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2006-05-23 Membrane switches from EAO are customizable
EAO offers custom membrane switches with illuminated controls and excellent tactile response based on its PCB-mounted Series 70 switches.
2006-10-26 EAO offers pushbutton switches with raised lens options
The Series 84 range of low-profile illuminated pushbutton switches and indicators from EAO is now available with raised lens options and RoHS-compliant flush-mount lenses.
2005-07-21 Stop switches deliver versatility
EAO Switch offers a complete line of emergency stop switches that are available in a variety of options including those for LED illumination, protective shrouds, box enclosures and labels
2006-08-25 Stainless steel switches operate in harsh environments
EAO's stainless steel switches offer protection against water, dirt, chemicals, heat, shock and impact, making them suitable for operating equipment in hazardous environments.
2005-02-04 Stainless steel switches address harsh environments
EAO Switch now offers a wide range of stainless steel switches, keypads and keyboards for industrial apps in harsh environments.
2005-12-27 Rugged switches target industrial apps
EAO's Series 84 pushbutton and emergency-stop switches and indicators deliver rugged performance for industrial and commercial apps. With maximum ratings of 42V/100mA, these low-profile switches are suitable for PLC level signals.
2006-04-26 Rugged switches target control panels
The Series 14 switches from EAO target control panel applications with simple installation, long life and lower maintenance costs.
2006-04-19 Rugged keypads are ready for integration
EAO offers fully customized, rugged illuminated keypads that are ready to integrate into any application.
2006-07-05 Pushbutton switches offer blue, white options
EAO Switch Corp. has added blue and white LED illumination options to its Series 84 pushbutton switches.
2006-07-27 On/off switch targets visually impaired
EAO has added a black-and-white double on/off switch to its series of RoHS-compliant Series 44 industrial controls to meet new regulations for visually-impaired users.
2006-03-09 Mini slide switch is RoHS compliant
EAO's new miniature 1K2 switch occupies a board space of 10-by-2.5mm with a height of 4.5mm, excluding the actuator.
2008-02-01 Industrial keyboard features new function keys
EAO's mechanical, metal keyboards now offer an additional row of function keys to deliver a six-row version for public or harsh industrial environment applications including kiosks and information terminals.
2007-04-04 Emergency-stop switch features LED illumination
EAO has introduced a compact emergency-stop switch with a mono-block design and bright LED illumination that's visible even from the side.
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