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2010-07-27 DDR 2.0 NAND coming up
Samsung and Toshiba have announced they will develop a second-generation double data rate (DDR) NAND flash memory specification with a 400-Mbit/s interface. The two companies started participating in standardization efforts for DDR 2.0 through the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association last month.
2009-01-15 ZIF probe tips handle DDR, GDDR validation
Agilent Technologies and Hynix Semiconductor have developed a high-bandwidth, high-performance long-wire ZIF probe tip optimized for DDR and GDDR SDRAM validation
2002-09-20 VIA, S3 Graphics license Kentron controller technology
Kentron Technologies Inc. has licensed its QBM controller interface technology to VIA Technologies Inc. and S3 Graphic Inc
2007-09-17 Simplify DDR validation with SI methods
As DDR memory technology evolves, DDR signal integrity becomes more challenginghence, it is essential to use a proper probing method to obtain the best result.
2006-07-07 SDRAM-DDR memory unit touts multichip plastic packaging
Austin Semiconductor has launched its 1.2Gbit, SDRAM-DDR memory family in a 219-pin BGA
2003-01-24 Samsung ships 4GB DDR DIMM
Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. has announced the release of the industry's first 4GB DDR DIMM for use in high-performance apps
2001-04-15 Same-die tactic eases DDR transition
The industry consensus is clear: DDR's time has come. Now what design issues must engineers consider, and what can DRAM suppliers do to make this memory transition happen smoothly and seamlessly
2007-07-24 Regulators up power efficiency in DDR apps by 93
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a series of single- and dual-power regulator ICs that provide efficient power management for DDR applications
2004-02-19 Powerchip to make DDR-II using 0.11?m technology
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. will launch an advanced 0.11?m process technology at its 12-inch wafer fab to make DDR-II units.
2010-04-13 Power controller handles DDR memories
Exar Corp. has extended its line of low-voltage, step-down controllers specifically targeted at DDR memory power architectures
2007-06-25 Platform leverages Serial RapidIO technology
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. and Tundra Semiconductor Corp. have introduced a development platform that combines Freescale's multicore MSC8144 programmable DSPs with Tundra's low-power Tsi578 Serial RapidIO (sRIO) switch.
2003-01-06 Micron demonstrates 0.11?m-manufactured DDR SDRAM
Micron Technology has demonstrated its 1Gb DDR SDRAM offering manufactured using the 0.11?m process technology.
2003-03-25 Micron delivers industry's first 4GB DDR SDRAM DIMM
Micron Technology has announced the development of what it claims to be the industry's first 4GB DDR SDRAM-registered DIMM.
2005-05-26 Micron DDR devices offer increased reliability over standard DRAM
Micron launched a family of Mobile DDR devices, with product samples of multiple densities now available
2003-07-25 LSI Logic slices use 0.11?m process technology
LSI Logic Corp. has unveiled two families of pre-built slices - the RapidChip Xtreme and the RapidChip Integrator. The Xtreme family is designed to suit high-bandwidth applications such as communications, storage and computing, while the Integrator family also targets consumer electronics, industrial, security, instrumentation, and imaging markets.
2002-02-07 Linear Technology regulator operates at 90 percent efficiency
The LTC3831 regulator is claimed to sink or source up to 15A of load current and operate at 90 percent efficiency.
2005-04-21 Linear Tech addresses DDR/QDR memory termination apps
The LTC3776, a 2-phase, dual output synchronous step-down switching regulator controller for DDR/QDR memory termination applications, was recently announced by Linear Tech
2002-04-15 Kingston DDR memory modules suit next-gen servers
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. has announced the availability of 1GB and 2GB low-profile DDR PC2100-registered ECC memory modules for 1U and blade server environments.
2002-07-03 JEDEC begins work on third DDR DRAM standard
The proposed third iteration of the DDR DRAM standard would seek to cover a range of new mobile wireless devices beyond PCs and servers, an industry standards group said
2002-09-12 Intel to support faster RDRAM technology
Intel Corp. has put its stamp of approval on the 1,066MHz RDRAM and will support the faster memory speed grade through a memory controller in a future chipset.
2004-08-02 Infineon DDR Micro-DIMMs have small footprint
Infineon released what it claims as the world's first DDR-Micro-DIMM module for sub-notebooks
2002-11-21 IDT chipset supports DDR-II DIMM
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has released what is touted to be the industry's first complete chipset that supports DDR-II DIMM designs.
2002-02-26 IDT 5Mb DDR FIFOs claim 250MHz speed
With densities to 5Mb and clock cycle speeds up to 250MHz, the terasync DDR FIFO parts target data rates of up to 40Gbps
2003-09-01 Ibase SBC integrates LAN, USB technology
Ibase Technology has introduced IB840, an Intel Pentium 4 CPU Full-size SBC based on the Intel 865G chipset that supports the Intel Pentium 4 processor of up to 3.2GHz clock speed on 800MHz Front Side Bus
2003-01-23 HYNIX latest DDR SDRAM obtains Intel validation
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has announced that its 333Mbps 512Mb DDR SDRAM has received Intel validation, reported to be a first for the Korean DRAM industry
2007-03-19 Hynix claims 'fastest' 512Mbit mobile DDR SDRAM
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. claims it has developed the industry's fastest 185MHz 512Mbit mobile DDR SDRAM with error correction code
2005-09-08 How to interface DDR-II SRAMs with Stratix II devices
DDR-II SRAM devices offer enhanced timing margin and flexibility
2005-09-08 How to interface DDR-II SRAMs with Stratix II devices
A step-by-step guide to interfacing DDR-II SRAMs with Stratix II devices for high-bandwidth communications, networking and DSP applications
2008-06-19 Example of memory-to-memory transfer by the DMAC (LRAM to DDR SDRAM
This application note from Renesas Technology gives an example of how to set products of the SH7780 Group for inter-memory (LRAM to DDR SDRAM) data transfer and describes a sample application for this purpose.
2004-03-04 Evalue Technology SBC utilizes Pentium M processor
Evalue Technology Inc.'s ECM-5716 is a highly integrated 5.25-inch SBC that utilizes the low voltage Pentium M processor with 1MB L2 cache, 855PM chipset with 400MHz front side bus, and up to 1GB DDR SDRAM.
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