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What is a DC/DC converter?
An electrical circuit that changes direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. It is frequently found in battery-operated systems.
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2016-03-22 Digitally controlled PoL converters operate at -30 to +95C
With their wide operating temperature range, Murata's Okami series of non-isolated PoL DC-DC converters are ideal for networking, computing, telecom and other distributed power applications.
2010-07-26 Different methods to drive LEDs using TPS630xx buck-boost converters
This application note describes how to drive LEDs using standard DC/DC converters.
2002-10-18 di/dt quarter-brick converters deliver up to 45A
di/dt Inc. has released the QM48T40 and QM48T45 quarter-brick dc/dc converters that deliver 40A and 45A, respectively.
2002-07-11 di/dt 1/8-brick converters deliver 66W
di/dt Inc. has unveiled its SQM series 20A one-eighth-brick dc/dc converters that are pin-compatible with quarter bricks and are capable of delivering up to 66W.
2005-06-21 Design of a 100W dc-dc converter for telecom systems using the NCP1560
This app note discusses the NCP1560 PWM controller that contains all the features and flexibility needed to implement voltage-mode control for single-ended dc-dc converters
2007-06-15 Design of a 100W active clamp forward DC/DC converter for telecom systems using the NCP1562
The NCP1562 PWM controller contains all the features and flexibility needed to implement an active clamp forward DC/DC converter
2006-11-06 DC/DC supplies 150mA at 3.3V from a single AA cell
austriamicrosystems has unveiled a new synchronous, high-efficiency, step-up converter that supplies 150mA output current at 3.3V from a single AA cell battery.
2006-07-18 DC/DC modules for board-level apps deliver 25-50W
For board-level DAQ, communications and industrial I/O applications, Astrodyne's single-output ASD50 series of DC/DC converters deliver 25-50W.
2007-06-11 DC/DC module trim with digital potentiometers
This application note describes the trimming technique for DC/DC converter modules using industry standards for output voltage trim
2006-08-17 DC/DC IC enables management through I?C, S2Cwire
AnalogicTech said its AAT1142 is the first step-down converter to offer dynamic voltage management through both I?C interface and S2Cwire digital interface.
2006-12-04 DC/DC delivers up to 25W from 16-50Vdc
Released under the Interpoint brand, the fully isolated MPE Series of DC/DC converters from Crane Aerospace & Electronics accepts a 16-50Vdc input and provides single or dual outputs with up to 25W of output power.
2006-05-17 DC/DC converters with convection-cooled design
C&D Technologies' DC/DC converters are touted for their low-voltage, high-current capabilities and heat sink-free, convection-cooled design.
2005-01-27 DC/DC converters with automatic PFM-PWM mode operation
National unveiled the first two products in a family of miniature, high efficiency synchronous step-down DC/DC converters for portable systems.
2009-01-28 DC/DC converters transport up to 16W power
Murata Power Solutions has released the HPQ series of ultrahigh power quarter brick, isolated DC/DC converters.
2012-02-29 DC/DC converters tout operating voltage up to 30V
The NN301XX and NN303XX series from Panasonic features low on-resistance and power consumption engineered for CPU power, PCs, servers, DTV and office automation equipment.
2009-07-06 DC/DC converters tout extra wide-input range
XP Power has launched the IM and IT series of 2- and 3W board mounted regulated DC/DC converters.
2010-07-14 DC/DC converters tip 25W from 1-inch PCB
Murata Power Solutions introduces a series of isolated DC/DC converters that offer 25W output in one square inch of board area.
2006-01-27 DC/DC converters target cellphones
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced the AAT1146 and AAT2512 step-down DC/DC converters for GSM phone applications.
2008-06-09 DC/DC converters tap higher efficiency
Power-One Inc. launched the 16th-brick DC/DC converters that deliver efficiencies exceeding 90 percent and tight regulation and suitable for distributed-power sources in communications, data server/storage, and workstation applications.
2009-06-08 DC/DC converters tailored for military apps
SynQor has added a the new MQFL-28E series to its portfolio of Hi-Rel DC/DC converters specifically developed for the military/aerospace industry.
2007-07-16 DC/DC converters suit railway, transportation applications
SynQor has announced the IQ72xxxQTA series of 72V-input quarter-brick DC/DC converters, targeting railway and transportation applications.
2008-03-03 DC/DC converters suit intermediate bus, distributed power architectures
FDK's new Senpai series DC/DC converters are designed for intermediate bus architecture and distributed power architecture applications that require high efficiency, tight regulation and high reliability in elevated temperature environments.
2010-05-27 DC/DC converters suit 3Vdc voltage supply apps
Murata Power Solutions has expanded its Okami OKL range of non-isolated point-of-load (PoL) DC/DC converters designed for 3.3Vdc voltage supply applications.
2005-09-30 DC/DC converters save space
C&D Technologies introduced a new generation of wide input DC/DC converters that promises to save space, reduce component count and minimize emissions in apps requiring dual positive/negative voltage outputs and up to 7.5W of output power.
2007-05-17 DC/DC converters reduce heat, component stress
Ericsson Power Modules has added three PKD-E products to its DC/DC converter portfolio, which have high efficiency that reduces heat and component stress
2008-04-03 DC/DC converters provide power selection flexibility
From Murata Electronics North America comes the MPD7D064S 48V input isolated DC/DC converter series, which was developed to provide optimal power selection flexibility
2007-08-06 DC/DC converters promise 93% efficiency
Emerson Network Powerhas launched four Artesyn eighth-brick DC/DC converters featuring second-generation power conversion topology that provides up to 93 percent full load efficiency.
2010-06-10 DC/DC converters pack WLED driver, VCOM buffer
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. is offering its latest active matrix TFT LCD DC/DC converters that include a WLED driver and VCOM buffer.
2009-11-06 DC/DC converters pack five input voltage choices
The series offers five input voltages from 5V to 48V and output voltages of 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V.
2009-05-20 DC/DC converters pack 258MHz voltage-error amp
From Maxim Integrated Products come the MAX15038/MAX15039, small, synchronous DC/DC converters that deliver up to 4A and 6A of output current, respectively.
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