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2006-10-10 TFT equipment market to reach $1.14B in '07, says DisplaySearch
TFT array exposure equipment market is expected to reach $1.14 billion in 2007, and is forecast to range around $1 billion per year through 2009 according to the latest report of DisplaySearch.
2005-06-14 Small display sales maintain momentum, says DisplaySearch
The continuing explosion in mobile and portable electronics helped drive sales of small displays up 17 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2005, according to market research firm DisplaySearch Inc.
2005-08-22 Samsung becomes top TV supplier, says DisplaySearch
Korea-based Samsung Electronics overtook Japan-based Sony Corp. as the leading global supplier of TVs on a revenue basis in the second quarter, according to market research firm DisplaySearch Inc.
2004-09-03 Plasma display sales level slightly, says DisplaySearch
Shipments of plasma display panels reached 799,000 units during the second quarter, up 14 percent from the previous quarter but falling 43,000 units short of expectations, according to market research firm DisplaySearch.
2005-12-02 OLED shipments grow again, says DisplaySearch
Shipments of OLED displays grew to 16.7 million and revenues hit $130.9 million in the third quarter of 2005, according to DisplaySearch Inc.
2004-09-15 Notebook PC sales on the rebound, says DisplaySearch
Sales of notebook PCs are expected to rebound in the third quarter after a sluggish first half and will likely remain strong as falling LCD panel prices and the back-to-school season stimulate demand, according to a report by DisplaySearch Inc.
2006-07-06 LTPS flat panel display revenue to reach $6B, says DisplaySearch
Global revenues from flat panel displays based on low-temperature polysilicon will likely reach $6 billion this year, disclosed research firm DisplaySearch.
2006-07-07 LCDs to outsell CRT TVs by 2009, forecasts DisplaySearch
LCD TVs will surpass CRT TVs in sales by 2009, said Sam Matsuno, senior vice president of DisplaySearch, during at a forum held by the market research firm in Tokyo this week.
2007-12-07 LCD TV OEMs increase outsourcing, says DisplaySearch
The 'LCD TV Value Chain Report' by DisplaySearch found that as the LCD TV market continues to expand, many LCD TV OEMs are increasing their outsourcing share for certain regions and products.
2004-12-14 LCD monitors outsold CRTs in Q3, says DisplaySearch
Sales of liquid crystal display (LCD) desktop monitors outpaced CRT monitor sales in the third quarter despite the inability of the market to adjust to lower panel pricing, according to market research firm DisplaySearch Inc.
2005-03-28 LCD capital spending to slow, says DisplaySearch
Capital spending on active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) plants will decline in 2005 and 2006 after reaching a record $12.51 billion in 2004, according to the latest Quarterly TFT-LCD Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report by DisplaySearch Inc.
2004-08-02 Large LCD panel prices fall, says DisplaySearch
After 18 months, prices for 10-inch and larger LCD panels have begun to fall, according to DisplaySearch.
2007-07-06 DisplaySearch: Strong TFT LCD market spurs FPD revenues
The strengthening price of TFT LCD prompted DisplaySearch to raise its 2007-2008 FPD revenue forecast by 6 percent.
2011-07-08 DisplaySearch: Smart TV trend is just around the corner
According to DisplaySearch, anytime soon there will be smart TVs available that can retrieve content from the Internet without the restrictions of a portal.
2008-03-13 DisplaySearch: Samsung SDI is top OLED maker
Samsung SDI drove the display market in Q4 07, pushing shipments to 20.2 million units, up 30 percent q-on-q but down 9 percent y-on-y.
2007-11-29 DisplaySearch: OLED sales, shipments drop in Q3
The OLED display sector did not perform as expected in Q3 due to low production levels in the quarter, reports DisplaySearch.
2006-01-19 DisplaySearch: FPD production value to exceed $100B in '08
Research firm DisplaySearch forecasts that the total global FPD production value will surpass $100 billion in 2008.
2008-02-25 DisplaySearch warns of tight TFT-LCD materials supply in '08
A new report form DisplaySearch forecasts that TFT-LCD materials and components will grow 6 percent this year but warns of a tight supply of some key components.
2008-11-20 DisplaySearch sees lower handset display demand
According to the latest forecast from DisplaySearch, Q4 08 mobile phone display unit shipments will only be 2.5 percent higher y-on-y.
2005-07-13 DisplaySearch reports TFT-LCD market undersized in Q2'05
The TFT-LCD market was in shortage during Q2'05, according to DisplaySearch in its quarterly TFT-LCD supply/demand and capital spending report.
2004-11-05 DisplaySearch reports panel sales growth in second quarter
Market research firm DisplaySearch announced that global market for small- to medium-size panels achieved record growth in the second quarter of this year.
2004-01-28 DisplaySearch raises 2004 TFT-LCD equipment spending forecast
According to DisplaySearch's latest
2010-11-08 DisplaySearch predicts demand to grow for larger, higher-resolution mobile screens
DisplaySearch cites growing revenues from advanced smartphones with larger screens
2008-01-30 DisplaySearch notes surge in Q4 '07 LCD TV panel shipments
Shipments of large-area TFT LCD TV panels in Q4 '07 grew 18 percent q-on-q and 70 percent y-on-y to 27.9 million units, according to DisplaySearch.
2002-07-02 DisplaySearch gives positive outlook for FPD industry
DisplaySearch has released its 2002 FPD Producer Profile Report, profiling all aspects of operations of 146 FPD manufacturers and developers worldwide and highlighting the performance of the TFT-LCD industry the past year.
2011-04-28 DisplaySearch eyes 27% growth for mobile PC market
While netbook and emerging market shipments are expected to drop this year, notebook and tablet computer shipments in mature markets will surge and fuel overall market growth.
2005-10-13 DisplaySearch expects LCD capacity surplus to grow
Market research firm DisplaySearch Inc. said that raw liquid crystal display (LCD) panel array capacity supply was sufficient in the third quarter, with the panel capacity surplus to widen into 2006.
2008-12-12 DisplaySearch cuts OLED forecast
With continuing pressure from LCDs, DisplaySearch has lowered its OLED forecast for 2008 to 2015.
2004-10-05 Consumers prefer LCD to CRT, DisplaySearch reveals
LCD monitors are gradually replacing CRT modules as LCD prices begin to appeal to consumers.
2006-11-07 10-inch+ LCD Q3 revenues up 9%, reports DisplaySearch
Worldwide shipments of large-area (10-inch and larger) TFT LCD modules in Q3 rose 21 percent quarter-on-quarter and 29 percent year-on-year to 77.4 million units, said DisplaySearch.
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