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2002-06-12 PSS 1Mb Flash chip reads in <20ns
Programmable Silicon Solutions is sampling a 1Mb Flash memory with random-access read times <20ns.
2004-12-02 Primary-side switch enhances off-line designs
ST's newest primary-side switch touts an extended VDD range of 9V to 18V versus 9V to 14.5V for its VIPer53.
2003-10-01 Powercon rolls out modular plugs for I/O connectors
Powercon Inc. has released a series of single or multiport modular plugs and boot covers for telecom I/O connectors.
2007-03-07 Power-conversion IC handles 127W peak load
Power Integrations Inc. has announced the release of PeakSwitch PKS607, an integrated power-conversion IC capable of handling peak demand of up to 127W.
2006-09-18 Power switching module controls up to six devices
StacoSwitch's single-board power switching unit for 6-28V applications allows the user to control up to six different devices in an auto, boat or plane, or adjust the lighting intensity for backlighting and indicator LEDs.
2007-05-29 Power switches improve system reliability
The Green FPS e-Series, a new family of Fairchild Power Switch products provide high energy efficiency and system reliability in DVD player, STB, LCD monitor and other 25W and lower power supply designs.
2006-06-07 Power supply supervisor IC adds protection features
System General's new desktop PC ATX power supply supervisor IC has comprehensive supervision and redundant protection functions.
2007-09-11 Power module replaces 22 discrete devices
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced ten highly efficient, integrated Motion-SPM power modules with up to the 3kW power range, capacble of replacing as many as 22 discrete components.
2003-11-14 Power Integrations reference design enables 1W standby
Power Integrations has released its DAK-32 Design Accelerator Kit that is designed for use in DVD players/recorders and STBs.
2004-11-30 Power Integrations offers replacement for regulated linear transformer
Power Integrations has developed a product family that enables cost-effective switching power supplies for low power apps requiring tight output regulation.
2004-03-29 Power Integrations expands dc-dc chip line for PoE apps
The IEEE approved the 802.3af standard for power over standard Ethernet cables in June last year.
2002-09-04 Power Integrations conversion IC replaces transformers
The LNK501 high-voltage power conversion IC is aimed at replacing linear transformer designs in adapters and battery chargers rated at 3W and below.
2007-02-09 Power inductors offer tight tolerances
Stackpole said the precise control of core materials contributes to the ability of its DRGH and DRGR power inductors to achieve tolerances as tight as 5 percent.
2007-10-08 Power ICs provide variable speed control
A series of inverter power modules designed for applications in variable speed control and power inverter systems has been introduced by Allegro Microsystems.
2007-09-25 Power conversion ICs deliver up to 150W
Power Integrations has unveiled the TOPSwitch-HX family of AC-DC power conversion ICs that enables best-in-class efficiency over the entire load range and delivers up to 150W with a heat sink.
2003-04-25 Power conversion IC touts wide output current tolerance
The LNK500 high-voltage monolithic power conversion IC from Power Integrations Inc. features loose output current characteristics.
2006-03-29 Power conversion IC integrates peak power capability
Power Integrations introduced PeakSwitch, a new family of ICs for power supplies with peak-to-continuous power ratios of up to 3:1.
2006-01-19 Power amp IC extends battery life
ST announced a compact Class D power amplifier chip intended for the new generation of mobile phones and other products seeking to provide higher audio power output while preserving and extending battery life.
2012-01-30 Poor economy yanks electronics manufacturing
This year, the global electronics contract manufacturing business is expected to decline slightly to $357 billion.
2002-08-02 Pletronics clock oscillator gets an update
Pletronics Inc. has replaced its SM1145JM fixed-frequency (32.768kHz) clock oscillator with the S3883 series.
2011-08-29 Placement system touts high-speed die bonding
Single machine solution eases IC manufacturing with die bonding speeds at 3,500cph per head at 25?m.
2006-03-10 PIC MCU line offers certified full-speed USB 2.0
Microchip's newest flash PIC microcontrollers dubbed the PIC18F4450/2450 offers certified full-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and 48MHz operation for 12Mbps data-transfer rates.
2005-11-14 PI announces replacement for linear chargers, adapters
Power Integrations announced the latest addition to its growing portfolio ICs designed for low-wattage power supplies.
2005-11-24 Phototriacs with low trigger current
Vishay Intertechnology unveiled a new line of phototriacs that feature a low trigger current of 1.6mA.
2005-10-03 Phototriacs isolate low-voltage logic from ac voltages up to 380V
Vishay Intertechnology introduced two new zero crossing 1.5kV/?s dV/dt phototriacs designed to isolate low-voltage logic from ac voltages up to 380V
2006-03-29 Phototriacs isolate logic from power mains
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduced 12 new phototriac devices offering a static dV/dt of 5 kV/s.
2005-12-06 Phototriacs deliver 1.6mA trigger
Vishay announced a new line of phototriacs that feature a trigger of 1.6mA and a static dV/dt greater than 5 kV/?s.
2007-01-09 Phototriac optocouplers suit noisy environs
Vishay's new phototriac optocouplers are designed for control of resistive, inductive or capacitive loads, including motors, solenoids, high-current thyristors and relays.
2002-09-24 Photon fiber-optic module transmits up to 80km
Photon Technology Co.'s 2.5Gbps transmitter module operates at a wavelength of 1,550nm and transmits data up to 80km.
2013-02-04 Photocouplers tout IGBT protection, high-speed switching
The PS9332L and PS9332L2 from Renesas consist of a gallium-aluminium-arsenide LED, photo detector IC and an IGBT protection circuit that target industrial machinery and solar power systems.
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