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2009-02-20 2008: downturn, changes for telco broadband
The telco broadband market experienced a significant downturn in new subscriber additions during 2008, according to iSuppli Corp.
2002-07-18 Xilinx chief sees slow recovery
The electronics industry should be able to avoid a double-dip recession and instead see very slow growth through the second half of this year, said the chief executive of Xilinx Inc.
2009-09-25 Will IC market recovery continue until Q4?
The IC market may be recovering but will there be a sustained uptick or another dip, especially in the Q4 09?
2003-11-19 Universal Micro voltage converters suit optical systems
The DIP-type 2:1 150W single-output dc-dc voltage converters from Universal Microelectronics Co. Ltd feature short circuit protection and remote on/off control.
2003-03-03 Toshiba 8-bit MCUs target household appliances
The TMP86P20xP series of MCUs from Toshiba Corp. integrates an 8-bit CPU core and 2KB of ROM into a 20-pin plastic DIP package.
2007-01-08 Taiwan PCB makers anticipate stable order
Makers of handset PCBs in Taiwan expect slight dip in sales, seeing good order visibility this month, as customers advance their bookings before the Chinese New Year.
2012-12-21 Spot market affects rise in 1HDec DRAM contract price
DRAMeXchange revealed that although 2HNov DRAM contract prices took a slight 3.17 per cent dip, 1HDec module prices have gone on an uptrend thanks to stimulation from the spot prices.
2010-04-20 Rotary switches provide laser marking
C&K Components has developed a RTE series of DIP switches that feature SPDT, SP3T and SP4T rotary functions as well as rotary binary-decimal and hexa-decimal coding.
2009-08-20 Optocouplers pack multiple current transfer ratios
Everlight has released three new families of 8-pin DIP optocouplers featuring high isolation voltage, low-profile surface mount availability, and 8mm external creepage distance.
2013-02-26 NOR flash demand to drop as cell phones favour NAND
IHS revealed that global NOR flash memory market revenue this year is forecast to dip to $3.40 billion, down two per cent from $3.47 billion last year and from $4.34 billion in 2011.
2003-12-15 Nanofabrication achieved on a biological substrate
Dip-pen nanolithography, a process being developed for ultrasmall feature definition on semiconductor ICs, may blaze new trails in medicine as well, if preliminary work reported at the fall meeting of the Materials Research Society can be turned into practical procedures.
2004-01-15 Morethanall jacks available in variable angle types
Morethanall has released a full range of modular jacks that are available in DIP straight, right angle or SMT types.
2009-05-27 MID400 power line monitor
The MID400 is an optically isolated AC line-to-logic interface device for monitoring on or off status of an AC power line. The logic circuitry operates from a standard 5V supply. The MID400 is packaged in a compact 8-pin plastic DIP.
2002-01-02 M-Systems extends DiskOnChip 2000 Flash disk family
The company has expanded its 32-pin DIP DiskOnChip 2000 Flash disk product line with models that offer capacities up to 576MB.
2008-10-06 Low-power DC/DCs come in compact package
XP Power has launched three families of low power, isolated and regulated DC/DC converters that come in industry standard metal-cased DIP-24 package measuring 31.75mm x 20.32mm x 10.40mm.
2012-12-10 Low consumer spending drags power IC market
The market for power management semiconductors is expected to dip by 6 per cent as the year closes as a result to continued global economic slowdown.
2012-01-19 IC market to tug chip packaging, testing sales
For Q1, testing and packaging firms forecast a dip in sales from 5-10 percent, although a rebound is forecast for Q3.
2012-05-14 FPGA board incorporates Cyclone IV
Humandata's EDA-301 USB-FPGA board features a configuration device, 50MHz on-board oscillators, push x1, DIP x1bit user switches and four LEDs for FPGA design and development.
2002-02-18 Fairchild MFP optocouplers occupy less board space than DIPs
Housed in a half-pitch MFP with 1.27mm lead spacing, the HMHA281, HMHA2801, and HMHAA280 optocouplers are claimed to occupy 61 percent less board space compared to four-pin DIP models.
2002-11-04 Fairchild error amplifier replaces voltage regulator, optocoupler
The company's FOD2741 optically isolated error amplifier incorporates an optocoupler, precision reference, and error amplifier into an 8-pin DIP.
2005-11-02 Edgecard line expands termination options
Sullins Electronics expanded its high-temperature, high-density edgecard connector series to include staggered dip solder, card extender and surface-mount parts.
2002-08-06 Datel LED display measures 35-by-22-by-12mm
The DMS-20PC-BS series of LED displays from Datel Inc. is encased in a 35-by-22-by-12mm, epoxy-encapsulated 12-pin DIP package and displays 3.5 digits that measure 9.2mm.
2004-11-04 Chien Shern connectors insulated to 5 gigaohms
Chien Shern announced the release of its latest D-sub connectors that are available in straight, surface-mount, right-angle or DIP configurations.
2000-04-12 Characterization report on 622Mbps logic interface laser transmitter for OC12/STM4
This application note describes the characterization work performed on the XMT5170B-622 20 PIN DIP logic interface laser transmitter. The note also evaluates the XMT5170B-622 performance under all conditions against target parameters in the product specification.
2012-10-30 Banner outs gateway module for wireless sensors
The SureCross B2Q features discrete outputs and DIP switches to map inputs from up to two wireless sensors to the gateway's outputs.
2014-10-08 Asia Pacific posts strong August chip sales with $16.66B
When it comes to monthly growth rates, Asia Pacific took the lead with sales that grew by 1.7 per cent, overtaking Europe, which saw its sales dip by 1.3 per cent.
2002-09-17 Aries lead-free adapter rolls out
A high-temperature, lead-free adapter from Aries Electronics lets users upgrade to SOJ or SOIC devices from DIP components with no PCB rework or redesign.
2008-12-18 Applications of random phase crossing triac drivers
The MOC30XX family of random phase (non-zero crossing) triac drivers consist of an aluminum gallium arsenide infrared LED, optically coupled to a silicon detector chip. These two chips are assembled in a 6-pin DIP package, providing 7.5KVAC(PEAK) of insulation between the LED and the output detector.
2016-02-01 Apple's revenue declines as modularity, digitalisation rise
Apple's first forecasted dip in revenue in the last 13 years is attributed to the emergence of new industry standards, and it's not only affecting the mobile space but also other sectors.
2004-05-26 All Link IC card sockets last 200,000 cycles
All Link Electronics has launched its 241J-1 DIP IC card sockets that feature a contact landing technology.
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