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What is EDGE?
Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), also referred to as Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS), is a technology for digital mobile phones that allows increased data transmission rate and reliability.
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2001-04-01 EDGE handsets: Redesigning baseband for voice and data
As designers begin to rollout EDGE-based systems, they must re-architect the baseband portion of their handset designs so that they can support voice and data functionality.
2000-09-05 Edge detection in AT6000 FPGAs
This application note presents a reference design of a fully pipelined bit-parallel edge detection circuit that utilizes only pipelined adders and fits into one AT6010 FPGA.
2007-02-13 Edge card connectors offer high-speed flexibility
Samtec's high-speed Edge card connector system increases interconnect flexibility through a variety of features and mating options.
2013-05-03 EDGE base band solution supports 400MHz 32bit LPDDR2
The RDA8810 integrates the RF transceiver, EDGE modem, 1GHz A5 applications processor, power management unit, analogue base band, and even the 32kHz oscillator, all onto one 40nm SoC.
2005-11-16 Duobinary signaling spurs edge equalization
Duobinary signaling achieves data rates greater than 10Gbps even in a limited bandwidth.
2007-04-18 Dual-edge multiphase controllers promise faster response to load transients
ON Semi's new dual-edge multiphase controllers promise faster response to load transients than existing solutions, thereby enabling power-management subsystems to quickly and efficiently respond to users' activation of high-performance computing functions.
2007-12-28 DoCoMo gets Google, ups edge in iPhone rights race
While Japan's cellphone service providers are bidding for rights to offer Apple's iPhone, NTT DoCoMo has obtained a leg up on its competitors by scoring new services from Apple's important partner, Google.
2003-07-01 Designing at the network edge
The push is on for building the on-ramps and off-ramps and widening and improving the complex of routes by which traffic is funneled onto and off the high-speed network core.
2002-09-16 Design test offers Asian fabless competitive edge
Fabless companies can use design-to-production test methods to further strengthen their competitive advantage.
2002-03-06 Delphi bares UMTS, EDGE PHY softwares
The company has announced the release of the DSP-based UMTS and EDGE PHY software targeted at 2.5G and 3G basestations.
2001-04-20 Cutting-edge mount down methods boost power semiconductor performance and cut system costs
This application note evaluates the performance of TO-264 and T-MAX plastic-packaged MOSFETs in a variety of mount down situations, both galvanically isolated and electrically hot.
2008-11-03 Crime fighters get PL edge
This article examines the use of FPGAs and soft-core embedded processors in a wireless auto-tracking camera integrated into a police vehicle and a fingerprint ID system.
2001-05-29 Creating an edge connector as a through-hole part
This application note describes the process to create an edge connector as a through-hole component.
2006-07-01 CPU power control: Single-edge vs. dual-edge controller architectures
CPU power system designers need an intermediate solution that can help analog controllers overcome the limitations of the current architectures and incorporate the advantages of the digital architectures without the cost penalty. ON Semiconductor has been researching a novel architecture called dual-edge that accomplishes these goals.
2012-01-30 Could 450mm wafers play away from the leading edge?
When the processing of integrated circuits on 450mm diameter wafer comes, many assume that it will do so first for the most advanced digital manufacturing processes.
2002-12-09 Comsys EDGE IP powers TI wireless chips
Comsys Communications and Signal Processing and Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) have announced that Comsys will deliver EDGE baseband IP to TI to be used in its TCS family of wireless chipset solutions.
2006-01-30 CMOS transceiver targets HSPA, WCDMA and EDGE
Sirific Wireless announced that they have developed a single-chip HSDPA/WCDMA + EDGE (WEDGE) RF transceiver in CMOS.
2005-11-21 Charger IC touts digital edge
AnalogicTech's battery charger IC features a digital thermal loop for quicker response and more stable operation in the AC adapter mode.
2006-06-30 Card-edge connectors target power apps
FCI has developed a low-cost Power Card-Edge connector series that can be used for DC power output from embedded AC/DC power supplies.
2006-07-10 Card-edge connectors from FCI support PCIe ExpressModule
FCI has developed card-edge connectors for PCI Express ExpressModule modular I/O adapters used in rack servers.
2006-02-28 Card-edge connector supports MicroTCA standard
FCI has developed surface-mount, card-edge connectors specifically for the MicroTCA standard.
2005-09-06 Card edge from FCI secures PCI Express graphics cards
FCI now offers a x16 vertical PCI Express card edge connector with an integrated retention arm for PCI Express graphics cards.
2005-12-13 Card edge connector targets PCI Express
Tyco Electronics has developed a 1mm centerline card edge connector to meet the high performance point-to-point full duplex I/O Bus standard for the PCI Express architecture.
2007-04-13 Cable assembly suits edge card interfaces
Samtec's EEDP Series High Data Rate Cable assembly provides a flexible high speed cable system for edge card interfaces with a choice of mounting and rugged latching options.
2007-02-16 Broadcom, Skyworks roll out EDGE solutions for mobile phones
Broadcom and Skyworks Solutions are gearing up for a battle with TI, ADI and other wireless chipset developers with EDGE solutions for mobile phone designs.
2003-06-23 Broadcom takes Edge to 200Kbps
Broadcom Corp. has begun sampling a complete cellular handset platform based on the Edge standard.
2004-04-22 Broadcom achieves Bluetooth edge through acquisition
Communication chipmaker Broadcom will add software capabilities to its Bluetooth product line with the announcement Monday (April 18, 2004) that it has acquired San Diego-based Widcomm.
2008-02-26 Brain drain dulls Israel's tech edge, Minister warns
Israel is slowly losing its technological leadership and might 'lose the global battleground' in technology, if it does not reverse the current brain drain and reduction in R&D budgets, forewarned the country's Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor.
2002-03-26 Bomar edge connectors operate at 2.3 GHz
The newest member of Bomar Interconnect Products line of V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors is said to be a true 75-ohm F-type connector that provides up to a -40.3dB return loss at 2.3GHz.
2004-05-07 BinOptics laser combines edge-emitting laser reliability, VCSEL benefits
The new class of surface-emitting lasers from BinOptics combines the power and reliability of an edge-emitting laser with the low cost and ease of packaging of a VCSEL.
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