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What is design for manufacturability (DFM)?
The design methodology called "design for manufacturability" (DFM) includes a set of techniques used to modify the design of semiconductors in order to make them more manufacturable by improving their functional yield, parametric yield, reliability etc.
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2006-01-27 Voltage reference housed in DFN package
Linear Technology announced what it touts as the industry's first precision series voltage reference to use the tiny 3-lead 2-by-2mm DFN package.
2005-04-28 OPA277 op amp from TI now available in DFN package
TI introduced a 4-by-4mm DFN package version of the high-precision OPA277 operational amplifier from its Burr-Brown product line
2005-11-23 New QFN/DFN package from AIT
Advanced Interconnect Technologies announced the availability of a new ultra-thin QFN/DFN package, which features a thickness of 0.60mm.
2009-05-11 MOSFETs in DFN packs save 55% PCB space
The DMS2220LFDB and DMS2120LFWB co-package a 20V P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET with a companion diode in a choice of 2mm x 2mm DFN2020 and 3mm x 2mm DFN3020 packages.
2006-08-22 Microchip MCUs come in ultrasmall DFN packages
Microchip Technology announced that all members of its 6-pin PIC10F microcontroller family are now available in ultra-small 2-by-3mm DFN packages for space-constrained apps.
2005-02-15 Microchip EEPROMs available in DFN package
Microchip is introducing a 2-by-3mm DFN package option across its entire product line of I?C serial EEPROMs and Microwire EEPROMs.
2011-09-12 LIN transceivers tout smaller DFN packages
The company has released single- and dual-LIN transceivers in smaller packages and wettable flanks.
2006-03-07 Dual, quad op amps in DFN packages
Linear Technology introduced the 1.8V LT6001 and LT6002 dual and quad operational amplifiers available in a tiny DFN package.
2008-03-10 Dual photo-diode comes in small DFN housing
Prema Semiconductor has released its first optical standard component with the introduction of the PR5001, a dual photo-diode for the near infrared range.
2006-06-01 Charge pumps come in 3-by-3mm DFN package
Linear Tech's mode-selectable 500mA step-up charge pumps are offered in a 3-by-3mm DFN package.
2011-04-12 Microchip MOSFET driver family expands products
Microchip Technology expands its MOSFET driver family of products with the introduction of the low-side MCP14E6/7/8 2A and MCP14E9/10/11 3A drivers
2013-04-25 LNA boasts 0.7 to 3.8GHz noise figure performance
Skyworks Solutions' SKY67151-396LF is a GaAs, pHEMT low noise amplifier features the company's advanced pHEMT enhancement mode process in a compact 2x2mm, 8-pin DFN package.
2006-12-19 Linear unrolls undervoltage, overvoltage monitor
Linear Technology Corp. has developed the LTC2912, a single undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) monitor for space-conscious applications.
2002-07-19 Fordahl oscillator has 120ppm/15 years frequency stability
The DFN-MLECPI series of LVPECL/PECL oscillators from Fordahl SA operates over the frequency range of 622.08MHz to 800MHz.
2005-05-19 Discrete devices sport new packaging platform
Diodes launched its DFN packaging platform with a new line of discrete devices.
2016-04-07 Boost functionality of industrial DC/DC converters
Know how modern packaging technology can help improve the performance of industrial DC/DC converters that require more functionality.
2005-02-01 Vout DAC features I?C interface in 3-by-3mm package
Linear Tech said its 16bit I?C serial interface DAC in a 3-by-3mm DFN package can significantly reduce the size of portable products.
2007-03-06 Ultralow-noise LDOs enable 3.9mm? solution size
Maxim's ultralow-noise, 150mA LDOs are available in a 1-by-1.5-by-0.8mm ?DFN package that enables a total solution size as small as 3.9mm?, including external components.
2008-02-08 Tiny step-down DC/DC regulates power from various sources
Linear Tech's LT1913, a 3.5A, 25V step-down switching regulator packaged in a 3mm x 3mm DFN, operates within a Vin range of 3.6-25V, making it suitable for regulating power from a wide variety of sources.
2007-12-17 Tiny MOSFETs target high-efficiency DC/DC conversion
Aiming to help designers shrink DC/DC converter designs, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor has released the AON740x advanced MOSFET family in a compact DFN package.
2006-12-01 Tiny delta-sigma ADC includes temp sensor
Linear Technology has introduced a 4-channel delta-sigma ADC that integrates a temperature sensor and a novel front-end design in a 4-by-3mm DFN package.
2007-11-20 Tiny ADC warrants 16bit performance
The LTC2453 from Linear Technology is a 16bit I2C-compatible delta sigma ADC in a 3mm x 2mm DFN package.
2012-06-01 Synchronous buck converter tips 90% efficiency
Linear Technology's 65V LTC3630 synchronous buck converter delivers up to 500mA of continuous output current from a 16-lead thermally enhanced 3 x 5mm DFN or MSOP package.
2007-05-25 Step-down regulators' input voltage ranges from 3.4-40V
Linear Technology Corp. announces the LT3502/A, a 500mA Iout, 40V step-down switching regulator packaged in a 2-by-2mm DFN and featuring a 3.4-40V input voltage range.
2008-02-14 Step-down DC/DC leaves compact footprint
Linear Technology's LT1939 step-down switching regulator comes in a 3mm x 3mm DFN-12 package, providing a very compact, thermally efficient footprint.
2006-03-15 Step-down DC/DC converter with internal 1.4A power switch
Linear Technology announced the LT3493, a current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter with an internal 1.4A power switch, packaged in a tiny 6-pin 2-by-3mm DFN.
2006-05-01 Standalone Li-ion battery charger targets handheld apps
Linear Tech's new power management solution for handheld apps includes a standalone battery charger and a dual synchronous buck regulator in a 3-by-5mm DFN package.
2006-03-02 Op amps draw 13A per amp
Linear Technology announced that its new 1.8V dual and quad operational amplifiers are the first available in a tiny DFN package.
2006-01-24 ON Semi announces smallest audio analog switches
Touted to be the industry's smallest audio analog switches, ON Semi's new switches are offered in Pb-free thin QFN/thin DFN packages.
2005-08-26 New synchronous step-down controller from Linear Tech
Linear Technology rolled out a synchronous step-down controller with spread spectrum modulation in 3-by-3mm DFN-10 and MSOP-10 packaging options.
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