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2005-08-09 NEC develops high-power battery using organic compounds
NEC Corp. of Japan has announced it is developing a high-power organic radical battery to protect IT equipment such as desktop PCs from losing data during power supply interruptions.
2004-09-21 National unveils security ICs for PCs
National introduced security chips for desktop and notebook PC motherboards, with IBM the first manufacturer to use the hardware.
2002-09-10 National temperature sensor integrates fan control
The LM63 temperature sensor from National Semiconductor Corp. integrates fan control programming, enabling the IC to be used in desktop PCs, laptops, workstations, and servers.
2002-03-20 National Bluetooth WPAN module measures 10.1-by-14-by-1.9mm
Claimed to be the industry's smallest complete Bluetooth module, the LMX9814 Bluetooth WPAN device measures just 10.1-by-14-by1.9mm, making it suitable for use in mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops, as well as desktop PCs, printer, and scanners.
2000-05-11 Motorola MPC8240 performance and integration meet
This application note describes the Motorola MPC8240 as it functions as a controller for desktop applications.
2000-11-01 Monta Vista enhances browser
The rapidly expanding use of Linux in embedded applications means that developers have to figure out how to use open-source software, developed for resource-rich desktop PCs and servers, in resource-constrained embedded systems.
2002-04-15 Microsemi controller drives multiple CCFLs
Designed to control power for multiple CCFLs found in desktop LCD monitors, multiple lamp panels, and low-ambient light displays, the LX1688 RangeMAX IC allows designers to use multiple controllers to drive multiple lamps with synchronized outputs.
2002-03-14 MEMS project shrinks bio agent detector
MEMS technology is the key component in a bid by Sandia National Laboratories researchers to reduce a biological detector the size of a lab bench to desktop dimensions.
2002-09-06 Maxim USB switch features autoreset, fault blanking
The MAX1946 current-limited USB switch features autoreset and fault blanking functions, to provide protection to USB application used in notebook and desktop PCs, and PDAs.
2014-12-19 Make 3D printing filaments from scrap plastic
Start-up firm ReDeTec promotes the ProtoCycler, a desktop filament extruder that can make printing filaments using low-cost plastic pellets and recycled waste.
2007-08-24 Mainboard cuts idle power of Vista PCs to 24W
VIA Technologies' pc3500 Mainboard enables OEMs and system integrators to build Windows Vista desktop PCs that draw less than 24W in idle state.
2014-08-01 Made-in-Vietnam: The mark of first Intel Haswell
The chip giant is looking to ramp up its Vietnam operations to support the manufacture of 80 per cent of its desktop processors supplied worldwide. Intel Products Vietnam successfully produced the first of its 4th generation core processors via 22nm FinFET process.
2003-08-11 Linksys releases unmanaged Gb switches for IT apps
Linksys has introduced a family of compact desktop and rackmount unmanaged Gb switches that provide IT administrators a portfolio of design switches.
2006-03-16 LGA775 processor socket targets PCI Express
FCI has developed a Pb-free, 775-position LGA775 processor socket for PCI Express signaling in desktop PCs.
2006-06-29 LG-Nortel, Microsoft to develop IP phone
LG-Nortel will collaborate with Microsoft to develop a business-enabled IP desktop phone built on Microsoft's unified communications platform.
2007-06-01 Let software catch up with silicon
By simplifying the way we do things, we allow the software to catch up with advances in silicon, making teraflops on the desktop a feasible and useful technical accomplishment.
2005-09-22 Large LCD panels to be in oversupply, says iSuppli
Despite strong sales of larger thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) panels in the second quarter, slower-than-expected system production and end-system sales for flat-panel TVs and desktop PC monitors will exacerbate an expected oversupply of panels toward the year's end, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2003-07-02 Kycon USB connectors provide 64 percent space savings
Kycon has released the KUSBL-SMT and KUSBL series of low-profile USB connectors that provide space-saving benefits to designers of laptops and desktop systems.
2002-04-22 Kycon USB connector is 25 percent smaller
Intended for high-speed data transfer between desktop PCs and external peripherals such as printers and scanners, the A-type USB connector from Kycon Inc. offers a footprint 25 percent smaller than previous devices, thereby saving on PCB space.
2003-02-24 Kingston DDR400 memories compatible with Intel systems
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. has announced that it DDR400 (PC3200) memory modules have passed Intel's validation tests on the Intel DDR400 Pentium 4 processor desktop and workstation platforms.
2008-03-12 Keyboard backlight requires less power, fewer LEDs
Global Lighting Technologies has introduced a thinner, LED-based backlight for use with desktop or notebook PC keyboards.
2014-01-27 Is IBM set to sell its remaining hardware biz?
After selling its HDD business to Hitachi in April 2001 for $2.05 billion and its desktop and notebook PC business to China's Lenovo for $1.75 billion, what is Big Blue planning to let go of next?
2003-04-03 Iomega launches 256MB portable USB drive
Iomega's Mini USB Drive provides a key-sized, portable solid-state storage functionality for desktop and laptop PCs.
2005-09-23 Intersil expands PWM controller portfolio with ISL6316
Intersil rolled out ISL6316, a high-performance CPU multiphase core controller for Intel-based voltage regulator down 10.X and enterprise voltage regulator down 10.X desktop, workstation and server motherboards.
2015-03-17 Intel warns decline in PC market revenue
In a revenue forecast issued last week, Intel announced a change in outlook due to a weak demand for business desktop PCs and low inventory levels across the supply chain. Fitch Ratings and IDC agree.
2006-09-28 Intel unveils dual-core processors for embedded apps
Intel is accelerating the redeployment of its latest dual-core architectures from the desktop and mobile markets into embedded applications, ranging from bank ATMs to PoS cash registers.
2008-06-10 Intel takes wraps off SSDs for netbooks, nettops
Intel NAND Products Group is introducing its latest solid-state drive product with the Intel Z-P230 Parallel ATA SSD, a storage solution for value mobile and desktop systems.
2006-05-10 Intel preps Core2 Duo processors
The Core2 Duo processor is the new brand for Intel's upcoming powerful and more energy-efficient processor families for desktop and laptop computers.
2008-08-12 Intel Core processor brings hyper-threading to desktops
Intel Corp. announced that desktop processors based on the company's upcoming microarchitecture (codenamed Nehalem) will be formally branded "Intel Core processor."
2002-10-14 Intel chipsets support HyperThreading technology
Intel Corp. has delivered four new desktop chipsets that support the company's HyperThreading Technology.
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