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What is a DSP?
Digital signal processing; The study of signals in a digital representation and the processing methods of these signals; Digital signal processor; A specialized microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing, generally in real-time.
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2007-02-09 Xilinx ships 65nm FPGAs for high-performance DSPs
Xilinx has announced initial shipments of its 65nm Virtex-5 SXT FPGAs optimized for high-performance DSPs.
2005-05-09 Xilinx introduces new design tools for its DSPs
Xilinx introduced new design tools aimed at easing the implementation of high sample rate or multi-channel signal processing designs onto Xilinx DSP devices.
2003-08-04 Xilinx DSPs support wireless infrastructures
Xilinx has released DSP IP cores that target wireless infrastructures and cable modem head-end equipment.
2005-10-25 Viewer peeks into RTOS kernel driving TI DSPs, audio processor
A kernel object viewer for PrKERNELv4, a pre-emptive real-time kernel from eSOL, is available for Texas Instruments' TMS320DM320 and TMS320DM270 programmable DSPs and TMS320DA295 audio processor.
2006-04-17 Video coding on embedded DSPs
Embedded DSPs significantly boost systems that require multiple codecs and low power consumption.
2007-08-27 VeriSilicon offers DTS, SRS Labs audio for its DSPs
ASIC design foundry VeriSilicon is now offering DTS technologies for its ZSP G2 family of DSP cores.
2001-05-11 V.22 bis modem on fixed-point TMS320C2xx DSPs
This application note describes a V.22 bis modem implemented on Texas Instruments' TMS320C2xx fixed-point DSP family.
2001-05-03 Using VRAMs and DSPs for system performance
This application note discusses how a designer can improve the performance of the DSP-based system HDD memory by using the VRAM technology.
2001-05-08 Using TMS320 family DSPs in motion control systems
This application note discusses the most important issues concerning the use of TMS320 DSP-based systems in motion control.
2004-01-01 Using DSPs in a networked video embedded design
Employing an effective platform-specific data flow model reduces computational complexity of a DSP in an open source MPEG-4 video codec.
1999-04-08 Using DSPs for PSTN-ISDN access
This paper presents a versatile DSP modem architecture for the 56kbps PSTN access and the 64/128kbps ISDN access.
2006-09-18 Upgraded RapidFET complements TI DSPs in network management
Fabric Embedded Tools Corp. announced RapidFET version 2.1which leverages host capable Serial RapidIO endpoints such as Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) DSPs like TMS320C6455 and TMS320TCI6482.
1999-06-01 Unified RISC/DSPs for multimedia applications and Internet enabling devices
The paper starts with a general overview on features of RISC processors in comparison with DSPs. It continues with a description on methods how to combine RISC and DSP processors, followed by a detailed description of hyperstone's unified RISC/DSP architecture, including system development. in between them.
2001-05-01 TPS3801/09?Smallest SVS for monitoring DSPs and processors
This application note describes the TPS3801 and TPS3809 supply voltage supervisor (SVS) families of devices. It gives a general introduction to reset generators followed by an overview of the technical parameters and the special features of the TPS380x.
2001-04-30 TMS320C62x/67x power supply solutions for 1-2 DSPs: Using the TL5001A and TPS7133
This application note describes a low-cost power solution for Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP applications using the TL5001 PWM controller and the TPS7133 LDO voltage regulator.
2005-05-30 TI unveils new DSPs for high-quality audio apps
TI's new C67x DSP generation-based core is a C-efficient, VLIW architecture that offers significant application performance improvements.
2003-01-08 TI ships CAN transceiver for 5V, 3.3V DSPs
The SN65HVD251 5V CAN transceiver is flexible for use with 5V or 3.3V DSPs and microcontrollers with CAN controllers.
2002-07-17 TI ships 32-bit, 150MIPS DSPs
The TMS320F2810 and TMS320F2812 32-bit DSPs from Texas Instruments Inc. offer a 150MIPS performance.
2002-12-11 TI rolls out low-cost 300MHz DSPs
Reinforcing its stated goal of bringing high-performance digital signal processing to the masses, Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two low-power, 300MHz DSPs with dual multiply-accumulate units at a starting price of $5.
2004-07-01 TI pushes the limits of low power in three DSPs
Three new parts in TI's C5000 DSP lineup are the first standard products to implement the company's full bag of power-management tricks, the company said.
2002-11-28 TI module powers DSPs, microprocessors
Texas Instrument's PT6714 switching regulator delivers 1V, 13A while operating from a 3.3V input bus.
2007-07-11 TI DSPs used in Node B base stations for TD-SCDMA trials
DSPs from TI are reportedly used in 80 percent of the Node B base station equipment being supplied for the trials of China's TD-SCDMA air interface technology.
2007-05-01 TI DSPs target telecom, IP-PBX products
Texas Instruments Inc. is sampling the TMS320C6424 and TMS320C6421 DSPs for application in telecom enterprise gateway and IP-PBX products.
2006-03-14 TI DSPs power Yamaha's new AVRs
Texas Instruments announced that Yamaha's three new audio/video receivers are powered by its Aureus DA7xx generation of high-performance audio DSPs, handling all of the products' audio functionality.
2003-06-10 TI DSPs power Radvision videoconference solution
Texas Instruments Inc.'s TMS320C6000 programmable DSPs has been selected by Radvision for its latest MVP media processor board.
2008-12-03 TI DSPs power femtocell field trials
Texas Instruments Inc. has revealed that major OEMs are using its DSPs in on-going field trials of the home base stations or 3G access point business.
2002-01-18 TI DSPs pack more ROM, eliminate additional external memory
Claimed to integrate seven times more on-chip ROM, the TMS320C5404 and TMS320C5407 DSPs eliminate the need for additional external memory and expensive on-chip RAM.
2004-12-29 TI DSPs offer substantial price/performance ratio
TI announced full volume production of its two high performance digital signal processors (DSP)the TMS320C6410 and TMS320C6413.
2007-03-21 TI DSPs deliver 4800MMACs for telecom apps
TI announced it is sampling two new DSPs capable of 4800MMAC peak performance at 600MHz for telecom enterprise gateway and IP-PBX products.
2004-11-11 TI begins producing DSPs using 90nm technology
Texas Instruments has begun volume production on 1GHz digital signal processors using 90nm process technology.
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