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2003-06-11 Raytheon to deploy Credence system for logic ICs
Raytheon Co.'s Space and Airborne Systems business has purchased Credence Systems Corp.'s IMS Electra MX engineering validation test system.
2002-11-26 Ralink selects Credence test system for WLAN apps
Ralink Technology Inc. has chosen Credence Systems Corp.'s RF IC and the ASL 3000RF test system, for its wideband and wireless communication devices.
2014-07-14 RAIST completes Thai Silicon Valley picture
The country's first research-focused science and technology university may get extended funding from PTT to support long-term operations expected to lead Thailand into an innovation-driven economy.
2014-02-17 Quantum photolithography writes 1nm lines at industry speed
An experiment headed by Storex CEO Eugen Pavel was conducted using a proprietary photoresist material that functions as a nanolens, enabling a very high resolution at the centre of the beam.
2006-11-15 Qualcomm, Motorola expands partnership to UMTS handsets
Qualcomm and Motorola announced that in addition to collaborating on CDMA2000, the companies will now be working together to bring UMTS handsets to global markets.
2005-01-26 Qualcomm W-CDMA chipset supports HSDPA
Qualcomm disclosed the on-time sampling of its MSM MSM6275 chipset for W-CDMA with support for HSDPA, a next-gen feature of the W-CDMA standard and GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
2005-11-24 QUALCOMM ties up with Samsung
QUALCOMM Inc. announced a new manufacturing partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Samsung will leverage its significant investments in process technology, development and capital in order to provide technology and manufacturing services in advanced CMOS-based processes to QUALCOMM.
2005-05-10 Qualcomm rolls 4G vocoder
Qualcomm announced its Fourth-Generation Vocoder (4GV), a core voice codec suite that offers cdma2000 1X and 1xEV-DO operators the flexibility to make network adjustments that prioritize voice quality and network capacity
2010-06-29 Qualcomm helps improve Philippine wireless healthcare
The Philippines Department of Health, Tarlac Provincial Health Office and Qualcomm Inc., through its Wireless Reach initiative, have completed the Wireless Access for Health project's pilot phase.
2006-04-06 Qualcomm chipset promises faster wireline broadband connections
Qualcomm has announced the sampling of its MSM MSM7200 chipset, a solution designed to support uplink-intensive services.
2006-09-04 Qualcomm chip targets emerging cellphone markets
Qualcomm has introduced the QSC1100 single-chip solution designed to enable CDMA2000 handsets that are said to break new industry price barriers for emerging markets worldwide.
2012-09-17 QFN package design kit for ADS launched by STATS ChipPAC
The QFN package design kit enhances package modeling and simulation accuracy with Agilent's ADS electronic design automation software for radio frequency.
2011-05-10 PXI digitizers boast industry's highest bandwidth
NI has announced the release of what they claim as the industry's highest bandwidth PXI digitizer, complementing the rapidly expanding suite of performance instrumentation available in PXI.
2003-01-09 PTI uses Moldflow software for tooling, mold simulations
Polymer Technologies Inc. has selected the Moldflow Plastics Insight software to analyze a sophisticated part made out of a nickel-based super alloy for an aerospace manufacturer using a Metal Injection Molding Process.
2011-05-04 Process control tools lag behind fab equipment in sales
The market for process control tools grew only 98 percent in 2010 compared to the whopping 143 percent market growth posted by fab equipment sales in the same year.
2007-10-04 Pre-tilted gyro-sensor suits in-dash navigation systems
Epson Toyocom has developed a new pre-tilted gyro-sensor that can be installed in car navigation systems and is designed for dead reckoning, a method used in car navigation to determine position.
2002-07-24 PPL 10GSa/s sampler fits ultra-wideband receivers
Picosecond Pulse Labs has announced the availability of a high-speed sampler that achieves sampling rates >10GSa/s, making it suitable for ultra-wideband receivers.
2015-03-11 Power electronics companies take diverse roads to success
The power electronics market is changing. Chinese companies' vertical integration is challenging diverse historical market leaders, while Europe and U.S. companies are pushing horizontal integration.
2012-11-27 Plastic composites push 3D printing of personal electronics
The University of Warwick researchers developed the material nicknamed 'carbomorph' that enables users to lay down electronic tracks and sensors as part of a 3D printed structure.
2014-04-14 Plasmonic resonators enable circuits at THz frequencies
The resonators capture light in the form of plasmons, and are bridged by a layer of molecules that switches on the quantum plasmonic-tunnelling effects.
2013-02-13 Pilot line for organic electronics launched by Fraunhofer
Fraunhofer IAP has recently launched a pilot line of organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and organic solar cells for solution-based processes.
2015-03-24 Picosun, NCTU invest in new ALD facility in Taiwan
The National Chiao Tung University and Picosun are announcing to build the Joint Industrial ALD Research Laboratory, which will be used to develop new micro- and optoelectronics using ALD technology.
2013-08-23 Photronics reveals product development initiative
Photronics product development initiative with Silicon Values BG will adapt a novel glass structuring platform technology for use in thermal energy capture and processing applications.
2005-03-31 Phosphors with YAG-like performance
The new phosphors from Intematix deliver YAG-equivalent performance and color benefiting many apps requiring bright and vibrant light.
2012-09-19 Phoenix unveiled two products at the ECOC
The company launched a programmable polarization control instrument and an associated polarization controller microprocessor interface during the ECOC.
2003-01-09 Philips, GA to co-develop ultra-wideband chips
Royal Philips Electronics and General Atomics have signed an MOU to jointly develop Ultra-Wideband wireless communication chipsets and support the standardization process.
2006-08-07 Philips unrolls 'first' HDMI-compliant ESD protection IC
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced the IP4776CZ38, dubbed as the industry's first ESD protection chip to support the recently released HDMI 1.3 specification.
2015-04-08 Philippines steps up efforts to develop fast charging battery
A team of researchers in the Philippines is pursuing research and development to boost the energy storage capacity of solar cells and develop a fast charging, high-capacity battery.
2016-03-11 Phase change memory advances: Discontinuity, melting
Understand the role of melting during threshold switching and the post-threshold switching conducting state prior to SET state crystallisation.
2015-03-30 Paving the way for Exascale computing
Here is an article that explores the promises and challenges surrounding Exascale computing, which is touted as the next big goal in supercomputer performance.
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