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What does EMC mean?
Electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, pertains to the use of components in electronic systems, which do not electrically interfere with each other. Can also refer to the measure of equipment tolerance to external magnetic fields.
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2014-07-18 EMI and EMC considerations for energy meters
This application note tackles the metering type-tests along with different tampering conditions. It also provides the best practices to create a robust metering system.
2006-02-16 EMC-rugged AC/DC meets industrial test
Power-One's PLP75-1012G AC/DC supply provides the front-end power for point-of load converters and the auxiliary functions of telecom/datacom and industrial equipment.
2003-03-11 EMC, Veritas enhance interoperability agreement
EMC Corp. and Veritas Software Corp. have agreed to exchange a range of APIs for storage system and storage software technologies.
2006-04-06 EMC, Intel ink OEM agreement for SMBs
EMC and Intel announced a multi-year storage OEM and expanded technology agreement focused on the growing storage requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses.
2002-04-23 EMC, Hitachi trade patent infringement suits
In a bitter exchange of barbs and lawsuits, EMC Corp. and Hitachi Ltd. have each accused the other of infringing patents for storage systems.
2003-03-12 EMC, Hitachi settle all pending patent litigations
EMC Corp. and Hitachi Ltd have agreed upon a settlement of all pending patent infringement litigations, including five-year agreements that include patent cross-licenses and mutual releases between EMC and Hitachi and its subsidiaries.
2013-07-11 EMC, ESD design guidelines for LCD drivers
Find out how to implement design measures in order to optimise EMI and ESD robustness of LCDs and LCD drivers.
2007-06-12 EMC to set up Singapore R&D lab
EMC will launch a new development plant in Singapore that focuses on advanced storage technologies.
2008-02-07 EMC tests and PCB guidelines for automotive linear regulators
This document concentrates on EMC for automotive basic knowledge, test methods at the IC level and On Semiconductor standards. PCB guide lines are included to prevent any board effect or external coupling.
2004-08-16 EMC tester packs combination punch
Thermo Electron's KeyTek compliance test group has a newly configured spin of the company's existing EMCPro EMC test system.
2015-01-30 EMC tester accommodates individual probes, IC pins
According to Langer EMV-Technik, two of the special features of the ICT1 include automatic pin recognition and the highly-precise positioning (10um) of the measurement systems.
2013-07-24 EMC simulation addresses ECU validation issues
A more straightforward validation of electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved by combining tools.
2009-03-20 EMC rolls 200-/400GB enterprise flash drives
EMC Corp. has developed a larger-capacity, second-generation enterprise flash drives for its EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 storage systems.
2004-05-31 EMC network storage stores up to 3TB data
EMC Corp. has introduced its CLARiiON AX100 networked storage with a retail value of $5,999.
2008-10-16 EMC issues for hysteretic converters in LED driving
The use of LEDs in a wide range of lighting applications is rapidly increasing. In order to maximize the efficiency improvements that the LEDs offer they must be driven from switching regulators rather than power hungry linear circuits. One of the most versatile inductive switching topologies is the hysteretic converter. To ensure these converters are used effectively in a fully EMC compliant manner their limitations must be understood.
2006-10-20 EMC filters handle up to 36A and 100C
The SIFI-G and SIFI-H two-line EMC filters from EPCOS are designed for currents of up to 36A and a maximum operating temperature of 100C.
2003-07-14 EMC expands software technology with acquisition
EMC Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire LEGATO Systems Inc., in a stock transaction valued at about $1.3B.
2013-09-26 EMC design tips for Kinetis L series MCUs
Here are some design tips on how to use Kinetis L series MCU in applications with EMC requirements.
2011-08-15 EMC Basics #9: Solving RFI EMC problems
Learn how to address the increasingly common RF-based causes of EMC.
2011-07-18 EMC Basics #8: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Find out how to begin finding and fixing your EMI problem(s).
2011-07-11 EMC Basics #7: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Learn about the specific troubleshooting techniques for the four key EMI problemsemissions, electrostatic discharge, radio frequency interference, and power disturbances.
2011-06-20 EMC Basics #6: Understanding circuit board "stackup"
Know how PC board layers and their functions affect EMC, and what you can do at layout to minimize problems.
2011-06-06 EMC Basics #5: I/O as crucial circuits
Here's a discussion on input/output circuits during EMI circuit board reviews.
2011-05-30 EMC Basics #4: Analog devices as crucial circuits
Find out how analog devices, circuits and functional blocks can be affected by radio frequency.
2011-05-23 EMC Basics #3: Voltage regulators as crucial circuits
Find how this small but vital part of your system can cause electromagnetic compatibility problems.
2011-05-16 EMC Basics #2: Resets as crucial circuits
Learn about the EMC vulnerability of this ubiquitous circuit function, and what to do about it.
2011-05-09 EMC Basics #1: Why clocks are critical circuits for EMC
Here's a series that will address what should you look for when doing an EMC design review on your printed circuit boards.
2012-05-24 EMC Basics #15: Solve leaky RF seam problems with gaskets
Know how to choose among the different types of these "leak stoppers".
2012-05-21 EMC Basics #14: How to make plastic housing work for EMI
Learn how a coated plastic enclosure can work as a shieldand why it often doesn't.
2012-01-30 EMC Basics #13: How shield is destroyed
Here's a look at the mechanical issues of shielding, such as how seams and other discontinuities affect RF shielding.
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