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2011-06-07 Partnership aims hi-tech MEMS production process
EV Group announced that it is partnering with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to deliver advanced manufacturing techniques for next-generation MEMS devices.
2003-10-21 Osram licenses SMT LEDs to Taiwan company
Osram GmbH has granted Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd of Taiwan a royalty license to manufacture and sell SMT LEDs for white and colored light technology.
2012-10-16 Organic solar cell offers high voltage for Li-on batteries
Researchers at the University of Warwick have created an organic solar cell, that generates a sufficiently high voltage to recharge a lithium-ion battery directly.
2002-02-11 Organic light source remembers its setting
US researchers have developed a bistable organic light-emitting device that could let displays double up as non-volatile memories.
2012-08-15 Optimize dynamic power signature of digital ICs to reduce power noise
At advanced process nodes, the biggest hurdle to achieving power noise integrity lies in handling high frequency power demand.
2006-11-22 Open-Silicon licenses MIPS' processor core for ASIC devt
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that Open-Silicon Inc. has selected the MIPS32 24KEc Pro processor core to power advanced custom ASIC solutions for complex SoCs.
2007-10-25 OFDMA pioneer welcomes WiMAX inclusion in 3G IMT-2000
The ITU announcement that WiMAX has been approved as a 3G IMT-2000 standard was welcomed by Runcom Technologies, the Israeli company that pioneered OFDMA technology, the precursor of the Mobile WiMAX.
2003-01-10 OEpic lowers costs of 10Gbps OFE chipsets
OEpic Inc. has announced the availability of the 10Gbps TO-Flex 850nm OFE chipset solution for integration into SFF transceivers.
2003-02-04 OCP acquires Gore optical module assets
Optical Communication Products Inc. has acquired the parallel optical module assets and IP of Gore Photonics.
2003-02-18 Oak Ridge licenses technology from UT-Battelle
Oak Ridge Micro-Energy Inc. has licensed a thin-film battery technology from UT-Battelle.
2005-07-11 O2Micro receives U.S. patent for inverter circuits
O2Micro Int. Ltd was granted 4 claims under U.S. patent number 6,897,698 for its phase shifting and pulse width modulation (PWM) driving circuits and methods
2006-10-12 O2Micro receives major DC power source patent
O2Micro International was granted 19 claims under United States patent number 7,095,217 for its variable output DC power source control invention.
2006-10-25 O2Micro granted patent for inverter IC brightness
O2Micro International Ltd was granted five claims under U.S. patent number 7,095,392 for its Inverter Controller Automatic Brightness Adjustment architecture.
2006-08-15 O2Micro granted inverter patent for LCD power supply
O2Micro International Ltd was issued nine claims under U.S. patent number 7,057,611 for its integrated power supply for LCD panel invention.
2006-05-22 O2Micro granted CCFL/EEFL inverter patent
O2Micro International was issued 18 claims under U.S. patent number 7,026,860 for its Compensated Self-Biasing Current Generator topology.
2006-10-27 O2Micro grabs 16 patents for power
O2Micro International Ltd was issued 16 claims under U. S. patent number 7,112,943 for its Enabling Circuit for avoiding Negative Voltage Transients.
2011-04-27 NXP, I2IT opens automotive center in India
NXP collaborates with I2IT for Automotive Center of Excellence, fostering automotive research and product development.
2012-05-29 NXP, A*STAR develop next-gen GaN-ON-Si power devices
The IME and NXP team will collaborate on the development of process technologies for the manufacturing of GaN devices on 200mm wafer.
2007-03-27 NXP to close a German facility, open lab in China
NXP Semiconductors announced plans to close its manufacturing facility in Boeblingen, Germany by the end of 2007, transferring the majority of the production load to its factories in Nijmegen and Hamburg.
2013-11-22 NTU, TUM research programme yields fast-charging e-taxi
TUM Create unveiled its e-taxi prototype, EVA, which is designed to be recharged in just 15 minutes to cover a realistic range of 200 km, based on Singapore driving patterns.
2015-02-12 NTU, Thales team up to create new satellite technologies
The partnership aims to leverage the rapidly growing nanosatellite and microsatellite segments of the global satellite industry, which usually refers to satellites less than 100kg.
2013-08-14 NTU, STATS ChipPAC work on advanced wafer level packaging
Singapore's NTU has entered a joint research programme with STATS ChipPAC to advance solutions for next generation semiconductor packaging technologies.
2004-07-19 Novellus enhances chemical vapor deposition platform
Novellus disclosed that it has made a significant enhancement to its chemical vapor deposition SPEED platform.
2006-10-19 Nokia touts Wibree as open industry initiative
Nokia introduced the Wibree radio technology as an open industry initiative that complements close range communication up to 10m with Bluetooth while keeping energy consumption at minimum.
2009-04-22 Nokia Siemens to build telecom hub in Indonesia
Nokia Siemens Networks plans to set-up a telecoms equipment distribution hub in Indonesia that will not only reduce delivery times on orders but will also support the country's ICT growth targets.
2011-06-02 Nimbic launches nCloud for EDA
Nimbic has launched nCloud, which it claims to be the world's first scalable and secure cloud computing platform.
2013-02-26 Nexeon, WACKER Chemie partner up for silicon anode tech
The partnership between the two companies aims to scale-up of Nexeon's silicon anode technology to commercial volumes.
2014-04-25 Nexeon scales up annual cell production capacity to 20t
The company's recently built process development and manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire deploys a modular process design to produce new materials for Li-ion cells, and to optimise it for commercial adoption.
2006-07-26 New wafer bonding system targets advanced MEMS
Touted to be an industry-first, SUSS MicroTec's field upgradable load locked wafer bonding system was developed for advanced MEMS devices.
2005-06-27 New technology doubles storage capacity in NOR flash devices
Designers of STBs, PDAs, or any other system that requires high-density NOR flash can get twice the memory density in the same die size vs. conventional technologies with Macronix's latest family of devices.
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