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2002-05-07 Vicor filter module meets harmonic current, EMI specs
The ENMods filter module from Vicor Corp. combines the MiniHAM passive harmonic current attenuation module and the FARM3 ac/dc front-end module, as well as additional filtering and holdup component to provide full compliance to EN harmonic current and EMI standards.
2006-02-23 Tyco introduces CORCOM WG EMI filters
Tyco's new EMI filter is designed for applications requiring a low-cost method of providing industry compliance for conducted EMI/RFI emissions.
2004-11-29 ST EMI filter protects up to 15kV ESD
ST unveiled an EMI filter for LCD driver lines that is suitable for use in mobile, computing and consumer apps.
2004-12-13 Spectrum Control unveils latest solutions for PCB EMI
Spectrum Control introduced its complete line of surface mount filter solutions for addressing EMI at the PCB level.
2005-07-01 Spectrum Control adds more value to EMI filter plate line
Spectrum Control Inc. announced that they have increased the scope of custom designs and value-added services for its EMI filter plate line. These filter plates incorporate a variety of capacitive and inductive filter elements for RF isolation from 5MHz to 1GHz and are designed for cost-sensitive, high-volume, industrial applications.
2005-09-05 Smallest EMI filters save board space for wireless handsets
California Micro Devices said its new 0.4mm pitch CSP Centurion electromagnetic interference filters set a new price/performance standard for the industry.
2006-05-09 Resin-sealed EMI filters are RoHS compliant
Spectrum Control offers RoHS/lead-free versions of its resin-sealed bolt-in EMI filters
2006-01-16 RAD-Hard DC/DC converter modules integrates EMI filter
International Rectifier's new DC/DC converter modules deliver isolated output voltages from 1.5V to 15V with typical efficiency ratings up to 83 percent.
2007-07-12 Quad EMI filter array integrates ESD protection
Kyocera Corp. introduces the KVA21 quad EMI filter array, a compact, RoHS compliant, distributed constant type component featuring both EMI filtering and ESD protection in a single package.
2014-01-13 Power tip: Minimise EMI from offline power supply
Know how to build a low-power, AC input adapter to meet EMI emissions without a common-mode inductor
2005-07-13 PLL clock lowers EMI
Alliance Semiconductor has announced a dual phase-locked loop clock synthesizer for PC peripheral devices, consumer electronics, and embedded controller systems that is said to lower electromagnetic interference.
2004-07-08 Picor EMI filter saves board space in converter apps
Targeting the telecommunications bus market, Picor offers a new active EMI filter for 48V dc-dc converter apps.
2008-08-28 Operational amps reject EMI, RF interference
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced three operational amplifiers (op amps) with integrated EMI filters that maintain the accuracy of analog systems by reducing the effects of RF interference
2006-06-05 New EMI filters optimized for Vicor V-I chip
Picor has expanded its QPI QuietPower input filter product line with two product additions that are optimized for use with Vicor's V-I Chip devices
2005-11-18 New EMI filter from Murata slims down, beefs up performance
Murata Electronics has developed a new surface-mount EMI suppression filter that boasts increased performance and a smaller footprint.
2005-09-06 Murata's new EMI filter mixes small size, large insertion loss
Murata commercialized its BNX022 series of EMI suppression filters thar are suitable for noise suppression in DC power supply lines for amusement and industrial equipment
2004-04-20 Murata filter enhances noise suppression
The EMI suppression filter from Murata provides high self-resonance frequency, which improves insertion loss by 10dB to 50dB or more.
2007-01-30 Multichannel EMI filters save board space
With a low profile of 0.6mm and a pitch between pins of 0.4mm, the new VEMI filter arrays from Vishay are designed to save board space and provide ESD protection in portable electronics
2007-05-07 Low pass filters for audio filter applications
In portable devices such as cellphones, there is the added concern with regard to the audio lines. Not only do they still need ESD protection, there are quite often requirements to filter out EMI. This application note will offer considerations when choosing an ESD/EMI filter.
2010-10-11 LCD EMI filters dubbed industry's thinnest
Texas Instruments' EMI filters boost EMI filtering efficiency in package half as thin as credit cards
2003-07-11 Kyocera releases filter array for wireless apps
The KNA21 series of multi-layer chip EMI filter array from Kyocera is designed to reduce the noise generated from signal lines of digital devices.
2002-05-14 Kanggi toroidal inductors provide anti-EMI up to 1GHz
Nanjing Kanggi Electronic Technology Co. Ltd's series of toroidal inductors are designed for output filtering with common mode, differential mode, and general mode circuits, as well as providing anti-EMI capability from 20kHz to 1GHz
2004-01-19 Jianli EMI filters suit comms equipment
Changzhou Jianli Electronic has announced the release of its FTC and DTC series of EMI filters that are designed for use in comms and Iatrical equipment apps
2009-05-29 Integrated EMI filter handles high-speed data line apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced what it claims to be first integrated common mode choke and ESD protection IC for high-speed data line applications.
2006-04-11 Filter plates are available in RoHS-compliant versions
Spectrum Control's standard and custom filter plates for EMI filtered signal lines have been redesigned to meet the European Union's RoHS directive.
2002-03-27 Filter capacitor replaces multiple capacitor, inductors
Claimed by the company to replace multiple capacitors and inductors, the X2Y filter capacitors from Johanson Dielectrics reduce board space and assembly costs, while providing EMI filter and noise suppression solutions for dc motors, broadband filtering, filtered connectors, and cellular applications.
2004-10-11 Filter arrays with 15kV contact discharge ESD protection
CMD released the first products in its new family of packaged electromagnetic interference filter arrays with electrostatic discharge protection
2007-10-24 Fast-recovery rectifier keeps EMI quiet
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced seven new STEALTH II fast-recovery rectifier diodes
2007-05-23 ESD/EMI protection ICs optimized for 800MHz to 2.7GHz
Semtech Corp.'s new EClamp239xP series of inductor-capacitor (L-C) protection devices feature greater attenuation, steeper amplitude roll-off and lower clamping voltage.
2009-07-16 Ergonomic EMC/EMI filters handle up to 20A
Schaffner is offering the FN 2450, a compact single-phase low-leakage EMC/EMI filter, expanding its product offering of suppression components in plastic housings.
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