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2005-09-14 HP expands SRS relationship with TruSurround XT
Hewlett Packard Corp. (HP) has expanded its licensing agreement with SRS Labs Inc. to include the patented SRS TruSurround XT virtual surround sound technology in their latest micro display TVs, models MD5020, MD5820, MD6580 and MD5880.
2008-03-19 GSA gets Mikron CEO on EMEA leadership council
GSA has announced that Gennady Krasnikov, president and CEO of Russia's Mikron JSC, has joined the group's EMEA leadership council.
2007-12-10 GSA appoints European execs for leadership assembly
The newly revamped and renamed Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has designated several executives across Europe's semiconductor industry to its EMEA Leadership Council.
2012-02-22 Generate big sounds from small speakers
Innovative DSP algorithms allow mobile device manufacturers to get the most out of small speakers' acoustic power without increasing hardware BOM costs.
2013-12-16 FlexTech forms wearable, disposable electronics users groups
To speed adoption of flexible and printed electronics into various industries, FlexTech Alliance introduced Users Groups focused on wearable electronics and disposable electronics.
2008-02-18 Enhance the audio experience in flat-panel TVs
Designers trying to achieve high-quality audio from flat-panel TVs are faced with several obstacles, but digital audio processors and amplifiers can be used to both compensate for problems and to improve the audio experience.
2008-04-17 Engineers, too, hang out in the Web
Even before social networks such as MySpace and Facebook became darlings of Web 2.0, engineers have been active in Newsgroups, asking questions and helping one another via the Internet.
2006-08-14 Enea includes MiniGUI tools to RTOS
Enea announced that it has included Feynman Software's MiniGUI tools to its OSE RTOS.
2007-09-17 Emulator creates 8-32bit CISC MCUs
Renesas Technology announced the 'E100 Emulator' full-spec emulator, supporting new M16C Family, H8S Family and other 8- to 32bit CISC MCU seres.
2003-11-17 Embedded multimodal systems tell a good story
Applications spanning multiple HTML pages benefit from a well-designed interaction manager that dynamically generates pages with SALT rather than directly invoking the speech processing and GUI methods.
2008-11-04 EM design platform hastens circuit development
Agilent has introduced Electromagnetic Professional, a new design platform for analyzing the electromagnetic effects of RF and microwave components such as high-speed IC packages, antennas, on-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects.
2013-01-17 Efficient FSK/PSK modulation with multi-channel DDS
Find out how two synchronised DDS channels can implement a zero-crossing FSK or PSK modulator.
2006-09-18 E-paper display rolls for handset markets
Tapping a new display technology, Motorola's 9mm-thick Motofone uses an electrophoretic displayan ultrathin, low-power display often referred to as electronic paper.
2009-06-29 DSP fits surround-compatible TVs
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has unveiled NJU26040-09D, a DSP employing new virtual surround SRS TruSurround HD/HD4 and Focus technology developed by SRS Labs Inc.
2007-08-08 DSP enables sensitive sound quality adjustment
New Japan Radio has introduced the NJU26120 DSP that enables sensitive adjustments to sound quality for different TV/audio equipment.
2015-07-13 Drives LEDs efficiently with constant-voltage topology
Here is a look at an AC/DC single-stage driver for dimmable LEDs that combines digital control techniques with embedded algorithms.
2009-01-16 Digital audio engine boasts improved quality, low cost
Intersil Corp. has started sampling the D2Audio's D2-41X58-LR family of devices that use the fourth generation digital audio engine (DAE-4), which delivers high quality sound at low cost.
2005-10-12 Designing your embedded algorithms with high level graphical tools
Using an interactive and iterative graphical approach is necessary so that you can quickly and efficiently move from design, to simulation, to implementation.
2011-12-01 DECT in today's wireless market
DECT is not only for voice communication but DECT has been used throughout the world and proven to be easy to install and use in a licensed, interference-free band with coverage range of more than 300m.
2012-03-27 Car MEMS may face safety hurdles
Despite the expected benefits of using sensors in automobiles such as in self-parking, a recent standardISO26262could derail the anticipated MEMS market growth.
2003-09-12 Cadence upgrades OrCAD PCB products
Claiming new features and improved tool integration, Cadence Design Systems announced the 10.0 release of its Windows-based OrCAD tool suite.
2008-01-03 Cable tester has multi-language capability
CAMI Research has developed CableEye, a PC-based cable and harness test system with multi-language capability.
2005-10-20 Bypass or decouple your way to power supply noise reduction (Part 2)
Understand better the dynamics of power distribution.
2011-10-31 Boost car safety with front-end voice activation
Know how voice user interfaces can be used to control the car without looking at buttons, and without having to touch them.
2010-03-10 Battle over e-book display alternatives heats up
E Ink used to worry about the many e-paper competitors until Apple launched iPad, which uses standard LCD that sacrifices e-paper's readability and zero-power modes but offers higher refresh rates and full color.
2007-01-12 Audio processors improve flat-panel TV sound
ST's new TV sound processor chips provide high-end audio algorithms for supporting mainstream flat-panel TVs and U.S., European and Asian analog broadcast standards.
2006-04-21 Audio processor comes with input selectors
New Japan Radio released the NJW1185, an audio processor equipped with input selectors.
2007-05-03 Audio DSP enables 'superior' 3D surround sound
New Japan Radio's NJU26150-19A audio DSP helps TVs, mini-component systems and other units with front speakers to reproduce superior 3D surround-sound quality.
2012-07-06 ARM faces growing pains
While ARM CEO Warren East claims that opting to embed ARM cores in smartphones, tablets, base stations and servers is an obvious choice, limitations and barriers do exist that challenge the technology's growth.
2010-10-07 Apple TV teardown reveals same parts as iPad, iPod Touch
A teardown of Apple. Inc's second-generation Apple TV revealed a $61.98 BOM consisting of parts similar to the iPad and iPod Touch.
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