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2016-02-10 Vishay unveils low-ESR SMT polymer tantalum chip capacitors
The T55 series supports voltage ratings from 16V to 25V and is optimised for power management, battery decoupling and energy storage in computer, telecom and industrial applications.
2002-12-30 Vishay tantalum capacitors have 13-milliohms ESR
The IS24C128 128Kb, 2-wire serial EEPROM features noise suppression, low power consumption, and cascadable address lines to provide up to 512Kb of memory space.
2002-12-18 Vishay tantalum capacitors have 13-milliohm ESR
The Vishay Sprague 597D solid tantalum chip capacitors feature ESR values from 13 milliohms to 35 milliohms.
2010-01-29 Ultracapacitors pack low ESR, high power density
Ioxus Inc. has rolled out a new family of large-cell prismatic electrochemical double-layer capacitors which is targeting transportation and utility applications
2005-11-18 Tantalum chip capacitors with ESR values down to 0.035?
Vishay's new molded tantalum chip capacitors provide high efficiency with ESR values down to 0.035? and maximum ripple current values up to 2.07A (100kHz, 470?F).
2005-11-16 Tantalum capacitors provide low ESR values for improved filtering
These tantalum chip capacitors provide high efficiency with ESR values as low as 0.035? and maximum ripple current values up to 2.07A.
2013-08-15 SMD MLCCs boast low ESR down to 0.01
The QUAD HIFREQ series of MLCCs offer broad working voltages from 200V to 1500V and wide capacitance ranges from 1.0pF to 1000pF. The devices offer tight tolerances to 0.1pF.
2011-02-28 RF/microwave MLCs reduce ESR, raise Q values
The new dielectric and internal electrode materials used in the new MLC series provide low equivalent series resistance.
2007-06-27 Reliable, low-ESR capacitors roll for safety-critical apps
Vishay has unveiled a new line of solid tantalum chip capacitors that offer high-reliability screening and surge current testing options with extremely low ESR performance.
2004-01-09 Prosound power capacitors have <0.002-ohm ESR
Ningbo Prosound Hi-Fi Capacitor Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its PSC-520 power capacitors of 3 farad that features an ESR of <0.002 ohms.
2004-01-28 Prosound Hi-Fi capacitors offer <0.002 ohms ESR
Rated at 20V with 24V surge, the PSC-531 2F power capacitors from Ningbo Prosound Hi-Fi Capacitor Co. Ltd features an ESR of <0.002 ohms.
2006-03-03 Polymer cap claims benchmark for low ESR
Kemet Corp. announced the launch of a new 4 milliohm conductive polymer capacitor, which is said to set an industry benchmark for low ESR. The 680F, 4V component is available in a standard EIA X case size (7343-43).
2004-01-16 Ningbo Sealake power capacitor offers low ESR
Designed to improve system performance, the PSC-525 car audio power capacitor from Ningbo Sealake Enterprise Co. Ltd features an ESR of <0.002 ohms.
2006-05-12 NbO-ceramic capacitors from AVX offer low ESR
AVX targets power management decoupling and DC/DC converter filtering applications with its NbO-ceramic multianode chip capacitors.
2008-02-25 Multilayer chip capacitor allows ESR values to be set
TDK has announced that it has developed a multilayer ceramic chip capacitor that's said to be the first to feature a new internal structure that allows ESR values to be set to any value within a specified range.
2009-05-14 Multilayer capacitors offer low ESR
Holystone International has announced the SMC series of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors and the HSC series with higher temperature ratings of 150C, 200C, and 250C well suited for switch-mode power supply filters.
2007-12-07 Low-ESR tantalum capacitors target embedded controls
AVX has developed a range of tantalum capacitors for embedded control systems with low ESR.
2007-08-27 Low-ESR devices roll for portable electronics
Kemet has expanded its small case size low-ESR solutions with the addition of three new B Case offerings available with maximum ESR values of 25m.
2009-06-05 Low ESR capacitors deliver high peak voltage
Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products has released a complete line of film capacitors offering low inductance, low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and low dissipation factor while providing a high peak withstanding voltage.
2006-03-31 Low ESR capacitor targets processors
Boosting the range of voltage ratings and capacitance values, AVX targets next-generation processors with the TPM series of tantalum capacitors.
2004-11-03 Jinn Roing capacitors have 7-milliohm ESR
The new aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Jinn Roing Electron feature an ESR of 7 milliohms and rated voltage between 2.5Vdc and 10Vdc.
2004-12-08 Jerro capacitors provide low ESR
Jerro Electronics released its new series of tantalum capacitors that are available with a capacitance range between 0.1?F and 1.5?F.
2004-01-21 Hengyi Electrical capacitor offers <0.002 ohms ESR
Zhejing Hengyi Electrical Co. Ltd has released its Super performance series capacitor for car audio.
2006-03-27 Capacitors deliver low ESR for high-current apps
AVX targets high-current applications with its line of RoHS-compliant medium- and high-voltage ceramic capacitors.
2010-06-02 Capacitor delivers 72,000?F, 0.035 ESR
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has introduced an ultrahigh-capacitance, wet tantalum capacitor approved to the new DSCC Drawing 10011.
2004-05-05 AVX/Kyocera capacitor has 25 milliohm ESR
The BestCap series of double-layer supercapacitor from AVX/Kyocera features a capacitance range of 10mF to 70mF.
2003-03-28 AVX supercapacitors offer 25-milliohm ESR
The Battery Energy Saving Technology Capacitor series of electromechanical supercapacitors from AVX Corp. offers an ESR up to 350 milliohms.
2003-01-17 AVX multi-anode capacitors boast low ESR
The TPM series of multi-mode capacitors exhibits ESR values down to 18 milliohms and is designed for use in power supply decoupling.
2005-11-16 Underutilized SEPIC outperforms flyback topology
The article compares SEPIC and flyback power supplies that have identical requirements. See how one solution is more efficient than the other.
2012-07-18 TDK expands MKP high density series
TDK adds two new voltage classes to EPCOS MKP film capacitors
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