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2002-10-28 Maxim dc/dc controller responds to 300ns transients
The company's MAX1938 dual-phase PWM step-down dc/dc controller features a Quick PWM architecture that allows a transient response within 300ns.
2003-01-29 Maxim dc/dc controller has 0.5 percent accuracy
The MAX1955 and MAX1956 dual-output, step-down dc/dc controllers exhibit 0.5 percent accuracy, which is considered as the industry's tightest
2013-04-03 Linear's DC/DC controller runs only a single inductor
The LTC3863 is designed to protect against high voltage transients, to operate continuously during automotive cold crank and cover a broad range of input sources and battery chemistries.
2005-04-19 Linear Tech's new dc-dc controller operates at 200kHz
Linear Tech unveiled a 125C-rated wide input and output voltage range versatile dc-dc controller designed for use in step-down, step-up, inverting or SEPIC circuits with up to 100W of output power.
2005-04-15 Linear Tech's dc-dc controller suits Li-ion powered apps
Linear Technology has developed a constant frequency current mode step-down dc-dc controller in 2-by-3mm DFN and low profile 8-lead ThinSOT package.
2002-04-01 Linear Tech step-down controller delivers up to 4A output
Linear Technology's LTC3701 step-down controller converts an input of 2.5V to 9.8V, into two lower output voltages at up to 4A each, making it suitable for use in Fibre Channel boards, notebook PCs, POS terminals, and graphic cards
2004-11-10 Linear Tech PoE controller simplifies PD design
Linear Tech introduced an IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet controller that features an integrated switching regulator to simplify powered device design
2002-04-03 Linear Tech dc/dc controller designed for 30W apps
Intended for 30W applications, the LTC3704 current-mode positive-to-negative dc/dc controller drives an external MOSFET to deliver more power than integrated inverting switching regulators and charge pumps.
2002-02-07 Linear Tech dc/dc controller delivers >90 percent efficiency
The LTC3830 step-down dc/dc controller uses a synchronous switching architecture with N-channel MOSFETs to deliver efficiencies >90 percent.
2002-05-24 Linear Tech controller has on-chip LDO
The LTC3700 step-down dc/dc controller from Linear Technology Corp. operates up to 94 percent efficiency and includes an on-chip 150mA LDO linear regulator, housed in a 10-lead MSOP casing.
2002-04-11 Linear Tech controller accepts up to 36V input
The LTC3717 step-down dc/dc controller for DDR memory and SSTL active termination can accept an input voltage from 4V to 36V, enabling the chip to be powered from a high voltage source and eliminating the need for an intermediate step-down dc/dc controller.
2004-01-14 Linear dc-dc regulator has fast transient response
The LTC3708 dual output 2-phase step-down dc-dc controller from Linear Technology Corp. improves efficiency by eliminating the need for sense resistors.
2004-04-30 Linear dc-dc controller guarantees regulated output
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3831-1 synchronous switching dc-dc controller that guarantees output voltage regulation of 0.75V or lower.
2004-01-06 Linear dc-dc controller consumes 16?A
The company has developed the LTC3801 step-down dc-dc controller that is designed to prolong battery by limiting standby current consumption to 16?A.
2013-04-09 H-grade full bridge DC/DC MCU gets adaptive ZVS update
Linear Technology's H-grade LTC3722-1 boasts a ZVS delay control and adjustable synchronous rectification timing optimises efficiency while reducing transformer size and electromagnetic interference.
2009-03-04 Flyback DC/DC controller suitable for several apps
The LTC3803H flyback DC/DC controller contains all the features to design a high efficiency single-ended isolated or non-isolated flyback converter for automotive, industrial, telecom, Power-over-Ethernet and datacom requirements.
2006-01-13 Flyback controller needs no optoisolator
Linear Technology introduced a synchronous flyback DC/DC controller with precision regulation and high efficiency for 10W to 60W or up to 12A output isolated power supplies.
2002-01-31 Fairchild dc/dc controller drives 13A applications
Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN5037 is a high-power switch-mode dc/dc controller for low-voltage, high-current applications.
2009-11-13 Dual-output DC/DC controller offers up to 12 phases
A differential amplifier provides true remote output voltage sensing of both the positive and negative terminals.
2009-01-29 Dual-output controller delivers up to 25A
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX15023, a low-cost, dual-output, synchronous step-down controller capable of driving external MOSFETs to deliver at least 12A per output
2005-10-12 DC/DC switching controller addresses active power apps
ON Semiconductor announced that it has successfully developed a working silicon for its new dual-edge pulse width modulation (PWM) controller and delivery of engineering samples to leading VR11 power supply licensees
2014-07-25 DC/DC converter eases circuit form factor of MR16 LED lamp
The device co-packages a 60V, 3.6A-rated power N-channel MOSFET with all primary functions required by a DC/DC controller into the compact DFN6040-12 dual exposed-pad package.
2009-03-26 DC/DC controllers deliver fast transient response
Linear Technology Corp. has launched the LTC3878 and LTC3879 high efficiency no RSENSE synchronous step-down DC/DC controllers
2006-06-27 DC/DC controller, rectifier work as a chipset
Vishay released a new 500kHz half-bridge DC/DC controller and synchronous rectifier driver that work together as a chipset to enable more efficient power supplies.
2008-10-16 DC/DC controller works with various topologies
Linear releases a new high reliability (MP) grade version of the LT3724, a 60V (65V(MAX)) low quiescent current (100?A) switching regulator DC/DC controller used in step-down, step-up, inverting and SEPIC topologies.
2006-04-17 DC/DC controller with adjustable 100-500kHz switching frequency
Linear Tech unveiled a 4V to 60V input range DC/DC controller with adjustable 100kHz to 500kHz switching frequency, which allows the power supply to be optimized for size and efficiency.
2012-09-17 DC/DC controller touts voltage tracking, sync capabilities
ADI's ADP1851/53 is engineered for high efficiency, high current, fast, transient point-of-load applications in communications networking, industrial, medical and consumer applications.
2012-01-24 DC/DC controller touts 95% efficiency at 2MHz
The LTC3839 operates from 4.5-38V input voltage range and output voltages ranging from 0.6-5.5V.
2012-04-24 DC/DC controller touts 6-100V input voltage
The LT3796 is a high-side current sense DC/DC controller designed to regulate a constant-current or constant-voltage geared for driving high brightness LEDs.
2006-08-01 DC/DC controller targets N-channel MOSFETs
Linear Technology announced it is offering a low input voltage, synchronous step-down DC/DC controller for N-channel MOSFETs.
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