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2006-10-30 Samsung unveils 'first' 50nm DRAM chip
Samsung Electronics recently announced that it has developed what it touts as the industry's first 50nm DDR2 DRAM chip, which promises to increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55 percent.
2006-10-20 Samsung touts 'first' 50nm DRAM chip
Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the industry's first 50nm DDR2 DRAM chip, touted to increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55 percent.
2011-03-16 Teardowns prove Apple A5 chip is Samsung-made
UBM TechInsights' teardown analysis of the A5 chip show details indicating Samsung made the chip in its 45nm process, the same process and fab Apple used for its previous generation A4 SoC
2007-08-06 Samsung's 50nm 1Gbit DDR2 memory validated by Intel
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd claims that its 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM has been certified by Intel Corp. to work with Intel's existing and next-generation chipsets at speeds of 800Mbps
2006-09-05 Samsung starts 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM mass production
Samsung Electronics announced the mass production of 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM memory using 80nm process technology
2005-06-24 Samsung commences 90nm 1Gb DRAM production
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has begun mass production of a monolithic 1 Gigabit (Gb) DRAM chip using more operationally efficient and performance-enhancing 90nm processing
2009-02-06 Samsung champions 40nm DRAM
Samsung Electronics has validated what it suggests is the first 40nm DRAM chip and module, a 1Gbit DDR2 compliant device.
2007-03-05 Samsung begins production of 1Gbit DRAM at 60nm
Capitalizing on the increasing demand for large density DRAMs, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has started mass production of the industry's 'first' 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM using 60nm process technology
2006-03-15 Samsung begins producing 80nm DDR2 memory
Samsung Electronics announced early this week it has begun volume production of double data rate (DDR)-2 DRAM chips using 80nm processes
2007-06-01 Lower-voltage DDR2 DRAMs target data center apps
Micron Technology Inc. recently launched low-voltage DDR2 DRAMs that aim to lower server power consumption
2007-04-19 Low-voltage DDR2 DRAM memory module cuts server power draw
Micron claims the industry's first low-voltage DDR2 DRAM in RCC memory modules specifically designed to lower server power consumption
2011-07-28 Intel, Samsung, others license chip-to-chip spec
Intel, Samsung and other mobile vendors have licensed the Chip-to-Chip Link specification which was developed by Arteris and Texas Instruments
2005-08-29 Infineon samples its all-owned DDR2 FB-DIMMs
Infineon announced that it is sampling the industry's only DDR2 Fully Buffered Dual-In-line Memory Modules with all key components designed and manufactured by a single DRAM supplier
2006-01-18 Elpida cuts profit forecast due to DRAM decline
Elpida has slashed its forecast for profit in the October-December quarter and reduced its sales forecast due to a fall in DRAM chip prices
2007-02-06 DRAM sales up 16.2% in Q4
Sales revenue of global DRAM makers in Q4 grew 16.2 percent q-o-q, according to market research firm DRAMeXchange
2009-08-03 400MHz ARM9-based MPUs support DDR2
Atmel Corp. has unveiled the first member of a series of 400MHz ARM926 embedded microprocessors that support second generation DDR2
2009-04-29 1Gbit mobile DRAM touts high speed at low power
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has developed the first mobile 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM using 54nm process technology
2007-10-12 XDR DRAM transfers data at 9.6GBps
Elpida Memory and Rambus claim the industry's fastest DRAMthe 512Mbit, 4.8GHz XDR DRAM, with a data transfer rate of 9.6GBps
2007-07-26 Uptrend in DRAM contract prices seen until Q4
DRAMeXchange predicts that DRAM contract prices will continue on an uptrend until Q4, due particularly to the peak PC shipment season in October to November
2009-04-09 Unlock Micron's 50nm DRAM technology
With their latest 50nm process technology, Micron Technology Inc. seems to have struck the right balance between investment in new technologies and conservative design decisions.
2005-05-26 Spot price index reflects DRAM, NOR flash woes
The spot price indicator for ICs is rated "neutral to slightly negative" for the week of May 16, due in part to ongoing downward pressures in the memory market, according to a report from Jefferies & Co.
2005-01-10 Samsung to boost DRAM bit output by 50% in '05
The DRAM market is projected to double in terms of overall bits in 2005 - and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd wants the whole pie
2005-02-23 Samsung completes prototype DDR3 memory chip
Samsung Electronics said it has finished work on a prototype DDR3 DRAM memory prototype
2007-04-26 Report: DRAM prices may soon hit bottom
The second half may represent the bottom of the current extremely low DRAM pricing levels, reports DRAMeXchange
2004-05-12 Rambus offers interface IP for DDR, DDR2 DRAMs
Rambus for the first time is offering interface intellectual property for industry-standard double-data-rate, DDR2 and XDR DRAMs
2008-02-27 Qimonda details 30nm DRAM road map
Qimonda AG has disclosed its technology road map to the 30nm generation featuring cell sizes of 4F?.
2005-08-12 Mosaid, UMC, team on DRAM controller IP
Foundry United Microelectronics Corp. is working with Mosaid Technologies Inc. to develop Double Data Rate and DDR2 synchronous DRAM memory controller intellectual property core for use with or UMC's 90nm and 130nm manufacturing process, Mosaid said
2007-12-17 Micron claims 'smallest' 1Gbit DDR2 chip
Micron's new 68nm DRAM process, coupled with its 6F? technology, has enabled what is touted as the world's smallest production 1Gbit DDR2 memory with a die size of just 56mm?
2005-04-29 HyperX DDR2 PC2-6000 memory modules make their debut
Kingston is shipping in limited quantities HyperX DDR2 modules tested to run at PC2-6000 or 750MHz. The company is offering the unbuffered DIMM in capacities up to 1GB and dual-channel memory kits up to 2GB
2006-09-29 Hynix's Wuxi facility preps for DDR2 production
Hynix Semiconductor's in Wuxi, mainland China is reportedly fully prepared to take on DDR2 production after it has successfully posted yields on SDRAM production
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