gen digital systems
Summit Micro's SMM150 is a digital power supply marginer that can easily be designed to work with either POL dc-dc power modules or monolithic embedded dc-dc converters.
2015-02-04 Power modules from TI target 100mA-2A industrial designs
The 17V and 5V SIMPLE SWITCHER modules tout high performance in the industry's smallest packages, and are aimed at servers, factory automation, test and measurement, and network security cameras
2014-10-17 Power firms form industry consortium
Promising an efficient, multi-sourced power ecosystem, the AMP Group will provide power system designers with innovative technology and supply chain security
2007-05-10 Power analyzer offers complete DC sourcing sans programming
Agilent claims that its N6705A DC Power Analyzer can enable R&D engineers to gain insights into the DUT's power consumption in minutes without writing a single line of code
2005-10-21 New power modules from TI
Texas Instruments announced two new non-isolated DC/DC power modules for telecommunications, industrial control and measurement systems that are 50 percent smaller than the previous generation devices and are Pb-free.
2005-07-06 New DC/DC converters promise optimized cost, performance ratio
The new PKM4000D series of DC/DC converters from Ericsson Power Modules is designed to provide an optimized cost and performance ratio for today and tomorrow's applications.
2008-03-07 Modules measure microamp current for DUT
Agilent Technologies has introduced two modules for its Agilent N6700 Modular Power System family that deliver quick and accurate measurements of microamp current for DUT
2005-11-18 Modular power system expands to 1.2kW
Agilent announced that they are rolling out four new ultra-fast modules and two mainframes that extend to 1,200W
2003-09-10 Lambda power modules suit basestation amps
Lambda Electronics has released a series of 300W dc-dc power modules that are primarily designed for use in next-gen W-CDMA mobile comms systems.
2002-11-29 Ericsson puts up separate company for dc/dc modules
Following the recent acquisition of Ericsson Microelectronics by Infineon Technologies, the company's dc/dc power modules unit has been established as a separate company called Ericsson Power Modules.
2010-03-02 Encapsulated AC/DC power modules come in 10-50W
Powersolve has expanded its Traco TMT series of encapsulated power modules with new models from 10W to 50W
2005-12-15 DC/DC converters designed for regulated single output voltages
Tyco Electronics released a new line of new generation, eighth brick, DC/DC power modules designed for regulated single output voltages ranging from 1Vdc to 12Vdc.
2004-08-17 Agilent enhances modular power supply system
Agilent's N6700 low-profile MPS provides high processing speed, autoranging output, and measurement capabilities for automatic test equipment apps.
2009-11-18 AC/DC power modules claim 40-year lifespan
The completely encapsulated power modules are short-circuit-, overload- and overvoltage-protected
2013-04-16 XP Power unveils new style for Power Supply Selector guide
The first edition of XP Power's new style form product catalogue boasts an informative yet visually pleasing method of presenting the company's line-up of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters
2012-09-17 XP Power claims smallest 5W, 10W AC/DC power supplies
The ECE05 series measures 25.4 x 25.4 x 15.24mm while the ECE10 series comes at 38.1 x 25.4 x 15.24mm, covering nominal output voltages from 3.3-48VDC and a wide universal input of 85-264VAC.
2003-05-05 Xantrex dc power system offers up to 2.4 kW reconfigurability
Xantrex Technology's modular programmable dc power system, the XMP 2600, offers 160W to 2.4kW per module
2008-02-18 Why select a digital power converter
What impact, if any, is there for designers wishing to use digital power converter modules in place of existing analog designs
2015-03-04 Why digital power calls for more standards
Read about the move to come up with common standards that will encompass mechanical, electrical, communications, monitoring and control specifications.
2014-03-14 Vicor CEO shares probable trends in power tech
Phil Davies, VP of global sales and marketing at Vicor, said that large datacom and data centres eyeing HVDC distribution, and packing power in smaller packages as forthcoming trends in 2014
2008-04-10 VI bricks feature advanced modular power platform
The VI BRICK, from Vicor's brick business unit, touts an advanced modular power platform incorporating the technical attributes of the company's V?I Chip technology and robust packaging that facilitates enhanced thermal management and through-hole assembly
2011-08-22 Understanding power issues in SDI products (Part 2
Here's the second instalment of this two-part series. It discusses the various ways of meeting the power requirements of SDI video components
2006-03-31 Tyco DC/DC converters suit IBA apps
Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. announced the EUK240 series of DC/DC converters, which provides 240W of output power in an eighth-brick package
2008-07-14 Tip of the Week: Simple power supply for FPGAs (Part 1
Linear Technology recently provided power management support to one designer, who asked for upwards of 40A at 1.5V to power four FPGAs in the smallest board area possible and the highest efficiency to minimize component overheating
2007-12-17 Tiny MOSFETs target high-efficiency DC/DC conversion
Aiming to help designers shrink DC/DC converter designs, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor has released the AON740x advanced MOSFET family in a compact DFN package
2014-07-18 Tiny 3MHz DC/DC converters take on wearables
The TPS82740A supports output voltages from 1.8V to 2.5V, while the TPS82740B supports 2.6V to 3.3V in 100mV steps, which can meet power requirements of MCUs and Bluetooth low energy solutions
2012-09-28 TI's power modules integrate DC/DC converter, inductor
The TPS84250 and TPS84259 join TI's TPS84k power module family, which also provide power for DSPs and FPGAs that require lower input voltages
2005-05-17 TI unveils POLA-compatible non-isolated, plug-in power modules
Texas Instruments Inc. announced two families of POLA compatible, non-isolated, plug-in power modules that are available in single in-line pin packages
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