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2001-09-19 Zero-temperature coefficient reference diodes
This application note describes the use of zero-temperature coefficient reference diodes (or simply reference diodes) for applications when very tight tolerance voltage regulation is required over a broad ambient operating temperature range.
2003-07-25 Zener diodes targets space sensitive apps
Diodes Inc. has released two lines of precision Zener diodes that are based on the company's ion implantation technique which enables control over VZ tolerance to 2 percent at high yield and can achieve tolerances down to 0.5 percent if required.
2002-07-02 Zener diodes exhibit tight breakdown voltage tolerance
The UDZ series of Zener diodes is Diodes Inc.'s first product line that utilizes proprietary high precision Zener diode process developed by subsidiary FabTech Inc.
2004-01-06 Zarlink diodes suit industrial measurement systems
Zarlink Semiconductor has unveiled the long-wavelength Fabry-Perot laser diodes that can be customized for surveillance systems.
2002-04-30 Yahequan laser diodes produce up to 300mW
Designed for use in solid-state laser pumping applications, medical instruments, and as infrared sources for night-viewing equipment, the AL980T50 and AL980T200 laser diodes from Beijing Yahequan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd produce 50mW to 300mW of power, and offer an LD reverse voltage of 2V and PD reverse voltage of 15V.
2004-08-09 Wuxi Xuyang germanium diodes withstand 0.5A surge current
Wuxi Xuyang released its 1N60P point-contact germanium diodes that feature a reverse voltage of 20V to 45V, and minimum forward current of 4mA to 150mA.
2003-10-10 Wuxi Xuyang diodes eye pulse generators
Wuxi Xuyang Electronics Co. Ltd has released its K120 series of SIDAC diodes designed for use in pulse generators.
2002-12-09 Vishay ships smaller RF diodes
Vishay Intertechnology has introduced an RF Schottky diode and four RF PIN diodes in a surface-mount, 2-pin SOD523 package.
2004-04-22 Vishay Schottky diodes measure 1.2-by-0.8mm
Vishay has released a series of Schottky diodes that are housed in the ultra-small SOD-523 package with dimensions of 1.2-by-0.8mm and a height profile of 0.6mm.
2004-09-27 Vishay ESD protection diodes eye space-critical apps
Housed in a SOD523 (SC79) package measuring 0.8-by-1.6-by-0.6 mm, the new ESD protection diode series from Vishay is optimized for space-critical apps.
2005-07-06 Vishay array features monolithic die with eight protection diodes
Vishay Intertechnology expanded its line of ultra-small LLP-packaged products designed for data-line protection in compact portable electronics with the release of two new low-capacitance ESD protection diode arrays.
2001-08-21 Using avalanche diodes without sharing capacitors
This application note describes the use of avalanche diodes without the use of static sharing resistors or dynamic sharing capacitors.
2009-02-11 TVS diodes tout 67 W/mm? surge capability
NXP Semiconductors has launched a new range of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in its new FlatPower package, SOD123W.
2000-12-12 Transient power capability of zener diodes
This application note discusses the importance of getting the transient power capability of zener diodes for short pulse durations.
2014-06-02 Toshiba upgrades 650W SiC shottky diodes with up to 12A
The additional devices make up the 6A, 8A, 10A and 12A line-up. They are built using silicon carbide (SiC), a wide-bandgap semiconductor that gives schottky barrier diodes with high breakdown voltage.
2013-09-23 Toshiba adds to SiC schottky barrier diodes family
The 650V devices are intended for diverse applications, including power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation systems.
2010-07-12 Tj max limit of Schottky diodes
This application note is about the limit of Tj max given in the datasheet of Schottky rectifiers.
2010-10-14 Tiny varactor diodes boast low resistance, high capacitance change
Skyworks unveils miniature varactor diodes for wide range of applications
2009-08-24 Tiny Schottky diodes tailored for portable apps
ON Semiconductor has launched four new 30V Schottky barrier diodes housed in an ultrasmall 0201 DSN2 chip level package.
2001-09-20 The potential use of PIN diodes in handheld transceivers
This application note discusses the potential use of PIN diodes in handheld transceivers.
2013-09-06 Tandem diodes provide alternative to silicon carbide
ST's 600V tandem diodes have peak forward surge-current ratings equivalent to those of ultrafast diodes and have a wide operating junction-temperature range of -40C to 175C.
2001-09-21 Suggested OVP Zener Diodes for PT79 series ISRs
This application note outlines the over-voltage protection (OVP) Zener diode parameters for the PT79SR100 ISR's output.
2005-02-10 ST Schottky diodes provide low VF, leakage current
ST rolled out a series of 150V Schottky diodes engineered for use in the secondary rectification of fly-back power supplies in DVD players, STBs, TVs and Hi-Fi's.
2004-11-23 ST diodes handle high voltages, relatively small currents
ST introduced a range of ultra-fast high-voltage, medium-current diodes that are designed for use in industrial and automotive apps.
2004-01-19 Sony laser diodes provide 4W, 6W power
The SLD34x-YT range of high brightness laser diodes from Sony provide either 4W (SLD343-YT) from a 200?m emitter or 6W (SLD344-YT) from a 400?m emitter.
2003-05-15 Sony laser diodes perform CD, DVD recording/playback
Sony Corp. has announced the availability of a series of laser diodes that feature two operating wavelengths in a single package.
2011-10-11 SMT package designed for transistors, diodes
Microsemi's hermetic surface mount package is made from aluminum nitride ceramic and touts a power rating of 5-15W.
2005-01-13 Silicon zero bias Schottky diodes span DC to 4GHz
M/A-COM announced the release of the MA4E2200 series of Zero Bias Detector (ZBD) silicon Schottky diodes for use in handset and RFID detector apps.
2001-06-14 Silicon Zener diodes
This application note discusses the nature, characteristics, operation and properties of silicon Zener diodes.
2010-11-08 Silicon diodes replace SiC devices in new circuit topology
STMicroelectronics unveils new circuit topology utilizing silicon diodes instead of SiC devices for improved efficiency
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