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2002-02-22 Zoran, Sanyo jointly develop microcontroller chips for DVD players
Zoran Corp. and Sanyo Technosound Co. Ltd have jointly developed microcontroller ICs for DVD players. According to the companies, the new microcontroller chip will help eliminate the need for a second microcontroller chip traditionally used to control the DVD loader drive
2002-06-03 Zoran, NEC collaborate for DVD recording solutions
Zoran Corp. and NEC Corp. have collaborated to develop DVD recording solutions for consumer electronic manufacturers
2006-01-06 Zoran rolls latest-gen Vaddis 9 DVD multimedia processors
Zoran announced its ninth generation family of Vaddis 9 DVD multimedia processors, which reduces system cost by lowering system component count while also reducing system power consumption
2003-11-27 Zoran processor IC powers GoVideo DVD players
Zoran Corp. announced that its Vaddis DVD multimedia processor IC has been selected by GoVideo to be used on the latter's D2730 Networked DVD player.
2008-02-20 Xbox unfazed by rumored HD DVD surrender
Responding to media reports on the possible pullout of the HD DVD format, Microsoft's Xbox division released an official statement on the impact on the game console
2005-10-25 Warner to back Blu-ray and HD-DVD format
Warner Bros. Entertainment, up to now a key HD-DVD backer among Hollywood studios, announced it would release films on the Blu-ray format as well
1999-04-08 VCD/SVCD backward compatibility for next generation DVD player
This paper discusses the issues involved in designing VCD/SVCD/DVD compliant systems. It also explains how the DVD player system designer can engineer the proper circuitry and software to overcome those issues. Lastly, this paper discusses the key system components of a DVD player manufacturing kit that will help the engineer to efficiently produce a system that meets market demands.
2006-12-18 Universal players avert DVD format duel
Machines capable of playing both Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD discs will emerge next year to short-circuit the format war in next-generation DVD
2006-04-04 Toshiba unveils HD DVD player as market battle begins
Toshiba unveiled its first HD DVD player in Japan on March 31 as the next-generation video format battle moves to the marketplace.
2005-12-15 Toshiba delays HD DVD intro in Japan
Toshiba Corp. disclosed early this week (Dec. 13) that the introduction of HD DVD players in Japan will be delayed
2002-02-06 Taiwan design house to launch single-chip solution for DVD players
In response to the continued decline in DVD player prices, Acer Laboratories Inc. (ALi) plans to introduce a single-chip solution within the year.
2002-04-19 STMicro DVD decoder supports progressive scan
The STi5588 fourth-generation DVD decoder from STMicroelectronics supports progressive scan video output, as well as MLP decoding and multichannel LPCM audio formats, and CCPM decryption and Verance audio watermarking
2007-09-04 Solution supports DivX playback in DVD players
Sunplus Technology has launched its new-generation DVD player platform, which is claimed to be the first SoC solution to support DivX high-definition content playback.
2003-08-25 Sipex photo detector IC suits home DVD players
The photo detector IC from Sipex Corp. is designed to support home DVD player systems.
2003-08-05 Sigma Designs MPEG chip powers VWB player
Sigma Designs has announced that its EM8475 digital media processor has been selected by Video Without Boundaries Inc. for its latest MediaReady 4000 Internet/DVD player.
2003-04-10 Sanyo latest DVD product powered by Zoran processor
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd has selected Zoran Corp.'s Vaddis 5E DVD processor IC to support its DWM-3000 DVD & Hi-Fi VCR home theater combo
2005-08-15 Sanyo develops breakthrough LSI for HD DVD
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd has developed what it claims to be the next-generation consumer disk system, a signal processing LSI for HD DVDs.
2007-04-17 Samsung to embrace both HD DVD, Blu-ray in upcoming player
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will introduce a dual-format high-definition optical disc player in time for the holidaysthe BD-UP5000 Duo HD player
2002-09-26 Pioneer DVD player adopts TI technology
Pioneer Corp. has chosen TI's integrated 1394a-2000 (FireWire) Link Layer controller for its latest 1394-enabled DVD player and A/V receiver.
2002-05-30 Nintaus uses Zoran's Vaddis ICs for its latest DVD line
Zoran Corp. is shipping its Vaddis DVD processor ICs to Nintaus Electronics Corp. to run Nintaus' latest line of DVD player products.
2006-06-27 Next-gen DVD format war ends in stalemate, says iSuppli analyst
Chris Crotty, senior analyst of the consumer electronics segment at market research firm iSuppli, said that the DVD format war will result in stalemate, at least in the short term
2005-12-08 New DVD solutions from Zoran
Zoran announced its Activa 200, an advanced DVD player/recorder SoC, integrating the DVD read/write front-end and back-end functions, and its analog companion Activa 250 chip are now sampling to major DVD recorder manufacturers worldwide.
2003-08-18 New DVD processors enable single-chip DVD-AVRs
By combining superior video quality with multichannel audio, the DVD-video format has placed the DVD player at the heart of home entertainment.
2005-05-03 Matsushita chief backs effort to unify next-generation DVD spec
Matsushita President Kunio Nakamura endorsed the effort to unify the next-generation DVD standard, saying concessions from both sides on technology are possible
2004-04-22 LSI technology for designing LCD-TV-DVD components
This paper explains Toshiba's SoC strategy, and introduces Toshiba's latest LCD-TV and DVD player technology, as well as LCD-TV-DVD component stereo reference solution.
2005-01-05 LSI Logic to launch a new DVD recorder chipset
LSI Logic's new DVD recorder chipset promises to allow system OEMs to reduce a DVD recorder's BoM by $20
2003-08-04 LG partakes in 3C DVD licensing group
LG Electronics has joined the 3C DVD patent licensing group for DVD ROM and DVD video
2006-06-27 iSuppli: Toshiba taking losses on each HD DVD player sold
A teardown analysis made by iSuppli indicated that Toshiba is taking a substantial loss on sales of its new HD DVD player.
2004-03-16 Integrating functions in a DVD+RW video recorder
The future for DVD players is bright: they have achieved overwhelming success in the consumer market
1999-04-08 Inside the development of a low-cost DVD reference design
This paper describes the key components of a DVD player reference design and how these features are intertwined to develop a complete low-cost DVD player. It describes the flexibility a manufacturer has in using a reference design.
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