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2012-03-15 Utilize E5061B ENA network analyzer
Learn about the operations of the custom switch box using the E5061B ENA Series network analyzer.
2011-02-28 Using Agilent E5071C ENA network analyzer option TDR
Read about a method that would allow for the simultaneous verification of the test setup and calibration, as well as the test fixtures used for the tests.
2012-06-20 Hot TDR measurements of active devices with ENA Option TDR
Discover an effective evaluation method for the impedance measurement of active devices under actual operating conditions.
2008-08-05 Network analyzers can handle up to 20GHz
Agilent Technologies Inc. introduces the addition of the 2/4 port, 20GHz option to its ENA network analyzers, as well as the introduction of a new E5092A configurable multiport test set.
2012-08-23 Fundamentals of RF amplifier measurements
Know how to setup fundamental amplifier measurements such as S-parameters, K-factor gain compression, or pulsed measurements using a vector network analyzer.
2011-08-08 Method of implementation for HDMI 1.4a cable assembly test using network analyzer
Read about a test procedure for the parametric test with the Agilent E5071C ENA Network Analyzer Option TDR.
2015-09-18 Keysight unveils low-frequency network analysers
The E5063A ENA series network analysers promise to deliver optimised performance and functionality for testing simple passive components, such as antennas, cables, filters and PCBs.
2012-12-06 Compatibility of U2000 with Agilent instruments
Know how the U2000 Series USB power sensor performs source power calibration with the N5230A PNA-L and scalar analysis of a frequency converter with E5071C ENA.
2012-09-05 Agilent MOI for HDMI 1.4b cable assembly test
Understand the measurement procedures for HDMI cable assemblies with Agilent E5071C ENA Option TDR.
2005-03-18 Wafer tester monitors RF chip quality in realtime
Keithley Instruments is now introducing a third-generation on-wafer RF measurement capability with some very promising features that address the conundrum.
2015-09-07 PXIe multiport vector network analyser supports up to 9GHz
Keysight said the M9485A VNA has a true multiport architecture that promises measurement speed up to 30 per cent faster than competing offerings, while maintaining high dynamic range.
2009-11-05 Network analyzer suits high-speed digital comm apps
The Agilent Technologies is offering the E5061B network analyzer that handles frequency range as low as 5Hz up to the RF range of 3GHz.
2012-05-16 Measure high-power signals with network analyzer
Here's a review of the measurement fundamentals of characterizing devices with high-power signals.
2015-12-15 Keysight flaunts compliance test sol'n for USB Type-C
Keysight released an updated MOI document for cable and connector assembly compliance tests defined in Rev. 1.1 of the USB Type-C specification and Rev. 1.0 of the USB Type-C CTS.
2011-01-31 Fixture kits allow testing for USB 3.0 compliance
Using the new fixture kits, design engineers can connect test equipment to USB 3.0 connectors and cable assemblies used in portable CE devices to test for potential compliance issues.
2013-01-03 Conducting PIM, S-parameter measurements
Read about the test system that combines PIM and S-parameter measurements of passive components by using the vector network analyser.
2004-05-13 Arques driver IC targets white LED apps
Arques Technology has developed a 1.5X switched-capacitor (charge pump) regulator that is designed for white LED apps.
2008-08-12 Analyzer delivers fast calibration for CATV testing
Agilent Technologies Inc. today introduced the fourth member of its lightwave component analyzer series.
2008-08-08 Agilent talks WiMAX: Reliability is key
In this interview, CJ Meurell, general manager, of Agilent's European operations, talks about WiMAX and what future the technology holds for the company, the market and consumers.
2012-03-02 Agilent MOI for MIPI M-PHY conformance tests
Know the measurement procedures for the interface S-parameter and impedance tests defined in the MIPI Alliance Specification for M-PHY.
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