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2005-08-08 Smart card ICs from EM Micro are 100 percent re-programmable
EM Microelectronic, an electronic systems company of the Swatch Group, unveiled a family of flash memory-based smart card ICs designed for use in SIM cards for low-end mobile telephony.
2008-08-11 SkyeTek extends support for UHF ICs from EM
According to embedded RFID reader technology provider SkyeTek Inc., its M9 SkyeModule will support a full command set of EM4122 and EM4444 UHF ICs from EM Microelectronic.
2005-11-14 New system power IC from EM
EM Microelectronic's EM6152 is touted to be the only system power IC that incorporates a multi-mode windowed watchdog timer.
2005-08-15 Flash memory from EM Micro makes smart-card ICs smarter
EM Microelectronic has added two new members to its Theseus family of devices designed for smart card applications.
2004-04-13 EM, SST ink license pact
EM Microelectronic and Silicon Storage Technology Inc. (SST) have signed a license agreement.
2003-05-02 EM Microelectronics RISC MCU has high-current I/Os
EM Microelectronic-Marin SA's EM6635 RISC MCU features nine high-current I/Os capable of driving stepper motors.
2002-09-20 EM Microelectronics packs MCU in 8-pin TSSOP
EM Microelectronic SA's EM6680 single-chip CMOS is a general-purpose microcontroller packaged in an 8-pin TSSOP, making it suitable for battery-powered toys and household appliances.
2002-11-22 EM Microelectronics MCUs operate down to 1.2V
The company's EM6625 and EM6626 microcontrollers consumes 0.4?A in standby mode and operates from 1.2V to 3.6V.
2002-11-04 EM Microelectronic to produce FD SOI-based chips
EM Microelectronic has announced that it is ready to start producing ultra-low voltage and ultra-low-power IC using FD SOI.
2002-01-10 EM Microelectronic reset circuits buck external components
The V6309 and V6319 circuits monitor power supplies in microprocessor and digital systems.
2002-06-26 EM Microelectronic MCU is 50 percent smaller
2002-01-02 EM Microelectronic display controller/driver draws very low power
The EM6125 is a bitmap controller and driver for full dot-matrix monochrome STN LCDs that offers very low power consumption, as well as a partial display mode.
2003-02-21 EM Micro's mother company acquires transponder manufacturer
EM Microelectronic-Marin Ltd has announced that its parent company, The Swatch Group Ltd, has acquired 100 percent of the shares of division Sokymat IDent Component GmbH of Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany.
2003-02-21 EM Micro's mother company acquires transponder manufacturer
EM Microelectronic-Marin Ltd has announced that its parent company, The Swatch Group Ltd, has acquired 100 percent of the shares of division Sokymat IDent Component GmbH of Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany.
2002-12-12 EM Micro TCXO touts thermal drift performance
The EM7602 32.768kHz TCXO from EM Microelectronic-Marin SA features a thermal drift of -0.012ppm/C?.
2002-10-16 EM Micro supervisory ICs exhibit 1.5 percent accuracy
The company's EM655X supervisory ICs feature threshold voltages that range from 4.63V down to 1.31V, suitable for voltage supply monitoring apps.
2004-03-02 EM Micro smart card IC eyes GSM phones
EM Microelectronic has developed the EMTCG256-3G flash memory-based smart card IC for use in SIM and Java cards for GSM mobile phones.
2002-06-18 EM Micro ships lithium battery protection module
EM Microelectronics has introduced the Panther lithium battery protection module that improves the operating life of single-cell rechargeable battery packs without additional external components
2004-08-31 EM Micro RISC MCU provides 4KB ROM
EM Micro introduced a low-power RISC microcontroller that features four high-current I/Os and the equivalent of 4KB ROM, and operates on a 32kHz crystal
2004-06-15 EM Micro RFID ICs support contactless ID systems
EM Micro released a family of RFID ICs that operate at 13.56MHz for contactless identification systems
2004-03-15 EM Micro IC suits UHF passive transponder apps
The EM4223 chip from EM Micro is designed for use in UHF passive read-only transponder applications such as supply chain management and asset control
2003-11-07 EM Micro ADC suits portable sensor, DA instruments
EM Microelectronic has released the EM6415 high-resolution ADC that is designed for use as a programmable link between one to four resistive sensors and a microcontroller.
2005-09-09 Supervisory IC with watchdog timer
EM Microelectronic unveiled a highly-integrated microprocessor voltage supervisory IC with programmable reset threshold voltages and a watchdog timer with programmable time window and system enable output.
2005-06-10 Smart card IC provides flexibility
EM Microelectronic has developed a flash memory-based smart card IC designed for SIM and Java cards in GSM mobile phones, as well as for healthcare and loyalty card apps
2005-05-31 Smart card IC partitions memory between code and data
The EMTCG176-3G smart card IC from EM Microelectronic contains 176KB of non-volatile memory, which is organized in two sectors of different granularities48KB in pages of 8 Bytes and 128KB in pages of 512 Bytes.
2003-03-26 RFID IC occupies 0.25mm? footprint
EM Microelectronic-Marin SA has developed the EM4222 UHF RFID chip that occupies a footprint of about 0.25mm?.
2005-03-08 RFID IC finds the cows
EM Micro's new 512bit contactless identification CMOS RFID ICs are intended for use in electronic read/write RF transponders
2015-04-16 RFID circuit features NFC Type 2 interface
EM Microelectronic's EM4423 also claims to be the world's first RFID circuit featuring a UHF EPC Gen2V2 RF that simplifies adoption of EPC inventory control.
2006-02-27 Oscillator touts low power, excellent stability
EM Microelectronic's 32kHz crystal oscillator combines excellent stability, high accuracy and a wide operating voltage range with low-power consumption in a small surface-mount ceramic package.
2005-12-28 IC enables 13.56MHz RFID readers
EM Microelectronic introduced the EM4094, an analog front-end IC for 13.56MHz RFID readers. This chip was designed to accommodate a wide range of microcontrollers and multiple communication protocols.
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