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2005-12-16 Building RISC cores with DSP enhancements
Merging DSP onto the main processor creates efficient system architecture with smaller area and lower power
2006-04-25 BiTMICRO licenses ARC's configurable cores
BiTMICRO Networks has licensed ARC International' ARC 700 family of configurable cores
2003-04-28 ARM, DSP makers team on system-on-chip spec
ARM Ltd has announced that it is teaming with DSP vendors to create an integration specification that would make it simpler for designers to debug systems that employ a microprocessor and DSP
2002-10-16 ARM ships first cores from ARM11 microarchitecture
ARM Ltd. has introduced two new microprocessor cores designed using the ARM11 microarchitecture and based on the ARMv6 instruction set
2002-01-22 Amphion launches WLAN baseband IP cores for 802.11a and HiperLAN2
Providing solutions for PHY implementations of IEEE 802.11a and HiperLAN2, the CS3720 transmit and CS3820 receive cores use direct-mapped DSP functionality to accomplish end-to-end WLAN baseband processing.
2002-09-09 Altera offers C-code-based DSP design flow
Altera Corp.has announced the availability of what it claims to be the FPGA industry's first C-code-based design flow for DSP systems, allowing DSP software engineers to target PLDs without having to learn HDL
2002-08-16 Altera offers 58 IP cores for its FPGA family
Altera Corp. has announced the availability of 58 IP cores optimized for its latest Stratix FPGA family
2003-07-09 Altera development kit supports TI DSP platforms
Altera Corp. has released the Stratix Professional Edition of its DSP development kit that interfaces to TI's DSP development platforms
2003-04-09 Agere claims first low-k DSP for comms
The company has employed TSMC's 130nm low-k process on its designs; claiming it is ready for volume shipments of a DSP aimed at cellular basestations
2005-07-29 AccelChip offering cores through Xilinx program
Claiming to be the industry's first to do so, AccelChip Inc. said Wednesday (July 27) it has begun providing a family of fixed-point linear algebra intellectual property (IP) cores for Xilinx field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices
2002-02-27 64-bit processor cores knock at embedded's door
A handful of prominent vendors are about to heave 64-bit microprocessor cores into the embedded-systems market
2011-07-01 28nm multicore platform touts up to 24 virtual cores
The QorIQ multicore platform from Freescale integrates a multithreaded 64bit power architecture core and 28nm process technology.
2002-03-14 UMC licenses ARM cores
Taiwan Semiconductor foundry United Microelectronics Corp. has licensed the ARM946E core and the ARM1022E core.
2002-07-10 Sony licenses 3DSP cores for next-gen semiconductors
Sony Corp. has licensed 3DSP Corp.'s SP-5 DSP core and DSP-Shuttle Intelligent Bus Controller for its next-generation semiconductor devices
2002-12-02 Programmable logic/customizable CPU cores adapt hardware to apps
FPGA and PLD manufacturers have proffered the term "SoPC" which captures the idea of using programmable logic as a medium with which designers can create custom hardware.
2003-10-17 LSI Logic ZSP boards support ARM+DSP suites
LSI Logic Corp. has released two ZSP processor core module boards that provide rapid prototyping for shortened time-to-market.
2002-02-01 Cores in channel for packet voice
This article describes how channel density issues for VoP systems is critical for evaluating a DSP solution for products
2004-11-05 ARM signs Thomson to use Optimode DSP
French consumer electronics giant Thomson SA has licensed Optimode signal processing technology from ARM Holdings plc, a licensor of processor circuit cores, for the development of broadcast video processing ICs, ARM said on Wednesday (Nov. 3
2008-07-21 U-Blox, CEVA to resolve $2.5M IP dispute
CEVA Inc. will receive $2.5 million from u-blox AG pursuant to an agreement between the parties to resolve a license dispute post a royalty audit after a preliminary court hearing conducted by the Court of Commerce of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland July 10.
2008-03-04 TI shifts focus to medical, energy, safety apps
TI intends to go after the medical, energy and safety markets with a laser-sharp focus on low-power processing and advanced analog/mixed-signal building blocks.
2007-05-01 The basics of HD H.264 and next-generation encoding
H.264 is still a young standard, and it will undergo many improvements and refinements as it matures. A number of Fidelity Range Extensions for H.264 have already been announced and higher native data types are likely part of its future.
2003-07-28 STMicro DSL chips powered by ParthusCeva DSPs
STMicroelectronics has licensed ParthusCeva's TeakLite DSP core to be integrated into selected DSL chipset solutions
2011-03-15 Russia demos digital TV SoC
Designed for use in STB TV receivers, the new SoC includes the ARM1176 core running at 324MHz, multistandard hardware video decoder, configurable audio decoder engine and multichannel DMA engine.
2012-05-14 Report: ARM leads in CPU core market
ARM's success casts a shadow on its archrival, MIPS Technologies Inc. MIPS recently said it may sell some of its patents.
2010-07-20 Renesas puts bid for world market in high gear
With its acquisition of Nokia's modem business, Renesas makes clear its intention to take the lead in the global mobile technology market.
2003-02-12 Philips, Delphi co-develop next-gen digital tuner
Royal Philips Electronics and Delphi Corp. have jointly developed a next-generation digital tuner for vehicle entertainment systems.
2003-11-27 ParthusCeva to change name to Ceva
ParthusCeva Inc. announced that the company will change its name to CEVA Inc.
2002-04-10 Parthus to merge with DSPG IP licensing business
Parthus Technologies plc will soon be integrated with the DSP-IP licensing business of DSP Group Inc
2001-04-15 Optimizing DSPs for wireless world
Complexities in next-generation requirements is taxing the capabilities of traditional DSP technology and design methodologies, causing a need for industry business models to be drastically redefined
2006-01-16 NoC: A new venue for system innovation
The SoC concept has evolved through a number of design challenges over the years and so has the number of semiconductor IP blocks.
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