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2001-09-28 Programming a 2MB SSD using EPROMs
This application note discusses the equipment needed to program an EPROM Solid State Disk (SSD) on each cpuModule and lists a step-by-step procedure for doing so.
2000-09-06 Interfacing Atmel LV/BV EPROMs on a mixed 3V/5V data bus
This application note describes each problem in interfacing Atmel's low-voltage (LV/BV) EPROMs on a mixed 3V/5V data bus, along with recommended solutions and analyzes the associated trade-offs.
2000-06-23 Configuring Virtex FPGAs from Parallel EPROMs with a CPLD
This application note describes a simple interface design to configure a Virtex device from a parallel EPROM using the SelectMAP configuration mode.
2001-04-12 Configuring Spartan-II FPGAs from parallel EPROMs
This application note describes a simple CPLD-based interface design to configure a Spartan-II device from a parallel EPROM using the Slave Parallel configuration mode.
2012-09-06 Sol Chip to integrate solar conversion, logic circuits
The company plans to manufacture chips before the end of 2012, creating circuits that can be used to recharge the batteries of mobile and off-grid devices.
2008-05-16 What's the best flash memory flavor for your design?
The embedded systems industry has been waiting for "universal memory" to come along. This article discusses the various flavors of NAND and NOR flash memory that may be the suitable to your design needs.
2006-02-03 Programming Flash memory using parallel loaders and CPLDs
Although flash memory can be straightforward to program, a new method of programming makes it easier and offers cost and time savings. The article describes this method and compares it with the traditional methods for programming flash memory.
2005-08-18 How to integrate Flash device programming and reduce costs
Flash memory devices offer great value to engineers who seek high-density, low-cost memory devices that are easy to program and erase.
2012-10-17 Exploring split-gate thin-film storage
Based on nanocrystals, SG-TFS is touted to provide fast, efficient read/write operation in a reliable, economical and scalable technology.
2013-08-29 BCDMOS evolves to handle broad range of UHV apps
Learn how LDMOS and JFET transistors do the heavy lifting when it comes to handling high voltages.
2003-08-05 Advanced MP sets up office in China
Advanced MP Technology has established its third office in Asia located in Shanghai, China.
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