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2004-09-27 Vishay ESD protection diodes eye space-critical apps
Housed in a SOD523 (SC79) package measuring 0.8-by-1.6-by-0.6 mm, the new ESD protection diode series from Vishay is optimized for space-critical apps.
2004-05-05 Vishay diode arrays offer 40 percent space savings
The two new ESD protection diode arrays from Vishay are claimed by the company to have excellent electrical performance.
2005-07-06 Vishay array features monolithic die with eight protection diodes
Vishay Intertechnology expanded its line of ultra-small LLP-packaged products designed for data-line protection in compact portable electronics with the release of two new low-capacitance ESD protection diode arrays.
2015-03-27 Tiny ESD protection diode targets portable devices
Vishay releases a 0.27mm ESD protection diode that offers low capacitance and protection for high-speed data ports such as HDMI, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt found in consumer devices.
2007-03-14 Tiny ESD protection diode suits portable devices
With a 0.6-by-1mm footprint and a profile of 0.4mm, Vishay's VESD05A1B-02Z ESD protection diode is designed to save board space and provide ESD protection in portable electronics.
2004-10-29 Philips rolls out ESD protection diodes for portable apps
Philips introduced a series of single-line, bi-directional ESD protection diodes designed to protect devices such as MP3 players and mobile phones
2010-01-29 ESD protectors deliver 8kV HBM for HB LEDs
California Micro Devices has extended its LuxGuard family of turnkey solutions for ESD protection and thermal management for high-power, high-brightness LED (HB LED) lighting applications
2012-12-24 ESD protection diodes support high-speed data lines
Toshiba's DF6D7M1N (2bit) and DF10G7M1N (4bit) realise multiple diodes while maintaining the signal quality achieved by the low-inductance flow-through layout.
2016-05-06 ESD protection diodes secure wearable, mobile devices
The latest devices from Toshiba flaunt low dynamic resistance and achieve high-performance capabilities through a low dynamic resistance of about 0.5.
2013-11-28 ESD protection diodes in SMF package support up to 200W
The devices from Vishay are geared for line transient voltage protection in space-constrained electronics, such as laptops, notebooks, tablets, external hard drives, and more
2010-01-13 ESD protection diode packs 0.3pF for portable apps
Vishay's ESD protection diode provides 0.3pF capacitance in the compact LLP1006 package for the protection of antennas, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports from transient voltage signals in portable apps.
2005-08-11 ESD protection diode answers prayer for board space savings
ON Semi developed dual series of high performance, micro-packaged ESD protection diodes that are is designed to protect voltage sensitive components for two lines in applications that demand minimal board space and low profiles
2006-12-21 ESD protection arrays suit compact devices
ON Semiconductor has introduced a series of low-capacitance ESD protection arrays in an ultrasmall SOT-953 package
2006-12-15 ESD diode arrays save precious board space
Measuring 1-by-1-by-0.5 mm, ON Semi's new ESD protection diode arrays are suitable for any application where board space is at a premium.
2008-02-01 ESD architecture simplifies design, cuts cost
CMD has released the PicoGuard XS ESD protection architecture that eliminates the need for external compensation to match line impedance, reducing design complexity and cost
2009-10-21 Diode array guards high-speed data interfaces
The chip offers leakage current of less than 1nA, enabling accurate current measurements.
2001-04-23 Design considerations for ESD protection using ESD protection diode arrays
This application note address the issues that designers should be aware of to derive maximum benefit from employing California Micro Devices' ESD Protection Diode Arrays.
2012-06-27 BiSy eSD protection diode tips
Vishay Intertechnology's VCUT07B1-n bidirectional symmetrical single-line ESD protection diode offers notebook computers and smartphones 14pF capacitance in a 1 x 0.6 x 0.38mm LLP1006-2L.
2004-10-13 Zener diode arrays provide ESD protection for high speed I/O ports
CAMD unveiled what it claims as the industry's lowest capacitance families of Zener diode arrays for electrostatic discharge protection
2008-12-24 Vishay touts 'smallest' MOSFET with Schottky diode
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released what it claims to be the smallest 20V n-channel power MOSFET plus Schottky diode
2011-09-27 Vishay introduces bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) protection diode
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announces the launch of VCUT05D1-SD0, a BiSy diode offering minimal capacitance of 10pF for signal and data line protection from voltage in electronic devices
2004-01-16 Using TVS diode in ESD protection of portable devices
TVS diodes are very efficient in ESD protection of portable devices, which is very important for their un-ideal working circumstances
2008-01-04 USB ports gain low capacitance ESD chip ally
From OnChip Devices comes low capacitance ESD protection devices for single and dual USB ports
2013-06-11 TVS diode array offers a clamping voltage of 10.5V
Littelfuse's SP3051-04HTG transient voltage suppression diode array can safely absorb 20A of current (tP=8/20s) without performance degradation and a minimum of 30kV ESD protection.
2014-06-13 The key to solving ESD problems
Modern ICs are generally equipped with a minimum level of ESD protection to safely survive the manufacturing process. However, the level is typically very low and the ESD test model used is nothing like what can be seen in the field while the application is in the hands of the user
2005-09-06 Termination networks deliver ESD protection to memory busses
Designed to terminate high-speed memory busses, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has introduced a new series of termination and ESD protection networks
2006-02-06 Signal diode arrays save PCB space
TT electronics BI Technologies has introduced its RoHS-compliant D series of signal diode arrays in single inline packages to save space on PCBs
2006-04-07 Semtech protection devices serve 3G/CMDA phones
Semtech's EClamp 237xP devices protect 3G/CMDA mobile phones from electrostatic discharge, increased levels of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference.
2002-08-23 Semtech IC provides ESD, EFT surge protection
The SR70 TVS protection array from Semtech Corp. features a typical capacitance of 5pF, enabling the device to protect lines without degradation of high-speed signals
2006-09-26 Port protection solutions support HDMI 1.3
California Micro Devices has introduced two new MediaGuard devices optimized for the latest HDMI capabilities including higher speed and cable length support.
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