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2005-06-20 Scintera offers an alternative to DCF, amplification equipment
Scintera announced an alternative to dispersion compensation fiber and amplification equipment for service providers.
2006-09-28 Module replaces DCF in DWDM networks
Civcom is launching a free-path Manageable Dispersion Compensation Module (M-DCM) designed to be a replacement for Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF) in Metro-Regional DWDM networks.
2002-08-01 All-optical devices enable 160Gbps transmission
This technology article presents an all-optical solution capable of transmitting 160Gbps, which is composed of a single-mode fiber and an optical time-domain multiplexer.
2006-02-28 PictSync Group aims to increase CE interoperability
Epson, HP, IDS, Olympus, PortalPlayer and Samsung Electronics, working together as the PictSync Promoters Group, announced that they have jointly developed guidelines to increase interoperability between digital cameras, camera phones and portable media players.
2003-10-24 Oplink to acquire RedClover Networks
Oplink Communications has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of privately held RedClover Networks Inc.
2003-07-17 IceFyre, Hitachi to offer 802.11a embedded platforms
IceFyre Semiconductor has entered into a partnership with Hitachi ULSI Systems for high-performance 802.11a full system embedded platforms.
2011-05-27 Chip enables coherent 40GB bandwidth
PMC-Sierra Inc. will test later this year a system-on-chip platform for coherent optical networking supporting high-speed Internet at 40GB.
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