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2003-02-04 Elpida defines role of China foundry in DRAM plans
Discussion of China's emerging CMOS foundries has centered on their perceived role as low-cost suppliers of last-generation capacity.
2003-10-14 Elpida DDR2 SDRAM operates at 533Mbps
Elpida Memory Inc. has announced the development of what it claims is the industry's first 0.10?m 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM component operating at 533Mbps.
2003-03-17 Elpida DDR SDRAMs halve power consumption
Elpida Memory has announced the availability of its 128Mb DDR SDRAMs that incorporate GDDR2-M technology to reduce power consumption.
2006-01-18 Elpida cuts profit forecast due to DRAM decline
Elpida has slashed its forecast for profit in the October-December quarter and reduced its sales forecast due to a fall in DRAM chip prices
2010-11-09 Elpida cuts production
The memory-maker announced that it will reduce production by 25 percent and that it is expecting declining profits
2004-07-30 Elpida commences production of DDR2 SDRAM
Elpida Memory Inc. (Elpida) will begin mass production of DDR2 SDRAM using advanced 0.10?m process technology next month.
2003-12-26 Elpida claims ProMOS loss has no effect on DRAM production
Negotiations between Elpida Memory Inc. and ProMOS Technologies Inc. over the use of ProMOS' foundry have broken off.
2009-08-11 Elpida buys Qimonda's graphics memory biz
Elpida Memory Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire Qimonda AG's technology licenses and a portion of the design assets related to graphics double-data rate (GDDR) memory architecture.
2009-03-18 Elpida buys PSC shares in Rexchip
Elpida Memory Inc. has acquired shares in its Taiwanese DRAM making joint venture Rexchip Electronics Corp. taking its share holding from 48 percent to 52 percent.
2005-12-05 Elpida beefs up 300mm wafer fab in Hiroshima
Elpida Memory and Hiroshima Elpida Memory announced the completion of its new 300mm production line at its 300mm wafer fabrication facility in Hiroshima, Japan.
2012-05-18 Elpida bankruptcy saved the DRAM market
The market will see a revenue growth this year as a result of a balanced supply and demand due to the exit of major player Elpida Memory Inc. in the DRAM playing field.
2012-02-29 Elpida bailout denied, firm files bankruptcy
Elpida hasn't been able to reach a deal with the trade ministry, the Development Bank of Japan and its main lenders over financing for 92 billion yen in bonds and loans due by April
2012-04-03 Elpida awaits fate amid potential takeover
Toshiba, Micron and Hynix are reported to have been eyeing the bankrupt Japanese DRAM vendor after failing to get investment and government funding.
2007-11-05 Elpida announces 512Mbit DDR2 Mobile RAM
Elpida Memory, Inc. announced that it has developed the world's first 512Mbit DDR2 Mobile RAM operating at an ultra-low voltage of 1.2V.
2003-08-19 Elpida 256Mb SDRAMs save space in mobile devices
Elpida Memory Inc. has released the 256Mb x32 SDRAM devices designed to offer space-saving, low-power benefits to mobile apps.
2002-10-02 Elpida 1GB SO-DIMMs target mobile apps
Elpida Memory Inc.'s 1GB SO-DIMMs are targeted for use in laptop PCs and other mobile apps.
2005-02-22 Elpida 16Mb SDRAMs target new apps
Elpida disclosed that it has started sampling its new 16Mb Synchronous DRAM devices targeted for use in digital consumer electronics apps
2008-11-11 DRAM slump forces Elpida to delay China fab JV
Elpida Memory Inc. disclosed it will delay the start of operations of a China-based DRAM manufacturing joint venture.
2012-02-17 Dissecting the Micron-Elpida merger
The combined company would have a 28 percent share of worldwide DRAM manufacturing capacity, placing it just behind Samsung.
2013-03-05 Court gives go-signal on Micron-Elpida merger, re-org
The new Micron group is expected to take form this year. Elpida, after the acquisition, is expected to make a comeback following the lowering of its total debt and extensions made to the repayment period
2007-10-24 Collaboration by Elpida, UMC to boost low-k, PRAM
Japan's Elpida Memory has formed a joint development program with Taiwan's UMC for copper low-k and PRAM.
2008-08-12 Buzz: Qimonda, Elpida mull manufacturing JV
A Qimonda AG spokesperson acknowledged media reports that the Infineon memory spin-off is in talks with Japan's Elpida Memory Inc. over possible joint manufacturing activities.
2008-11-25 Buzz: Elpida muses on Powerchip buyout
Japan DRAM maker Elpida Memory Inc. is mulling over a plan to acquire Taiwan's Powerchip Semiconductor Corp., according to reports from Reuters and others.
2012-07-26 Boon and burden for Micron's Elpida buy
Micron's buyout of Elpida is expected to boost its DRAM production volume to about 370,000 wafer starts per month over the long term, but risks remain, according to IHS
2007-11-19 Applied, Elpida collaborate to raise fab productivity
Applied Materials and Elpida Memory have signed a five-year contract to utilize Applied's advanced service capabilities to reduce cost-of-ownership and improve operational efficiency at Elpida's IC fab.
2012-04-12 Analysts explain who wants Elpida and why
EE Times approached several prominent memory chip analysts and asked for their thoughts on who wants Elpida, why, and what impact the Elpida situation is likely to have on the DRAM business.
2012-03-26 Analyst draws possible scenarios for post-Elpida era
Elpida's future remains a focus of the DRAM industry. The Japanese government's stance will have key influence in the matter and Elpida is looking for any viable solution that would enable its survivial
2008-04-28 Analysis: It's the season of memory JVs
Last week's announcement of the MeiYa Technology DRAM joint venture between Nanya and Micron offered further evidence that JVs are in vogueif not indispensablein the memory industry
2007-04-25 Akita Elpida claims densest multichip package
Akita Elpida Memory Inc. said it has developed the world's densest multichip package with 20 stacked die in a package 1.4mm in thickness.
2012-05-10 After Elpida-Micron, then what
When Micron and Elpida integrate, their combined market share will bring Micron's market share to nearly 24 percent, surpassing SK Hynix's 23.9 percent
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