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2011-02-09 PCB designers lay out FPGA challenges at DesignCon
By offering configurable pins, FPGAs pose a unique challenge to PCB designers, requiring them to optimize the FPGA design across multiple domains PCB, schematics and FPGA timing.
2006-02-08 FMA to showcase 65nm tech at DesignCon
Fujitsu Microelectronics America announced that it will feature its new 65nm process technology at the annual DesignCon.
2011-02-03 DesignCon presents ways to cut design time
Among the methods proposed to speed up design schedules are the formation of small integrated design teams and the reengineering of design tools with parallel processing.
2002-02-05 DesignCon panel explores deep submicron challenges
Two user panelists and two EDA vendor panelists discussed the challenges of deep submicron, 50-million-transistor chips at a panel in the DesignCon 2002 conference.
2004-02-05 DesignCon keynoter points to programming skills in the late-silicon age
The electronics industry is entering a new era - one in which embedded processors must function increasingly asynchronously.
2013-02-01 Young engineers want role models
The next generation of engineers wants more role models, a society more tolerant of female professionals and all the messy imperfections of people who like to pull things apart.
2002-02-05 Two suppliers bet on LVDS as comms bright spot
Fairchild Semiconductor and National Semiconductor Corp. described their new strategies for growth in the otherwise moribund communications market at DesignCon.
2012-02-07 T&M execs on the hot seat
Although the panelists were criticized that they were not doing enough to address the customers' toughest challenges, everyone agreed that test engineering increasingly involves multidiciplinary skills.
2009-02-13 Still dreaming of a plug-and-play IP
Users continue to bemoan the dearth of standards and effective quality metrics that they say would help greatly in confidently selecting IP.
2003-01-31 Research expert ponders next killer app
Ralph Cavin, VP of research operations at the Semiconductor Research Corp., thinks that the next killer-app will include thinking machines and devices that would replace human assistants.
2007-02-05 Panelists call for front-end design overhaul
Panelists at the DesignCon called for major upgrades to a front-end IC design flow that's increasingly dominated by power concerns.
2002-02-01 Panel finds many ways to build a platform
The meaning and usefulness of platform-based design were discussed in a panel session Tuesday (Jan. 29) at DesignCon.
2004-02-06 Panel debates role of IP quality
A panel of IP vendor at DesignCon 2004 debated the question of IP quality - how it can be achieved and what it means to the industry.
2006-03-16 ESL design tools come up short
ESL and DFM tools need to pack far more capabilities than they do today if they are to represent the EDA industry's best opportunities for growth.
2007-02-02 Engineers stress thermal impact on designs
With increasing chip speed and density, designers are struggling to keep their cool while facing thermal challenges in all designschips, boards, modules and systems.
2003-02-10 Education overhaul pushed for nanotech revolution
Nanotechnology is taking on a life of its own, inexorably changing electronics in the same way as the transition from tubes to ICs.
2002-02-04 Connector makers converge on 5Gbps backplanes
Connector makers, like other component vendors, are wrestling with the technology issues associated with high-speed bus interfaces.
2013-01-31 Cisco banks on silicon photonics for 2.5D, 3D ICs
Cisco is one of many firms pushing silicon photonics on 2.5D and 3D chips to lessen the cost of next-generation networks.
2003-02-06 Avoidance proposed as solution to 90nm problems
Panelists discussing the challenges of 90nm design at the DesignCon 2003 conference produced an interesting consensus:
2006-04-03 100GbE spec: 2010 at best
Participants in a DesignCon panel on 100GbE have concluded that no draft standard will emerge before 2010.
2009-02-25 Plug and Play IP goal remains "elusive" or is becoming tangible?
DesignCon's IP Selection panel essentially painted the view that plug and play IP remains 'elusive.' Here is my view that this goal is becoming tangible.
2010-02-08 Panel tackles outsourcing tradeoffs
A panel discussion at the DesignCon 2010 conference centered on the evolution of the IC outsourcing modeland its implications.
2013-02-05 Nvdia exec to tackle challenges of chip design in keynote
This year at DesignCon, Nvidia's senior vice president , is set to deliver a keynote speech on the challenges associated with delivering successful chip designs, while sharing the firm's experiences.
2014-02-05 Micron exec hints at novel memory chips, processors
In a keynote at DesignCon, Thomas Pawlowski said new kinds of memory interfaces and chips, and processors are coming that will offer more performance and new capabilities for engineers who adopt them.
2005-02-07 Mentor's Rhines sees programmable IC future
ASIC design completions are declining and the move to lower process nodes is slowing, said Wally Rhines, CEO of Mentor Graphics Corp., at a keynote speech at the DesignCon conference here Wednesday (Feb. 2).
2014-02-04 Intel VP: Internet of Things to open new doors
Intel's Hermann Eul, during his DesignCon keynote speech, said the pace of change is accelerating and provides engineers with new challenges.
2011-01-27 InPA Systems reveals Active Debug and Full Visibility prototyping tech
Esteemed IC, EDA executive Bernie Aronson will be available at the InPa booth to discuss Active Debug and Full Visibility prototyping technology at DesignCon.
2005-02-03 EDA models falling short for rapid production ramp ups
Better models and analysis tools don't always translate into quick production ramp ups, an EDA industry executive told the DesignCon 2005 meeting Monday (Jan. 31).
2013-02-14 DRAM standards and DDR4 timing
A manager for Agilent Technologies' the digital memory applications program recently covered key aspects of DDR4 timing at the "Making DDR4 work for you" session at DesignCon 2013.
2013-01-15 Design experts weigh in on the future of electrical signalling
Design engineers identify key trends at upcoming DesignCon such as the new generation of serial electrical signals zipping along at 25 Gbit/s.
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