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2004-05-04 Murata rolls out DR-VCO for 76GHz band radar
The QMV101 series of 38GHz band DR-VCO from Murata is engineered for use in automotive 76GHz band radars.
2011-10-05 IEEE-SA approves DR island systems guide
IEEE has announced that the IEEE-SA Standards Board has already approved the IEEE 1547.4, a guide that targets best practices in reliability improvement and interconnection techniques.
2008-05-27 Ultra-thin DIP rotary switch boasts better optimization
NKK Switches has announced the availability of the FR series of 10mm ultra-thin DIP rotary switches. This offers compact dimensions and a low profile allowing high-density mounting and close stacking of PCBs.
2003-01-06 Omron LED touts light utilization efficiency
Omron Corp. has announced the availability of a high brightness Double Reflection LED that consumes lesser power and boosts system efficiency.
2004-02-13 Morethanall rolls out nine connectors
Morethanall has expanded its line of D type connectors with the release of nine new products.
2013-08-29 BCDMOS evolves to handle broad range of UHV apps
Learn how LDMOS and JFET transistors do the heavy lifting when it comes to handling high voltages.
2006-05-15 75W DIN rail supplies tout lowest cost
MicroPower Direct's DR-75 are the first available of the company's DIN-rail product lines that will extend to 240W.
2005-07-19 TI exec sees chip industry entering new era
In a keynote speech at Semicon West, Texas Instruments (TI) executive and SIA representative to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Roadmap Committee, Dr. Bob Doering, has discussed critical issues facing the industry and provided a long range outlook on semiconductor technology development.
2005-06-03 TI Asia exec discusses evolution of WLAN at Computex 2005
WLAN is shifting from a stand-alone, data-centric point product to an embedded utility in the digital home, noted Dr. Kun-Shan Lin, Texas Instruments Inc., Asia, vice president, during his keynote address to industry executives attending Computex Taipei 2005
2010-11-12 Solar3D names Changwan Son as tech director
Solar3D Inc. announced the appointment of Dr. Changwan Son as director of technology. The company focuses on 3D light trapping structures to maximize solar cell efficiency.
2005-12-23 PSU's Gildenblat partners with Xpedion in PSP model
Xpedion announced that it has formed a partnership with Dr. Gennady Gildenblat, co-developer of the public domain PSP model. Dr. Gildenblat will work with Xpedion to provide PSP parameter extraction for Xpedion modeling services.
2003-01-09 Perspective on 2003 electronics test industry
The future of the electronics industry lies in using commercial off-the-shelf technologies to lower costs and increase performance, said National Instruments CEO Dr. James Truchard.
2011-08-04 Orca launches smallest dual-mode Bluetooth RF, modem IP core
Orca's DRBT is a dual-mode Bluetooth RF and modem IP core that provides customers with reductions in silicon area, low power and good radio performance.
2002-03-11 Optical components developer rises in New Jersey
Optical scientists Dr. Joseph ShmuIovich and Allan Bruce have established Inplane Photonics, a developer of optical components and platforms for network subsystem and system manufacturers.
2002-12-18 National Instruments breaks ground in new R&D center
National Instruments Corp. has launched its new 379,000 square-foot R&D complex in Austin, Texas, named the Truchard Design Center, in honor of NI CEO and president Dr. James Truchard.
2002-10-31 Nanosys licenses IP technology from University of California
Nanosys Inc. has completed an exclusive licensing arrangement with The Regents of the University of California, for IP technology on semiconductor nanowire heterostructures developed by Dr. Peidong Yang.
2002-11-27 Innovative optical imaging method seen to lower IC test costs
A group of physicists led by Dr. Caesar A. Saloma of the National Institute of Physics at the University of the Philippines have developed an inexpensive optical imaging technique to detect IC defects.
2004-03-26 Experts talk about power solutions in IIC-China
In a forum about embedded systems during the recent IIC-China Event, Michael Wang manager of portable device power management application from Texas Instrument, Bill Weinberg technical director from MontaVista Software, and Dr. Zhou Dongyan application's engineer from Linear Technology presented their lectures on power solutions to hundreds of participants from related groups.
2003-12-12 Daewoo home cinema systems powered by Cirrus processor
Electronics manufacturer Daewoo Electronics Europe GmbH has announced that it is incorporating Cirrus Logic Inc.'s technology into its DR-C9A1D1 home cinema systems.
2003-09-25 AMD licenses DivXNetworks encoding application
Analog Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has licensed a newly produced version of Dr. DivX by DivXNetworks Inc. for its AMD Athlon 64 processor users.
2002-03-07 'China's entry into WTO makes Asian trade fairs more important'
Messe M|nchen GmbH managing director Dr. Joachim Ensslin discussed the opportunity in organizing trade shows in China as well as the company's investments in Asia.
2006-09-04 Zyxel selects TI's VoIP solutions for next-gen IP phones
Texas Instruments Inc. announced that ZyXEL Communications Corp. has chosen TI's VoIP products for its voice-enabled DSL access devices, VoIP gateways and IP phones.
2014-06-23 ZuGaNG project adopts GaN for voltage converters
The GaN-based high voltage converters reduce the switching losses of power converters due to their high pulse frequency and which work reliably under high pressure and temperature.
2003-05-07 Zoran, Oak Technology ink merger agreement
Zoran Corp. and Oak Technology Inc. have entered a definitive merger agreement.
2004-07-29 Zoran processor brings HDMI to DVD systems
Zoran introduced its HDXtreme DVD upscaler with High Definition Multimedia Interface as a companion to its seventh generation Vaddis DVD solution.
2005-11-22 ZiLOG's new Crimzon MCU offers on-chip "learning" capability
ZiLOG's ZLP12840 Crimzon MCU family offers an 'on-chip' ability to learn codes from other infrared remote controls via a learning circuit.
2010-09-21 Zenith 3D AOI system offers measurement-based inspection
Koh Young Technologies has just introduced their revolutionary Zenith 3D AOI System. It measures the Z-axis profilometry of whole PCB assemblies, including components, leads, and solder joints, based on Moir technology.
2004-04-16 Zenasis device offers up to four-fold runtime speed increase
The new timing optimization product from Zenasis brings cell-based designers a three to four-fold increase in runtime speed.
2013-06-17 Zeiss expands microscopy division, acquires Xradia
The investment in Xradia underlines Zeiss' strategy to grow with the most innovative and future-oriented technologies while also serving the growing demands in multi-modal microscopic imaging.
2006-11-23 Zarlink unrolls AMC optical extender for Serial RapidIO
Zarlink has introduced an optical extender card for Serial RapidIO that delivers up to 25Gbps of ATCA and microTCA system interconnect in a hot pluggable, standard AMC form factor.
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