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What is a DSP?
Digital signal processing; The study of signals in a digital representation and the processing methods of these signals; Digital signal processor; A specialized microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing, generally in real-time.
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2006-06-06 Serial RapidIO switch targets DSP-intensive apps
Tundra expanded its Serial RapidIO switch family with a device that is designed to perform DSP aggregation on line cards in wireless, networking and video infrastructure apps.
2001-05-14 Sequential addressing of I/O ports on the TMS320C54x DSP
This application note discusses how the tables of data can be transferred using the sequential I/O port addresses of Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP family.
2001-05-14 Sensorless speed controlled brushless dc drive using the TMS320C242 DSP controller
This application note describes a brushless dc (BLDC) variable-speed drive solution using Texas Instruments' TMS320C242 DSP controller.
2001-04-27 Sensorless control with Kalman filter on TMS320 fixed-point DSP
This application note discusses the implementation of a sensorless field-oriented control for induction motors using the Kalman Filter on the TMS320 fixed-point DSP.
2003-05-02 Selecting DSP development tools
Choosing the right DSP development tools can make the difference between success in the marketplace and a missed opportunity.
2006-04-03 SDK supports programs designed for TI's DSP
Empower Technologies announced the release of their LDK5912 software development kit, which is designed for
2003-06-16 Scalable DSP architecture heeds OEM's needs
When developing DSP applications, OEMs should use scalable DSP architectures to minimize time-to-market.
2005-08-24 Sanyo selects CoWare's LISATek for custom DSP design
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd has purchased LISATek processor designer and processor generator software, as well as consulting services from CoWare Inc.
2008-02-21 Samsung signs multiyear license for Tensilica audio DSP
Samsung Electronics has inked a broad multiyear license for Tensilica's Diamond Standard 330HiFi audio DSP.
2004-04-20 Samsung licenses Ceva's DSP core for 3G handsets
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will license Ceva Inc.'s X1620 DSP core to power its next-generation 3G multimedia handsets.
2008-09-18 ROM-based Bluetooth embraces DSP
The BlueTunes ROM says CST is the world's first ROM-based Bluetooth solution for stereo headsets with an integrated DSP.|
2003-02-17 RISC/DSP microprocessor shipped in TFBGAs, macro cells
Hyperstone AG has released its RISC/DSP microprocessors in TFBGA packaging and as a TSMC or UMC macro cell for SoCs.
2009-02-11 RISC/DSP MCU aims at industrial, control apps
Hyperstone GmbH has introduced the E2, a 32bit RISC/DSP microcontroller with a programmable serial communication engine that is suitable for use in industrial sensing and control applications, and in cost-sensitive apps.
2006-01-16 RISC/DSP convergence meets targets for VoIP
Embedded RISC processors with DSP capabilities add device functionalities with minimal impact on power.
2002-08-19 RF integrates with DSP in 4G apps
This article discusses a direct-conversion RF architecture that uses CMOS technology to design a DSP suitable for 4G apps.
2005-08-10 Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance
The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related intellectual property core generators for MATLAB model-based design of DSP products promise higher performance circuits and higher speed
2005-08-30 Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance
The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related IP core generators for MATLAB model-based design of DSP products promise higher performance circuits, higher speed, and streaming I/O microarchitectures for FFTs
2004-02-16 Reusing DSP architectures
Discuss the significance of reusing a single DSP architecture for different applications and market segments.
2001-05-10 Reset circuit for the TMS320C6000 DSP
This application note describes two solutions used to provide a reset circuit to Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP.
2009-01-12 Report: DSP shipments drop, wireless stays up
A new report from Forward Concepts stated that DSP shipments collapsed at the end of 2008, with sales plunged 33 percent from October to November.
2003-09-17 Renesas adopts ParthusCeva DSP core for handsets
Japan-based Renesas Technology Corp. has licensed ParthusCeva Inc.'s TeakLite DSP core.
2001-05-14 Reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) with the TMS320C24x DSP
This application note discusses how a designer can reduce EMI in digital motor control applications using Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x DSP controller.
2003-06-16 Reconfigurable computing driving new era for DSP
A new computing paradigm for DSP applications that retains the inherent programmability of a software-driven solution while also achieving the raw processing speed and low power consumption of a hardware solution is needed to support the DSP industry's growth.
2001-05-08 Real-time implementation of a COFDM modem for data transmission over HF channels with the TMS320C31 DSP
This application note describes an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modem solution, which is based on the TMS320C31 DSP, for data transmission over HF channels.
2001-05-23 Real-time DSP software design for a portable MP3 Player on a Texas Instruments TMS320C54x DSP Using DSP/BIOS
This application note discusses the software implementation behind a real-world MP3 player running standalone on Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP.
2002-11-04 Real-time data acquisition module integrates TI DSP
The DT9841 Fulcrum II Series of data acquisition modules combine TI's floating-point DSP with the speed of two 24-bit sigma-delta ADC and DAC.
2009-01-28 RapidIO interoperability with TI 6482 DSP reference design
Altera offers this reference design to demonstrate the installation and operation of Altera's RapidIO MegaCore function with the TI 6482.
2012-07-06 Qualcomm expands Hexagon DSP Access Program
A program expansion will allow OEMs and ISVs to optimize the features and performance of select Snapdragon S4 processors made by Qualcomm.
2006-11-03 Quad-MAC DSP core suits compute-intensive tasks
CEVA said its new CEVA-X1641 is the first Quad-MAC DSP core in the scalable CEVA-X family and is designed specifically to run highly computational intensive tasks that require substantial data throughput and high memory bandwidth.
2001-05-01 Providing a DSP power solution from 5V or 3.3V only system
This application note shows how to combine the TPS56xx and TPS6734 switching regulator controllers to provide a DSP power supply solution where only 5V or 3.3V is available to a system.
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