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2004-08-12 Huawei chooses LSI DSP cores for mobile
LSI Logic has landed another big win in the Asian markets, announcing on Aug. 9, 2004 that Huawei will integrate the ZSP400 and ZSP500 DSP cores into ASIC designs for third-generation (3G) wireless phones.
2006-04-03 HSDPA chips combine ARM9 with DSP cores
Agere Systems claims it can develop HSDPA-based smart phones with its DAX455 chip with a DSP core for L1 and audio functions, and an on-chip ARM 9 for control-plane tasks
2012-10-04 French company plans 1024 high-end DSP cores on single die
Kalray has recently sampled a Purpose Processor Array MPPA-256 processor integrates 256 processors onto a single silicon chip and is planning a 1024 processor version.
2008-09-05 Femtocell baseband to integrate DSP core
Percello has licensed the Ceva-TeakLite-III DSP core for the development of its next- generation femtocell baseband chipsets
2010-11-03 Express Logic adds support for CEVA DSP core
Express Logic adds support for CEVA-Teaklite III to ThreadX RTOS
2006-02-14 EoNex's modem chips based on CEVA DSP solution
CEVA Inc. announced that its low-power CEVA-TeakLite DSP solution is being used in production by EoNex Technologies
2003-06-16 Early history of the DSP chip
Digital signal processing (DSP) is a technology that has become pervasive in our society, but it did not become pervasive overnight. Here's a look at how DSP developed through the years
2007-08-02 DTS, SRS pump up VeriSilicon DSP audio muscles
VeriSilicon has revved up its DSP cores with DTS Digital Surround and DTS-HD Master audio, as well as SRS Labs' Wow HD and TurSurround HD technologies.
2004-08-18 DSP-IP gets a keener look from Asia
Was it Newton who said that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"?
2015-10-07 DSP-enhanced MCUs, SoCs target wireless designs
There is a predicable rhythm to MCUs and processor-based SoC product introductions in those segments of the electronics market focused on consumer wireless, video, and mobile PC/laptop designs.
2015-11-06 DSP, ARM-based module enables low-cost wireless deployment
The CommAgility AMC-K2L-RF2 supports wireless baseband processing and a 2x2 MIMO air interface in radio test systems, small cells and UEs for standard or specialised LTE and LTE-A systems.
2008-11-07 DSP to deliver faster base station programmability
Freescale is set to sample its six-core tool based on the company's StarCore SC3850 DSP core technology in Q1 09 to several customers. The tool is tailored to dramatically enhance the performance of wireless broadband base station equipment, including LTE
2007-09-03 DSP silicon takes many forms
There are a number of other chips based on DSP technology that people don't call DSP chips
2006-06-14 DSP RTOS supports StarCore DSP cores
Enea's OSEck RTOS fully supports StarCore's SC1000 and SC2000 families of DSP cores and provides message-based LINX IPC services to simplify mobile multimedia designs.
2001-04-15 DSP power propels next-generation wireless
The enhancements of wireless design offers new opportunities with tough tech challenges for designers. However, DSPs will remain a fundamental part of wireless design.
2003-01-09 DSP Group licenses ARM core
DSP Group Inc. has licensed the ARM7TDMI microprocessor core from ARM Ltd. for use in its short range wireless residential line of products
2007-09-03 DSP cores target 3G, VoIP
Ceva Inc. has introduced the Ceva-TeakLite-III family of DSP cores, targeting 2.5G and 2G cellular basebands, high-definition audio, VoIP and portable audio players.
2012-02-23 DSP cores offer wide compatibility with comms standards
CEVA's XC4000 processors are based on a single, newly designed low-power DSP framework and also maintain backward compatibility with the company's previous communication processors
2006-05-18 DSP core, platform for wireless apps
CEVA introduced the CEVA-X1622 DSP core and the CEVA-XS1102 system platform
2011-01-17 DSP core touts audio performance, flexibility, broad codec support
CEVA's 1GHz CEVA-TL3211 extends CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP architecture. With HD audio features, this DSP targets digital TVs, STBs, mobile computing and smartphones
2010-02-04 DSP core promises high performance at low power
Tensilica has developed the HiFi EP, a superset of the HiFi 2 architecture optimized for simultaneous multichannel codec support offering higher performance at lower power.
2006-07-01 Comms DSP engine packs four StarCores
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has developed a DSP engine, based on four StarCore SC3400 cores, aimed at communications infrastructure equipment and Internet Protocol multimedia subsystem gateways.
2013-09-04 CEVA-XC DSP to power ZTE's network infrastructure
ZTE Corporation recently licensed the CEVA-XC DSP for its next generation of high-performance, LTE TDD/FDD multi-mode base station System-on-Chips
2004-12-10 Ceva, SRS jointly market WOW XT on DSP cores
Ceva has signed a new strategic collaboration agreement with SRS Labs Inc. to market and deliver SRS audio and voice technologies to Ceva's DSP licensees
2005-06-14 Ceva, Ignios demonstrate multicore DSP
Ceva Inc. and Ignios Ltd have unveiled a reference platform that demonstrates multiple Ceva-Teak DSP cores seamlessly operating together using SystemWeaver ' multicore-enabling SystemWeaver technology.
2004-11-19 Ceva licenses DSP platform to Sharp for multimedia devices
Ceva Inc. has licensed the Xpert-Teak DSP platform to the IC group of Sharp Corp. for portable multimedia devices and mobile phones
2008-04-23 CEVA intros high-performance DSP platforms
From CEVA comes second-generation DSP subsystems for its CEVA-X DSP cores.
2012-05-18 Ceva grabs 90% of DSP IP market
CEVA continues to be the most successful supplier of DSP IPits licensees shipped more than one billion chips in 2011," said analyst J. Scott Gardner
2007-10-25 CEVA eyes brilliant future in DSP
CEVA has announced that NXP was adopting its CEVA-Teak DSP core for its ultalow-cost cellular solutions. The move isn't too surprisingCEVA was left as the only pure-play DSP licensorat least as far as "general-purpose" DSPs are concerned
2004-11-11 Ceva extends DSP offerings with CEVAnet partner program
Ceva Inc., a licensor of DSP cores and communications solutions to the semiconductor industry, has launched the CEVAnet partner program.
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