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What is EDAC ?
Acronym for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Consortium. It is a trade association of companies that develop (and sell) design tools and services that aid creation of electronic products.
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2013-07-08 LED flash driver ups smartphone camera performance
The AS3630 can drive up to 8A current through an LED flash system, enabling mobile phone cameras to take pin-sharp images and supports substantially faster shutter speeds.
2002-07-29 Gore introduces latest electrode assemblies
The Battery and Capacitor Technologies Group of W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. has introduced its next-generation electrode assemblies and separators for electrochemical double-layer capacitors.
2011-02-08 Analyst projects 2015 supercapacitor market at $1.2 billion provides the results of a market report by BCC Research that estimates the supercapacitor market will grow 20.6 percent annually through 2015.
2010-01-29 Ultracapacitors pack low ESR, high power density
Ioxus Inc. has rolled out a new family of large-cell prismatic electrochemical double-layer capacitors which is targeting transportation and utility applications
2008-04-23 Seiko touts 'thinnest' chip-type double-layer capacitor
Seiko Instruments will introduce the world's thinnest and smallest chip-type electric double layer capacitor, part number CP3225A, in October.
2015-12-21 Recent developments in supercaps
Supercaps are stepping up to the challenge by increasing energy density with new nanomaterials that enlarge electrode surface area and thus boost their ability to hold an electric charge.
2009-06-17 Man Yue, Tsinghua U extend capacitor collaboration
Man Yue International Holdings Ltd has signed a second five-year cooperative agreement with the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen on aluminum electrolytic capacitors and energy storage devices.
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