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DC-DC converters What is a DC/DC converter? Search results

What is a DC/DC converter?
An electrical circuit that changes direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. It is frequently found in battery-operated systems.
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2010-03-24 DC/DC converters deliver 15W power in small form
From Murata comes the BEI15 series of isolated, wide input bipolar DC/DC converters for high-current applications in mobile and battery-powered products and wireless designs.
2005-10-18 DC/DC converters deliver 15W from a 25.4-by-25.4-by-10mm package
Powersolve announced a new generation of isolated, high performance 15W DC/DC converters in a package that is 50 percent smaller than competitive products.
2012-01-27 DC/DC converters cut part count, BOM cost
ZMDI's buck converters come in fixed-output voltage options of 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5V, and operate from -40C to 125C
2008-09-17 DC/DC converters cut board-level power needs
Astrodyne has launched the FED20W series of modular packaged DC/DC converters for cost-sensitive power conversion requirements in board-level product applications like data acquisition, communications and industrial I/O.
2010-03-22 DC/DC converters come in ultracompact form
XP Power has launched the ISF, ISG and ISL series of low-cost surface mount DC/DC converters that take up the minimum of board space allowing designers to reduce the size of their applications.
2008-03-14 DC/DC converters come in CSP versions
AnalogicTech has announced the availability of CSPs for its AAT1149, and AAT1171 DC/DC converters.
2009-07-17 DC/DC converters claim up to 92% efficiency
SynQor has launched a series of DC/DC converters that accept an input range of 9Vin to 22Vin, exceeding the requirements of EN50155 for both steady state and transient voltage conditions in 12V railway systems.
2012-05-30 DC/DC converters claim double density
Enpirion's EN2300 family of fully integrated 12V DC/DC converters integrates the controller, power MOSFETs, high frequency input capacitors, compenzation network and inductor to offer up to 95 percent efficiency.
2008-06-06 DC/DC converters brags wide voltage spectrum
Polytron recently released for mass production a complete line of 3W DC/DC converters in a SIP package measuring 0.86in x 0.36in x 0.44in, with an 82 percent high efficiency and on/off control flexibility.
2012-12-04 DC/DC converters boast up to 450W output power
The Murata Power Solutions PAH series measures 58 x 61 x 12.7mm and is geared for power amplifiers, wireless networks and other telecom applications.
2009-10-21 DC/DC converters boast ultrawide input range
The 15W and 30W converters feature an input to output isolation of 1,600VDC for up to 1 minute
2009-08-20 DC/DC converters boast super-wide input range
SynQor has unveiled the IQ64 family of half-brick DC/DC converters with a super-wide 8:1 input voltage range of 18 -135V, which doubles the existing ultra-wide 4:1 input ratio standard.
2008-11-19 DC/DC converters boast 85% efficiency
Murata Power Solutions has launched two new series of isolated 1W, DC/DC converters that set new standards for efficiency, miniaturization and reliability.
2012-01-30 DC/DC converters boast 200kHz-2.5MHz switching frequency
The LT8582 uses two integrated 42V switches1.7A master switch and 1.3A slave switchthat can be tied together for a total current limit of 3A.
2011-11-24 DC/DC converters boast 2.7-40V input
Linear Tech's LTC3115-1 provides a continuous, jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes, making it ideal for RF applications.
2008-07-22 DC/DC converters attain ultrawide input range
Aimtec Inc. has introduced the AM20EW-Z series of 20W DC/DC converters with an ultrawide 4:1 input range of 9-36Vdc and 18-75Vdc.
2008-07-04 DC/DC converters are space-efficient
The new space saving 30W converter out of the Recom Power Laboratory combines ultra-miniature dimensions with ultrawide input voltage ranges.
2008-07-31 DC/DC converters are fit for military, avionics use
XP Power introduces the latest additions to its MTC series of fully encapsulated COTS 4-35W DC/DC converters, the MTC15 and MTC30.
2014-01-21 DC/DC converters aimed at high temperature, high shock apps
IR's HTH27022S and HTM27092S isolated hybrid hermetic DC/DC converters target high temperature and high shock environments such as oil drilling applications and mud turbine generators.
2008-06-24 DC/DC converters add output voltage tracking
FDK Corp. has added eight DC/DC converters to its Senpai series of non-isolated point-of-load converters.
2008-08-13 DC/DC converters add 80V load-dump protection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX5098A/MAX5099 dual-output, high-switching-frequency DC/DC converters capable of delivering 2A and 1A of output current.
2009-07-31 DC/DC converters achieve over 88% efficiency
The MQFL-270 series of DC/DC converters achieve breakthrough efficiency levels greater than 88 percent.
2006-03-02 DC/DC converter suits wireless networks, telecom apps
Tyco Electronics Power Systems announced the availability of the FHW500 and FHW700 series of DC/DC converters.
2008-07-24 DC/DC converter series rides on ultrahigh performance
Murata Power Solutions has added a new series of cost-effective eighth-brick DC/DC converters to its existing range of brick converter products.
2011-09-23 DC/DC converter powers 60-65W apps
Ericsson's power converters target telecom and datacom systems, and process control and test applications
2011-10-28 DC/DC converter offers 4.2-42V input voltage range
Linear Tech's step-down switching regulator delivers up to 750mA of continuous output current to voltages as low as 1.21V.
2008-05-21 DC/DC converter line offers over 2,000 models
XP Power has announced new additions to its I series of low-power isolated DC/DC converters.
2008-11-06 DC/DC converter highlights light-load efficiency
Texas Instruments has expanded its SWIFT DC/DC converters with a new 65V input, 1.5A output step-down switcher with integrated FET that achieves significant energy savings in light-load efficiency.
2009-09-11 DC/DC converter generates 2kW output power
Absopulse Electronics has expanded its line of high input voltage DC/DC converters with the introduction of the HVI 2K.
2016-04-29 DC/DC converter from Murata boasts remarkable space savings
The NXE2 series is footprint compatible with similar 1W and 2W devices and comprises four models with nominal input voltages of 5VDC or 12VDC and outputs of 5VDC, 12VDC or 15VDC.
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