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2002-12-20 Nichia, Sony to co-manufacture blue-violet laser diodes
Nichia Corp. and Sony Corp. have reached a basic agreement whereby they will jointly develop blue-violet laser diodes for mass-production level, to be used in optical disc recording and playback.
2004-09-08 New switching diodes with 2ns reverse recovery
The latest small-signal switching diodes from Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic feature a rated voltage of 35V to 100V and output current rating of 150mA to 0.2A.
2012-09-07 MOSFETs, diodes aimed at wireless charging
Toshiba's small signal middle power type Schottky barrier diodes and dual N-channel MOSFETs target wireless power transfer applications for devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks.
2010-10-04 Miniature 0402 diodes support multiple apps
Skyworks Solutions Inc. introduced four miniature 0402 diodes the SMP1320-040LF (PIN), SMP1330-040LF (limiter), SMP1352-040LF (PIN), and SMS7630-040LF (Schottky).
2008-08-12 Micro-packaged transistors, diodes boost ON Semi's discrete lineup
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its discrete packaging portfolio with new micro-packaged transistors and diodes.
2004-07-22 M/A-COM unveils PIN diodes for MRI circuits, testers
M/A-COM released a family of nonmagnetic, high-power PIN diodes suitable for use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging circuits and test equipment.
2003-08-19 LRC releases high-voltage diodes for microwave ovens
The HVM5 to HVM16 high-voltage diodes from Leshan Radio Co. Ltd feature a forward current of 0.35A and peak voltage of 5kV to 16kV.
2003-08-25 LRC diodes feature high efficiency and durability
Exported worldwide, the SMA diodes from Leshan Radio Co. Ltd feature high efficiency and durability.
2001-09-20 Low distortion FM generation and detection using Hyperabrupt tuning diodes
This application note describes the use of hyperabrupt tuning diodes in the generation and detection of FM signals PLL detectors.
2004-01-30 Linear Tech IC features internal Schottky diodes
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LT3463 dual micropower dc-dc converter with internal Schottky diodes in a 3-by-3mm DFN package.
2008-08-01 Linear proposes replacement for lossy Schottky diodes
From Linear Technology comes the LTC4358, a single high voltage ideal diode controller utilizing an internal 5A MOSFET to provide a simple, low loss replacement to Schottky diodes in high current applications.
2002-01-03 IR ultrafast output diodes are rated to 1750C
The 70CRU02 ultrafast output diodes are 70A, 200V devices that are rated for operation at temperatures as high as 1750C.
2003-03-12 IR standard-recovery diodes improve surge current capability
International Rectifier has introduced a new family of standard-recovery diodes in a stud-mount DO-5 plastic-cap package.
2003-05-14 IR Schottky diodes offer low forward voltage
International Rectifier has introduced new 15V and 20V Schottky diodes for server and telecom power systems.
2002-04-17 IR Schottky diodes double current density
Packaged in a D-61 casing, the CNQ series of 110A Schottky diodes from International Rectifiers are claimed to offer twice the current density over competing devices in SOT-227 or TO-247 packages.
2002-05-16 IR increases Schottky diodes current ratings
2004-04-20 IR epitaxial diodes reduce power dissipation
International Rectifier has introduced the 600V-rated 60APU06 and 60EPU06 platinum diffused Ultrafast recovery epitaxial diodes.
2003-07-08 IR diodes reduce forward voltage drop by 50 percent
International Rectifier has introduced the ETX and ETL series of high efficiency diodes for active PFC in SMPS apps.
2002-03-27 IR diodes have 17 percent faster recovery time
The UFB120FA20 and UFB120FA40 120A diodes from International Rectifier is claimed to have up to 11 percent faster recovery time than competing 200V devices, and up to 17 percent faster recovery time than competing 400V devices.
2001-04-24 Interfacing Maxim laser drivers with laser diodes
This application note is intended to briefly address the interface of laser driver circuits with commercially available laser diodes, with the goal of providing a useful reference for optical system designers that will simplify this process as much as possible.
2001-09-20 Identification friend or foe (IFF) Systems use PIN diodes
This application note describes the use of PIN diodes in an IFF (identification friend or foe) interrogation system of electronic warfare aircrafts.
2003-10-31 Hybrid tunnel diodes could leapfrog Moore's Law
Semiconductor researchers have known since the 1950s that the quantum-confinement effects of tunnel diodes boost circuit speed and current handling while reducing component count and power consumption.
2003-04-02 HVCA power diodes exhibit 50ns recovery time
The UX-FOB high-voltage power diodes from HV Component Associates exhibit a recovery time of 50ns and are suitable for use in high frequency systems.
2002-09-25 Huake laser diodes draw 50mA
The C series of laser diodes from Shanxi Huake Optoelectronics Co. Ltd operates from a 3V or 5V supply and draws a maximum current of 50mA over the -100C to 400C temperature range.
2003-09-09 Huagong laser diodes operate to 1,550nm wavelength
The DLD-F3X laser diode from Huagong Tech Co. Ltd has a low threshold current and operating current.
2001-09-11 How to quickly obtain Spice parameters for diodes
This application note provides background information and methods useful for quickly obtaining many of the discrete diode SPICE parameters from either specified data sheet parameters or other known information.
2003-01-03 Hitachi red laser diodes feature circular beam
Hitachi Ltd has expanded its MARU Beam Series of red laser diodes with the addition of the world's first circular beam design offering.
1999-12-08 Higher outputs, easier assembly: What's new in high-power laser diodes?
This application note deals with the new designs being developed for high power application of laser diodes for the industrial and communications sector. This note, in turn, describes a laser diode in the TO-220 package.
2002-11-13 High-quality glass-passivated diodes (Implotec)
This application note compares the advantages and performance of the BYD33J diode against two competing products.
2002-11-13 High-quality glass-passivated diodes (Glass bead)
This application note compares the advantages and performance of the BYV27-200 glass bead diode against two competing products.
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