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2006-11-09 Price steadies after rebound for DDR2 eTT, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange found evident rebound for DDR2 eTT (UTT) by 6.9 percent from Nov 3, stabilizing the price for the contract market.
2007-08-02 DRAMeXchange: Laptop component capacity crunch to persist
Laptop vendors look headed for more challenge in Q3 as the component capacity crunch shows no signs of abetting, according to DRAMeXchange.
2006-01-20 DRAMeXchange: DXI index continues upward trend
DXI index continues trending upward by a slight 25 points to 2,925 last week, which signifies the positive impact of tight DDR2 to demand, according to DRAMeXchange.
2006-11-22 DRAMeXchange sees 7% growth in Q4
DRAMeXchange records global own-brand DRAM makers achieved a 19.2 percent QoQ revenue growth in Q3 on DDR2 ASP upbeat.
2011-06-16 DRAMeXchange heralds arrival of post-PC era
DRAMeXchange has heralded the 'official' end of the PC era, as signaled by the continuously dwindling consumer demand for PCs.
2011-05-19 DRAMeXchange forecasts notebook shipment growth
A DRAMeXchange research shows that notebook shipments in the second quarter of the year will grow 9.5 percent quarter on quarter. Year over year, notebook shipment will be revised to 6.5 percent.
2006-04-28 DRAM QoQ bit growth for 1Q 06 grew 3.8%, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange also trims down the 1Q 2006 DRAM bit growth by a percentage point to 3.8 percent to 2.096 billion 256Mbit equivalent units.
2006-09-14 DRAM price correction ahead, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange foresees risk for price correction in near term as the spot prices have been rocketed before.
2005-12-29 DRAM index up, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange's DXI index jumped 1.13 percent to 2,695 points last weeka trend that signifies a possible price rebound for DRAM makers in the marketplace.
2006-08-22 DRAM enjoying healthy price trend, says DRAMeXchange
Demand for DRAM stayed solid in the week Aug. 7-15 which saw DDR prices staying flat and DDR2 enjoying slight sequential gain, according to report released by DRAMeXchange.
2006-10-13 DRAM contract prices to weaken in 2H Oct, says DRAMeXchange
Following the 2-4.5 percent sequential price up for overall DRAM contract price in 1HOct, DRAMeXchange believes the price growth magnitude should be weakened in 2HOct.
2005-12-26 DRAM contract prices to stay flat, says DRAMeXchange
DRAM contract prices will stay flat in the second half of December but chipmakers are joyful about potential rebound, says DRAMeXchange.
2006-09-21 DRAM contract price to sustain growth through Oct, says DRAMeXchange
While the upward trend for DDR2 slows down at the spot market, the upward strength at contract market is likely to persist through Oct, said DRAMeXchange.
2006-04-10 DRAM contract price falls limited in 1H April, says DRAMeXchange
Based on the ongoing price negotiation trend on 1H April DRAM contract prices, DRAMeXchange believes DDR2 512MB module should stay flat or drop by a slight 2-3 percent.
2006-03-30 DDR2 price up keeps teetering, says DRAMeXchange
According to DRAMeXchange, cyclical downturn on PC demand prolonged the trough of DRAM spot pricings.
2004-03-10 Taiwan outpaces other DRAM makers in 2003
Taiwan's row of 12-inch DRAM fabs is powering the island to a 105.3 percent year-on-year output growth - the strongest among the world's key DRAM producers.
2005-04-11 Stanley: DRAM contract prices to decline at least 5 percent
Investment firm Morgan Stanley says that DRAM manufacturers are wary about market conditions this quarter despite the rising number of contracts and spot prices.
2004-09-07 Rising demand for computers pushes price for chip memory
Prices of mainstream 256Mb/DDR400 DRAM chips have gone up by 8 percent to $4.50 per unit due to a surge in demand of computer makers as school season starts this month.
2006-01-27 Notebook shipments to grow by 24% in 2006
Global notebook shipments is forecasted to grow by 24% in 2006 over the previous year and reach 75 million units, says DRAMeXchange.
2007-03-23 NAND flash up in March
The NAND flash market seems to be getting out of the gutter with a growth in prices seen for a majority of multi-level cell NAND flash, according to a Digitimes report.
2012-09-10 MediaTek's reference chip to boost eMCP shipments
DRAMeXchange said the company's duo core MT6577 chipsets are being incorporated with eMMC + Multi Chip Package function as a part of its standard memory chip design.
2012-07-10 LPDDR3 mobile DRAM to gain wider market share next year
As Samsung, SK Hynix and Elpida begin mass producing LPDDR3, the product will take over half of the market share in 2H14, becoming the mobile memory market mainstream.
2006-02-24 iSuppli: NAND glut to depress DRAM prices
The current surplus of NAND flash memory is expected to negatively impact prices of DRAM devices in the near future, according to iSuppli.
2013-04-05 High demand for Samsung phones tighten eMCP/CI-MCP supplies
The large demand for the Korean giant's smartphones is expected to create a negative impact on various Chinese manufacturers' shipments as eMCP supplies become more constrained.
2005-12-22 DRAM supply in 'divergent mode' despite demand
Despite spurred demand growth from early December, DRAM supply trended in a divergent mode as chipmakers found that rapid price drops had edged chip prices to their cost bottom, reports DRAMeXchange.
2006-10-05 DRAM spot prices wobble at high level; contract prices sustain gain
DRAM demand recessed amid inventory pressure since industry players are aware of their inventory level during month ends and the anticipated demand swell during this week's long holiday at China, is not as strong as expected.
2007-02-06 DRAM sales up 16.2% in Q4
Sales revenue of global DRAM makers in Q4 grew 16.2 percent q-o-q, according to market research firm DRAMeXchange.
2006-08-31 DRAM prices jump, NAND stops slide, report says
Spot prices for DDR2 DRAM memory chips surged last week, which expects the upward pricing trend to continue through September, according to a recent report issued by DRAMeXchange.
2006-01-05 DRAM makers to raise contract prices
Amid shortages for select products in the market, DRAM makers are attempting to raise their contract prices by 3 to 5 percent in the first half of January, according to DRAMeXchange.
2007-06-05 DRAM gain stirs Asian chip stock rally
A five-percent jump in DRAM prices in the spot market set off a chip stock rally in Asia late last week, Reuters reported.
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