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2012-06-28 Elpida tragedy stabilizes DRAM pricing
Since Elpida Memory Inc. filed for bankruptcy last February, pricing in the dynamic random access memory market has been noticeably less volatile.
2009-08-12 Elpida sees red, delays foundry ramp
Japanese DRAM maker Elpida Memory Inc. may need an economic recoveryand a possible miracleto survive over the long haul.
2010-11-01 Electronics industry analysts see mixed omens
The year 2010 is almost over, and the outlook is cloudy for the remaining months, heading into 2011.
2008-09-01 EcoRAM cuts data center power use
Seeking to solve a major power problem in computing, NOR flash vendor Spansion Inc. has rolled out a new class of memory that is said to have the potential to replace DRAM in the data center.
2009-12-15 EC closes anti-competitive case vs. Rambus
Rambus commits to offer licenses with maximum royalty rates for certain memory types and memory controllers.
2013-05-14 Dual-core processor for infrastructure, enterprise apps
The Marvell ARMADA 375 SoC is available in 800MHz and 1GHz speed, and incorporates I/O peripherals for seamless device integration while enabling high performance in a small form factor system design.
2008-08-29 Dual-core processor enhances car navigation processing
Renesas has launched a new SH7786 dual-core processor fabricated with a 65nm process for high-performance multimedia equipment such as car navigation systems.
2011-05-10 Dual core SBC offers hyperthreading for multipurpose apps
Kontron dual core PCI/104-Express SBC MICROSPACE MSM-LP has incorporated its hyper-threading multiprocessing applications for demanding environmental conditions.
2010-04-19 DRAMs, NAND flash shortages loom
DRAM and NAND flash memory supplies are tight right now and OEMs could find themselves on the outside looking in for parts.
2011-06-16 DRAMeXchange heralds arrival of post-PC era
DRAMeXchange has heralded the 'official' end of the PC era, as signaled by the continuously dwindling consumer demand for PCs.
2008-11-12 DRAM vendors redesign market strategies
Despite an oversupply that has led to severe price erosion over the past year, DRAM makers are determined to pursue the latest innovation to achieve an edge over their competitors.
2013-10-02 DRAM spot prices across the board shoot up post-SK Hynix fire
The incident at SK Hynix's Wuxi plant, which has led to a sudden surge in market demand, pushed spot market prices for mainstream PC DRAM 2Gb to 36 per cent since the day of the fire, noted TrendForce.
2014-04-04 DRAM shortages kept chip market afloat
The semiconductor industry had it rough last year, but thanks to shortage in memory chips supply and rising prices, SK Hynix and other IC makers were still able to record revenue growth.
2011-03-15 DRAM shortage, price spike predicted
Analyst says DRAM prices set for increase as manufacturers shift production to voracious mobile DRAM market.
2011-11-01 DRAM price stays flat in October
Thailand floods that have shut down plants, causing disruption of HDD supply chain.
2011-01-05 DRAM price drops to continue in H1 2011
iSuppli forecasts that DRAM and DRAM module prices will continue to go down in the first half of this year.
2013-09-02 DRAM market finds revenues dropped in 2012, says analyst
TrendForce reported that due to the memory price drops and the shrinking spot market, the 2012 global module revenues reached $5.5 billion, a 13 per cent decrease from 2011's $6.3 billion.
2010-10-26 DRAM makers lose again
Nanya Technology Corp. and Inotera Memories Inc. reported losses for the quarter, posted losses-again.
2008-02-20 DRAM makers chalk up worst figures in 2007
DRAM makers performed the worst in 2007 in terms of revenue growth, overturning the trend a year earlier, according to a study from market research group IC Insights Inc.
2014-04-21 DRAM interfaces see favourable future
Wide-IO promises to provide a wider, faster bus for communication, while reducing interface power consumption to a fraction of today's level.
2011-08-17 DRAM contract price drops for 1HAug
Contract price for DDR 2Gb and 4Gb decreased 15.52 percent and 16.07 percent, to $12.25 and $23.5, respectively, says DRAMeXchange.
2007-06-28 DRAM assembly and test houses cautious on expansion
Although DRAM assembly and test houses traditionally follow DRAM makers' expansion moves, DRAMeXchange reported they are taking a cautious stance this year following last year's over expansion, which resulted in a severe DRAM price fall in the first half of 2007.
2007-08-01 DRAM advancements fuel higher performance
Advancements in DRAM technology have been accompanied by the emergence of multicore processors, new operating systems, and increasingly divergent requirements across many different computing platforms and applications. With each transition from one generation of memory to the next, memory considerations have become more complex.
2008-07-25 DFI initiative gets LSI, ST on board
LSI and STMicroelectronics have joined the collaborative technical working group for the industry standard DDR-PHY Interface specification, which simplifies the interoperability between the memory controller and PHY.
2011-02-28 Development kit accelerates 3PLD creation
Tabula's development kit for its ABAX 3PLD family claims to speed up design creations for FPGA and ASIC designers.
2015-10-22 Dell: Desktop PCs are "here to stay"
As desktop shipments continue falling, Dell aimed new small form factor systems at business users in China, Southeast Asia, and parts of Europe with cost sensitivity and a more traditional office workers.
2009-12-10 Debugging with high-bandwidth mixed-signal oscilloscopes
This article highlights a few of the challenges and how mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) can overcome these challenges.
2009-10-16 DDR SDRAM shortage continues
South Korea memory makers warned that OEMS could be scrambling for their supply of DRAMs for some time as shortages of DDR-based SDRAMs could last until Q1 10.
2010-12-06 Create wider memory interface with MCB
Learn how to merge the operation of two or more memory controller blocks to implement effective 32-bit or wider memory interfaces.
2012-05-29 CPU board touts Intel cores for improved speed, performance
The Kontron CP3003 processor board claims four times better 3D graphics performance compared to predecessor boards working at the same power dissipation envelope.
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