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2007-04-16 Wiser use of copper beyond DSL pushed
With the expansion of large IP-networking carrier projects like Verizon's FiOS and BT Group's 21CN, it would seem all carriers want to show they are on a fiber-rich diet. But equipment that took center stage at the Comptel show in March indicated a focus on Ethernet services over copper.
2002-05-07 Westell selects TI's DSL chipset for WireSpeed products
Westell Technologies Inc., a provider of broadband access solutions, has selected Texas Instruments Inc.'s (TI) ADSL chipsets to support DSL consumer deployments for Westell's latest WireSpeed products.
2001-03-27 Using Network Processors In DSL Residential Gateway Design
This paper discusses DSL end-to-end implementation and using a Network Processor in DSL Residential Gateway (CPE) design, such as DSL router, bridge and IAD (Integrated Access Devices) to help for faster DSL deployment.
2006-02-01 Using ATM chipset in DSL architectures
Learn the different traffic-management functions of DSL architectures for high-speed Internet access.
2008-05-09 Transient voltage suppressor guards DSL line drivers
Semtech has announced the TClamp1201S, a 12V, low-capacitance protection device for xDSL applications that features low clamping voltage and a flow-through package design to protect new xDSL line drivers.
2002-12-02 TI op amps eye DSL, video apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has expanded its Burr-Brown product line with the addition of a series of op amps that are suitable as DSL line drivers.
2008-01-15 Test platform supports DSL triple-play service verification
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering introduces a copper test module for the AXS-200 SharpTESTER platform, which tests the full 30MHz VDSL2 spectrum over copper access networks.
2003-07-28 STMicro DSL chips powered by ParthusCeva DSPs
STMicroelectronics has licensed ParthusCeva's TeakLite DSP core to be integrated into selected DSL chipset solutions.
2005-03-17 ST extends CEVA DSP license for DSL chipsets
STMicroelectronics has extended the license of Ceva Inc.'s TeakLite DSP for use in its next-generation of DSL central office (CO) chipset solutions.
2003-12-09 Spediant DSL equipment selected CSSA
Spediant Systems announced that Communications Supply Service Association (CSSA), a member-owned organization comprised of independent U.S. telephone companies, has selected Spediant's Multi-Loop DSL equipment to stock and distribute to its member companies.
2002-04-08 Single-ended line probing helps speed up DSL mass deployment
This article describes the method for testing and qualifying copper lines.
2002-05-01 Single-ended line probing for DSL mass deployment
This technical paper presents the single-ended line probing (SELP), a chip-based design technology that allows the determination of loop characteristics without the need for service providers to perform truck rolls (sending out technicians) to the customers.
2002-12-17 Siemens ICN adopts Infineon solution for DSL system
Siemens Information and Communication Networks Inc. has selected Infineon Technologies' Geminax chipset for ADSL line cards to be used on the Siemens XpressLink DSLAM system.
2006-08-01 SELT experiments help evaluate DSL line
Reducing DSL deployment cost and time has always been a daunting task. Due to lack of accurate and updated loop records, service providers are forced to supply onsite customer service to evaluate a DSL service offering and troubleshoot the line. Not only is this method costly, it also delays DSL deployment.
2003-04-24 Samsung, Jungo develop DSL gateway reference
Samsung Semiconductor has inked a development agreement with Jungo Software under which the companies will build a reference design for DSL gateways.
2007-12-04 Report: DSL downstream speeds increase in APAC
Average residential DSL downstream speeds have increased from Q2 to Q3 in the regions of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, South East Asia, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, reported Point Topic Ltd.
2006-03-08 Protection device tailored for DSL equipment
Semtech has developed a two-line protection device with a wide operating voltage range and low clamping voltage specifically for ADSL and other WAN equipment.
2002-04-08 POTS and DSL - Mixing it up in DLC
This article describes the challenges in deploying ADSL in current DSL model through DLC as well as the advantages of integrated voice and data solution.
2006-05-01 Overcoming DSL STB design challenges for IPTV
In a bid to overcome DSL set-top box design hurdles, component manufacturers are introducing fully designed and documented development boards, with interfaces and other design issues resolved.
2008-07-22 Nokia Siemens to focus on DSL, optical access
Nokia Siemens Networks plans to focus on DSL and next generation optical access (NGOA) technology and limit its investment in existing gigabit passive optical networks (GPON).
2005-01-17 Next-gen DSL: SoC doubles the data rates
The promise of an even broader broadband reach rests on the shoulders of two new DSL implementations--ADSL2+ and READSL.
2003-08-14 NEC to provide Turkey Telecom with DSL services
NEC Corp. has received a contract for DSL broadband infrastructure and services from Turkey Telecom Ind.
2003-06-10 Major DSL suppliers back DMT line code for VDSL
Eleven DSL semiconductor and system vendors have supported a discrete multi-tone modulation as the line code for standard-compliant VDSL.
2002-02-28 Magnetic developments must keep pace with the DSL market
A number of techniques are being employed in magnetic-component manufacturing to meet small-size, low-power and low-cost DSL modem needs.
2003-09-22 LVL7 to deliver DSL access following Infineon deal
LVL7 Systems Inc. will be moving into support of very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line services through a port of Fastpath software to Infineon Technologies Inc.'s Purple Layer 2+ Ethernet Access Switch-on-Chip.
2000-09-27 LVDS performs in DSL access multiplexer and base station applications
This paper begins with an introduction to LVDS and Bus LVDS that covers all the basic principles. It also includes examples of high-speed interconnect designs that demonstrate the key points.
2004-06-02 LSI ports Intoto software to DSL gateway chips
LSI Logic said it has ported Intoto's iGateway firewall and virtual private networking software to its HomeBASE ADSL2+ gateway chipset.
2005-05-18 Intel CEO: WiMAX more attractive than DSL, cable
Intel Corp. CEO Craig Barrett predicted that WiMAX would compete effectively in the consumer broadband market, calling DSL and cable access "half-assed in terms of speed.".
2007-06-27 Infineon sets sights on TI's DSL biz
Infineon has leveraged on its service to the DSL value chain with the planned buyout of TI's DSL CPE business this summer.
2002-07-17 GlobespanVirata DSL reference design cuts board size, port costs
GlobespanVirata Inc.'s next-gen Multiple Dwelling Unit/Multiple Tenant Unit reference design is aimed at reducing the board size and per-port costs of DSL equipment.
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