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What is an EEPROM?
Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM or EEPROm is a rewritable memory chip that holds its content without power. The two main categories of EEPROM interfaces are Serial bus and Parallel bus. These interfaces require between 1 and 4 control signals for operation, resulting in a memory device in an 8-pin (or less) package. Most common EEPPROM serial interface types are SPI, I²C, Microwire, UNI/O, and 1-Wire.  (Souce: EE Times, Wikipedia
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2008-12-18 Low latency driver to access external EEPROM using PIC18 family devices
This application note is developed based on low latency design. It provides an algorithm, which is designed to use the SPI/I&3178;C interrupts, to achieve the required communication and enable optimum processor usage.
2002-11-07 ISSI rolls automotive DRAMs, SRAMs
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced a new line of DRAM and SRAM devices targeted for the automotive market.
2011-01-27 ISSI purchases China fabless chipmaker
Integrated Silicon Solution has signed an agreement to purchase privately owned fabless chipmaker Se En Integration Holdings for approximately $20 million.
2005-08-04 ISSI adds Edge Electronics for North America distribution
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) announced Edge Electronics Inc. as a franchised distributor of ISSI products for North America. Headquartered in Bohemia, New York, Edge Electronics is an ISO 9001:2000 certified distributor that emphasizes customer service and quality.
2005-08-18 How to integrate Flash device programming and reduce costs
Flash memory devices offer great value to engineers who seek high-density, low-cost memory devices that are easy to program and erase.
2006-09-07 Half-megabit FRAM suits utility metering apps
Ramtron's half-megabit FRAM is targeted for use in applications that require high capacity data collection such as utility metering and real-time configuration storage.
2013-03-26 Fujitsu uncloaks 1Mb, 2Mb FRAM devices
The MB85RS1MT and MB85RS2MT FRAMs target smart meters, industrial machinery and medical devices including high endurance, higher writing speed, larger density and low power consumption.
2003-04-03 Fujitsu RFID with FRAM handles more data
The company has developed the MB89R116 RFID chip that features embedded FRAM and is able to read/write data 100 times greater than bar-codes.
2012-03-06 FRAMs operate from 3-5.5V
The Fujitsu V series FRAMs boast 10 years data retention at 85C, targeting both consumer and industrial applications.
2006-10-03 FRAM with SPI interface cuts cost, board space
The FM25L512 device from Ramtron International is a 512Kbit 3V nonvolatile FRAM device with a high-speed serial peripheral interface.
2002-01-03 Ericsson controller speeds development of Bluetooth devices
Pre-qualified to Bluetooth version 1.1, the PBM 990 90 baseband controller enables the quick development of Bluetooth products including mobile phones, PDAs and accessories.
2002-03-04 Ericsson Bluetooth controller IC suited for PP, PMP apps
The PBM 990 90 baseband controller IC supports up to seven slaves, making it suitable for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications.
2006-11-13 Epson makes FeRAM based on new material
Seiko Epson has developed ferroelectric RAM technology based on a new material called PZTN.
2007-08-01 EEPROM with SPI bus packs 1Mbit in SO8N package
STMicroelectronics touts that its new 1Mbit serial EEPROM with SPI bus is the first in the market this memory density in a tiny SO8N package with 3.8mm body width.
2009-03-03 EEPROM devices tout 1.5V operating voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has announced a series of I?C EEPROM devices with the lowest operating voltage available on the market. The 24VLXX series of devices has an operating voltage down to 1.5V for both read and write operations, with a very low operating current of less than 400?A.
2008-02-14 Drop-in modules dedicated to low-power ISM-band apps
Nordic Semiconductor and RF Digital have collaborated on a range of ISM-band modules intended for ultralow-power applications that might utilize, for example a button-cell battery.
2007-08-30 Digi-Key, Catalyst ink global distribution deal
Digi-Key and Catalyst Semiconductor have signed a global distribution deal under which Digi-Key will offer Catalyst's analog, mixed signal and non-volatile memory products.
2007-06-01 Design with serial EEPROM devices
Available with varying capacities, interface protocols, voltages and temperature ranges, serial EEPROM units are used in applications running the gamut from automotive to medical and consumer goods. Here are some do's and don'ts for designing with serial EEPROM devices.
2009-03-09 Crypto security solution prevents firmware theft
Atmel Corp. has launched its next generation CryptoCompanion (AT88SC018) plug-and-play embedded security chip.
2011-08-26 Corelis, NI offer integrated JTAG solution
Corelis and NI are offering a JTAG solution that provides a seamless path for deploying boundary-scan test and programming capabilities.
2006-09-06 CMD announces new HDMI port protection solutions
California Micro Devices has announced new products in its MediaGuard family of integrated port protection solutions for high speed HDMI 1.3 interfaces in digital consumer devices.
2003-06-25 Catalyst Semi strengthens China presence
U.S.-based Catalyst Semiconductor has opened its third Far-East sales office in Shanghai, China.
2002-02-27 Catalyst offers EEPROM with Microwire, I?C interface
The company has expanded its high-speed serial EEPROM products with the addition of the CAT93HC46 with Microwire interface, and the CAT24FC32 with I?C interface.
2002-01-10 Analog Technology to establish IC design house
Taiwan IC maker Analog Technology Inc. revealed plans to establish an IC design house, shifting from an integrated device manufacturing (IDM) company to a foundry service and manufacturing company.
2006-01-20 Actel unveils development ecosystem for mixed-signal FPGAs
Actel has enhanced its Fusion mixed-signal FPGA offering with a development ecosystem that supports power and thermal management applications.
2006-09-25 512Kbit FRAM offers 1MHz bus speed, 10 billion cycles
Ramtron launched a half-megabit nonvolatile ferroelectric RAM product that offers continuous reads and writes at bus speeds of up to 1MHz and over 10 billion writes.
2006-12-15 16Kbit FRAM meets stringent automotive benchmarks
Ramtron's 16Kbit, 5V, SPI FRAM memory device has been qualified to AEC-Q100 standards.
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