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What is EMI?
Electromagnetic interference or EMI is an electrical disturbance (interference or noise) in a system due to natural phenomena, low-frequency waves from electromechanical devices or high-frequency waves from ICs and other electronic devices.
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2007-07-02 Tame signal integrity in the fast lane
High-speed serial standards have created a demand for design teams to not only think about signal integrity but to also have an in-depth knowledge of how it will affect the performance and reliability of today's systems thus, engineers must first understand what affects signal integrity within a system.
2005-03-15 Swivel adapters tout flexibility
The new swivel EMI adapters from Molex help mechanical designers and electrical engineers achieve the most EMI shielding, while adding greater flexibility and functionality to existing cable management systems.
2008-06-27 Study: RFID devices interfere with medical apps
The use of RFID in hospitals can interfere with critical care medical equipment according to a study conducted by University of Amsterdam researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
2008-04-23 Step-down switching regulator has three adjustable outputs
Allegro MicroSystems has announced a step-down switching regulator, the A4490, which provides three high-current adjustable outputs with an input voltage range of 4.5V to 34V.
2005-06-09 ST Micro balances line capacitance, attenuation in new chips
The two new low-capacitance EMI-filter and electrostatic-discharge protection chips from STMicroelectronics are designed to suppress EMI/RFI noise in sensitive, high-volume equipment
2011-05-13 Spectrum analyzer offers EMC diagnostic option
Rohde & Schwarz adds an EMI measurement application option for the R&S FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer and the R&S FSV signal and spectrum analyzer.
2001-06-22 Solution space analysis for high-speed design
Up-front SI analysis can drive placement and routing while providing a viable alternative to the old "route-analyze-fix" approach of yesteryear.
2001-02-01 Solder masks: Examining rules of thumb
Learn the plane facts about cuts in power planes and solder mask on surface layers.
2003-12-23 Skymos filters remove high frequency signal noise
Skymos Microelectronics Ltd has announced the availability of its EMIF steep insertion EMI filters that are designed to eliminate noise on high frequency signal lines.
2004-09-01 Signal integrity issues rise with 500Mbps rates
SoC designs with data transfer rates beyond 500Mbps fall in a gap between traditional design methods and the proposed chip-package-virtual board co-design method.
2008-04-01 Shorter lead time for these D-sub connectors
Spectrum Control has reduced the lead time of its 700 D-subminiature filtered connectors to as short as two weeks with its new ceramics facility in Pennsylvania in full production.
2005-03-16 Serial ATA: Designing for high-speed storage
Designing with SATA requires a new way of thinking for everyone. Here are layout rules to ensure a working implementation
2006-04-07 Semtech protection devices serve 3G/CMDA phones
Semtech's EClamp 237xP devices protect 3G/CMDA mobile phones from electrostatic discharge, increased levels of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference.
2003-10-28 Seiren, Laird sign IP licensing pact
Seiren Co. Ltd and Laird Technologies Inc. have concluded an intellectual property licensing agreement in the field of CF EMI shielding products.
2002-04-16 SEI magnesium alloy wire bends, coils at room temperature
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd has developed a magnesium alloy wire that is claimed to be 20 percent stronger than extruded magnesium alloy bars, and allows bending and coiling at room temperature.
2005-08-15 Sanmina-SCI licenses Buried Capacitance to ISU Petasys
Sanmina-SCI Corp. has entered into a licensing agreement with ISU Petasys Corp. to manufacture multilayer PCBs using Sanmina-SCI's patented Buried Capacitance (BC) technology.
2008-06-05 Ruggedized MicroTCA chassis targets military aviation
Elma Electronic Inc. has released a ruggedized ATR chassis for MicroTCA that passes military testing for shock/vibration and EMI requirements.
2012-02-03 RSE measurement sol'n touts 80dB dynamic range
The R&S OSP-B155 plug-in module with 155dBm/Hz sensitivity claims to simplify measurement of radiated spurious emissions on LTE devices.
2005-02-16 Reduce costs in automotive power systems
The proper design of a power supply can reduce the overall engineering cost. Here's how.
2002-06-21 Quartz Frequency shuts down crystal oscillator line
Quartz Frequency Technology Ltd has closed its crystal oscillator production lines at its plant in Taiwan.
2014-09-03 Power tip: Benefits of synchronising power supplies
Should you synchronize switching frequencies or let each power supply switch independently? In this article, we explain why synchronizing makes for well-behaved power supplies.
2008-09-18 Power supplies are ready for military tasks
XP Power launches the MCM series of rugged, metal-cased convection cooled power supplies that are for deployment in harsh and physically demanding environments.
2001-04-01 Power distribution for high-performance processors
A new architecture not only addresses issues such as rising current transients, but also considers the limited space available for semiconductor devices and their associated power delivery systems.
2009-08-10 Power connectors target electric vehicles
ACAL Technology is offering a range of power connectors designed to deliver the combination of high power rating, small footprint and competitive pricing required for battery connection in electric drive vehicles and in a wide range of industrial applications.
2005-11-01 Power amp biasing with digital dynamic bias chip
To compete in 3G base-station markets, power-amplifier OEMS need an adjustable bias that reduces cost and effectively manages LDMOS temp responses
2005-06-21 Performance improvements to the NCP1012 evaluation board
This app note describes modifications to the basic circuit to reduce standby power consumption, increase efficiency, and reduce EMI.
2004-09-16 Perform fault monitoring, manage backplane power
Backplanes responsible for distributing power to multiple-card systems must be immune to individual card failures.
2006-09-18 PCB designers struggle with cost issues
With PCB designs getting faster and more complicated, designers are starting to fret about signal integrity, thermal issues and EMI. But respondents to the PCB portion of the EE Times 2006 EDA Users Survey said that meeting cost budgets is their greatest concern.
2007-03-20 Paint protects in-building wireless data from hackers
EM-SEC Technologies announced it has developed a novel way to protect in-building wireless data from unauthorized incursions, block electromagnetic interference and reduce the threat of electronic eavesdropping.
2004-09-16 Outsourcing Strategies: Making Sense of Offshore Outsourcing
Amidst growing competitive and economic pressures, the idea of outsourcing offshore becomes more and more appealing.
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